Hmm Genosaurer Wip Phase 4!!! A love hate affair…

I have already constructed the main body for my Zoids Hmm Genosauer. So just sharing with you some thoughts and a few WIPs pictures of the legs. As I mentioned previously in a few comments about my love hate affair with kotobukiya kits, their joints leave very much to be desired…I wish they could take some cues from Bandai though…

Rant 1 : You call these connectors??

How in the world are these gonna hold!!! This part keeps popping out and they are terribly loose..a generous amout of cement is required.

They sure can come up with the weirdest peg designs lol…

More glue…

Rant 2 : Parts don’t fit..

I tried for about 15 minutes to get this part to fit into the legs and these 2 portions kept blocking the way….have they ever gone through any product testing??? Trim trim trim, hopefully it works…

Thank goodness it works…

Rant 3 : Confusing instructions..

They can squeeze so many parts of instructions in half a panel….and worse still they don’t tell you which ones to fit in first and which ones to put in last…

Well that ends the ranting part…

Then again, I love their attention to details…every nook, cranny, pipe valve is included!! I love the colors of the pistons that they gave!

And a bit of painting on some clear parts. I’ll use the metallic green gundam marker to paint the insides of the clear piece.

And one interesting property of metallic green, it is somehow translucent on clear parts.

I also painted the mounting piece with silver

Putting them together. How I have a nicer looking piece ^^

Well this will conclude the construction part of the Genosaurer. No doubt Kotobukiya has their flaws and sometimes they do get on my nerves as the time spend to make the parts fit and gluing them could be better used for other stuffs. Remember lots of plastic cement is required…don’t want to pose and have 3 parts dropping out from one movement… But I loved the details which they give…well the choice is yours and I am done ranting!!! Feels good to let that out haha!

Till the next post!

38 thoughts on “Hmm Genosaurer Wip Phase 4!!! A love hate affair…

    • Haha nah I drank too much tea just now ^^ Had a barbecue over at my place I drank like a cup of tea and a coffee haha 😀

      I thrive on very little sleep actually. Five hrs a day is enough to get me by. And yes Riannon is very happy ^^

    • Haha oh my god, didn’t realized it till you mention it haha! Yes some of the parts require some mods to fit properly. Even my saber tiger had some fitting problems too. But they really should build a bandai kit for once!!!


    Great attention to detail as always, they are. As for the manual, I had to re-read it few times before I piece the parts together.

    Another problem point:: their pla-materials… v_v

    Hoho, now Riannon will have a new ride. 😀

    • Oh you have a koto kit? Which one? And what is that email again to kotobukiya? Yes I had to read many many times to make sure the parts are right before I glue em. This is the first kit where every joint I have to use glue to make sure they stay attached!!!

      And don’t get me started on their pla materials (snatched a top coat from the shelf)…..needs a decent amount of flat coat!!! (Chubbs eyes glowing red *-*)

  2. I’m drifting further and further away from buying Koto kits… |||

    By the way, if you use metallic green on one side of the clear part, does that mean that the painted side is no longer clear? I’m trying to see what kind of methods are available when it comes to painting clear parts. xD

    Those instructions are like information overload. o.O I hate to think how a new-ish modeler would fare with this kit.

    • Hehe you can save you money for that upcoming 1/144 7 swords and the eventual Quanta 😀

      Somehow the painted side is a bit translucent, but yes it won’t be entirely clear already. It is best to use a very thin coat of clear green and that will have the best effect 😀 But I just got lazy haha.

      I was quite overwhelmed when I first build the saber tiger, hope you can understand why I put off building koto kits most of the time…look at the amount of time I took just to snap fit this compared to other kits. The only thing driving me to finish this is to have it in time for Riannon’s story arc 😀

  3. Whoa…parts don’t fit is a serious problem I think, it’s supposed to be a snap fitted kit. Koto has to improve the QC.

    I never built any koto kits before, but I do want to build at least one SRW kit.

  4. And yea, chubbs, i still have projects even though its the holidays…….. Coz when school reopens, it is exam time….. The projects will take up 20% of total marks.. Very heavy percentage…….

    • wanted to get the HMM genosaurer at AFA ’08 when i saw latendo had a crazy discount of it; it was priced at around $50 (normally is around $100) but not enough $ and when i went back on the 2nd day, everything was gone! T.T

      so still no HMM kits for me, the shops i visit also dont really stock them so will just stick to admiring them for now until i find a place with decent stock of them.

      but there are so many i want; iron kong, the 2 saurers, buster tortoise and now they are releasing the Red Horn!

      • Fwah…$50 man thats an awesome price!!! No wonder it was gone on the second day…

        Have you tried visting M workshop at sunshine plaza. They have a genobreaker, saber tiger (black ver) and a few Molgas ^^ If not Ang Mo Kio Fun Center actually carries quite a few stock ^^ (Marrz also got his no 67 revoltech there haha :D)

        The only one I am really tempted to get is Red Horn!!! But I will wait for reviews to come out before making any decisions though. Hopefully they improve the joints this time!!

  5. I share your pains and complaints for the Kotobukiya kits. I’m currently working on my Blade LIger AB and suffering from all the same issues. Crappy pegs designs, Weak pegs that break from the slightest touch. Worst of all, incorrect instructions for assembly! rawr~

    The instructions are real pain too as you’ve mentioned. They cramp everything it and they block the view on where the pegs should fit and connect, which is awfully annoying too.

    • Haha hi five dude…man blade liger!!! Thats an awesome kit but looks like based on what you say, it isn’t spared from all the awful stuff…I wanted to get iron kong but building the genosaurer made me think otherwise. I don’t get me started on wrong instructions lol!!! That is a royal pain in the ass!!

      I wish their engineers can adopt some of the really good things bandai has done. If there is a fusion between the 2 companies strengths it will be an awesome kit to behold!!

  6. Just read through the page’s comments and it seems I’ll have alot to work with on my geno breaker. (The box runners are bottomless..I count 48 in total, big and small aside from polycaps.)

    Question here. How would you advise tightening moving joints? Cement the area and keep moving the movable joint parts to prevent setting while it stiffens up?Any other tips will be greatly appreciated since this is the first time I’m working with a koto kit.

    While I’m at it, cheers to you for getting married. ^_^

    • Heh thanks! Yep you will have plenty of work ahead of you haha. What I did was cement all the male and female pegs together. If you do that, the joints actually will hold fairly well. Koto kits have a tendency to fall apart if you don’t do that …that happened to my saber tiger….

      But other than that ifs its a straight build and snap fit everything should be okay 😀 The only problem I faced was building the tail…bloody small parts!

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