An afternoon of SDs

Not in the mood to do any fixing, I took out some of my old SDs to the great open….just an afternoon of me, my camera and my gundams. No words just photos…

Have a great weekend!


50 thoughts on “An afternoon of SDs

      • oh i should have stated poison level 80%!!! seeing your hand painted version makes the kit looks so good and tempting ^^

        the default color on the product page is so bright and toy like compared to yours, they dont even look like the same kit anymore lol great job man ^_^b

        • Haha 80%%% man I must push it to 120%% next round!!! The default color is really very toyish!! I like my armors heavy, dark and flat looking^^ I had to handpaint a layer of flat black and then use the gold over it . Plus a bit of dry brushing haha 😀

          Ps : Typing out the script now for drossel origin story and rianon story arc ^^ will email you later once I get that done!!!

    • Haha nope no saber this time round ^^ I just leave her alone this time..she is under going some training hehe…

      I might buy the silver and the red to try out. Think they produce some interesting colors ^^

  1. Whoa! Nice weathering on Guan Ping. his new colour scheme makes him looks so devilish! ^^ Btw, where’s your Sonsaku? I’ve already completed mine and I’m looking forward to seeing yours!

    • Heh thanks!!! Haha you really like weathered kits don’t ya 😀 I use flat green and then dry brush over the armor with silver, just gave him a darker looking green ^^
      Oh I am finishing up my genosaurer first haha. I take some what longer when it comes to SDs, I might mod the Sonsaku….plans plans plans…

  2. Oh, I love the blue lens, you custom painted that?
    And Kan pei after the rain…!

    SD sangokuden is becoming more dangerous for me now….

    • Oh no haha, I just gloss coat it a bit ^^. The default blue lens is very nice! Kan pei is one of my favorite SDs ^^

      Hehe….wanna try one after your Hi Nu 😀 Trust me it will be another challenging work…especially the paint job!!!

  3. I love your SDs!!!

    Btw,starting from today,Hobby point will be selling Gaia colour!!
    And i just bought HG RX-78-2 ver G30th.
    Sorry that i never buy HG Masurao..Because i haven learn toning yet=.=

    Bandai give a bright red for Masurao which i dislikes it because in the show,his red was a much darker red,which makes he very cool.

    • Thanks for compliments!!!

      Wow that is really good news!!! Hehe you want to join in the RX78 group build ^^ 3 of us are in it hehe.
      I also be skipping that till next month where I’ll get him together with Sonken. Anyway for masurao I plan to repaint the red parts in a sliver base followed by clear red. I like him glossy !! But good thing is that they have painted his sword this time.

      • I will be too glad to join…I love RX-78-2,GMs and Zakus!!! I also bought Tamiya Flat brown and German to panel line my HG RX-78-2 ver G30th.For me,i prefer Susanowo to be glossy than Masurao because i want Masueao to look fierce

        • Haha cool. I’ll do a post to officiate the groupbuild ^^ and work a little bit on the rules haha….

          German grey is a nice color! Haha either way as long as it is painted it will look much better than the default plastic colors ^^

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