Keyblade Ver1.0

Marzz came up with an interesting concept with of a keyblade based on the kingdom heart series using leftover rods from excess sprues. Syful and Bd77 are also coming up with their own version of key blades so while assembling my genosaurer I begin to play around with the excess plastic….

Found a nice looking shape spure which will make a perfect frame for the keyblade. Then I trimmed off the sides and edges.

I found a nice red piece that can be used as a blade. I hold the two pieces with tape and glued the middle with plastic cement.

I used a pla plate to cover the gap between the red and the brown frame. I trim of the excess after the glue dried.

I also covered the back. With pla plates followed by trimming with scissors.

I also cover the sides of the key blade with pla plates. Will trim the excess later.

Jegan is helping me with the testing 😀 Hmm come to think of it my keyblade looks more like a parang….


41 thoughts on “Keyblade Ver1.0

  1. An over-sized parang (meat-cleaver), for this matter…

    HGUC Jegans are sooo cool no matter what pose you make them do. 😀
    Be it holding an over-sized parang, surfing a Kaiser scrander or… about to be raeped by a certain blue-tenti…

    • Haha thanks ^^ But i won’t be doing this thing so soon, just had some inspiration last night so quickly do it while the idea is in my head!

  2. XDDDD Gonna have to agree that it looks like a parang!!

    Splatter a bit of blood maroon paint on it for more effect… [/higurashi]

    In all seriousness, it actually looks pretty good. I like that for the ‘blade’, there’s a curve towards the upper end. Makes it look more like a real cleaver.

    • haha not my intended idea but after taking the photos it doesn’t remotely look anything like a key blade!!!

      Thanks!!! Glad you like my transdimensional prang (thats a mouthful haha) Now I can start customizing blades from the Genosaurer’s leftover spures!!! (Hehe the geno is fully assembled!!! Now awaiting top coat…damn the wet weather!!)

      • Keyblade – Parang Version. Original idea by Chubbybots. XD

        Can’t wait to see Geno when it’s fully done! I’m sure it’s going to look great after the topcoating. =D

        • haha thanks! I am waiting for bd77 and syful’s version haha 😀

          That geno is a beautiful ‘monster’ of a kit ^^ (pun intended haha) Totally worth the time I put into him. Surprisingly after cementing the joints it is quite sturdy. I guess I might have to take apart my saber tiger and do the same.

          Keyblade Version P ^^

    • haha nah actually it was based on the key blade in kingdom hearts…but I guess watching this old ganster show on tv had a subconcious influence on me last night lol!!! Wonder what I’ll come up with while watching dick tracy haha!

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    • Haha thanks!!! hehe I think you can come up with an even better keyblade!!! I did mention to bd77 maybe make a few more my jegan can do a unlimited blade works ^^

    • Oh i see, haha if you are free then just come by 😀 If not there is always the comment board here haha ^^

      Thought its the holidays..still have projects??

  4. lol, you people also call it parang?
    I am not familiar with keyblade, the only keyblade I know is a really big key with extra part as the blade hilt. And there you guys started your keyblades and at the same time I already started my sword too ^_^
    Waiting to see you complete this one. Have a nice weekend!

    • Haha its still a work in prog ^^ Waiting for the others to come up with theirs hehe then I can steal erh I mean borrow some ideas 😀 I won’t be painting or priming this sword. Just want the fun of creating the frame and the sword, plus my Jegan needs more parangs haha!!

      You too dude ^^ Have a great weekend!

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