The Toy Room’s hidden stash ^^

Moemoekyun was trying to guess how many kits I have and which ones ^^ To save him the headache I took a picture of my stash 😀 This is from close to 1 and a half years worth of collection!

This is what happens when you visit the hobby shop too often ^^;

The kashtriya is my latest hoot that I mentioned earlier 😀

Haha and my odd ball Mazinger Z kit 😀 Most of these are actually snap fitted but I kept them in the box.

And my only kotobukiya kit left the command wolf 😀 In total I counted 42 kits haha ^^ (Sry Moemoekyun I gave you the wrong number…)

Well haha, that is all I have for my stash. I have been keeping it in control fairly well these few weeks. The only kit i got this month was Kashtriya and to be honest I think this will last me through at least for the next 2 years considering my build speed ^^. Oh well thats a quick post for the night! Friday is coming!!

As Chubbs walks silently out of the room….

The lights go off….

95 thoughts on “The Toy Room’s hidden stash ^^

    • haha erh…sry counted wrongly ^^ If i go for straight builds I can do about 2-3 kits per month. So I can go thru this stash in 2 yrs 😀

      • but how many gundam you buy every month ??? 5 or 10
        chubby =dalong sigapore ver
        well dalong have sponsor and you not ^^;;
        what you planning with drossel leader of valkrie or SRW ??

  1. ill take that one and that one…. that one looks good too, wut? you not a hobby shop?! haha nice collection youve build man, you are set for years! cant wait to see the backlogged kashtriya.

    you got nendo Drossel!!!! sweet! mines is on the way ^^ perfect intro too lol

    • Haha well take your pick lol ^^ I think I should rename my blog to the Toy Shop instead lol 😀 Well my first few months I bought a lot….luckily I slowed down now 😀 Hehe I do plan to build that Kashtriya soon 😀 Dying to build up the zeon army!!!

      Can’t wait to see what you do with Drossel….I couldn’t resist after seeing her in person!!! The eyes have it haha!!

  2. Wow that’s alot of gunpla kits @_@ looks like a freaking shop man! LOL and nendo Drossel!? Your nendo army is growing! and I suddenly have the urge to buy one too @_@ *looks at K-On! nendos* soo tempting xD

    • Haha well hehe…I don’t buy video games and the latest gadget…heck even my camera is borrowed 😀 Probably thats why I can have money to spend on this instead 😀 Hehe come , don’t resist…join the nendo brigade like syful too haha!!!

      There is that new K on nendo that is just released with a nice guitar haha…

    • Ebay still have about 2 stocks of drossel hehe ^^ But I got my drossel at Plaza Sing, think they have one more there! But it wasn’t cheap.. $79… but I got $20 voucher from my GF so got her at $59 in the end yeah! With this huge pile that is why I am gunning for straight builds!! Will take me years to finish this lol ^^ You keen to help me mod some haha 😀

  3. I had been collecting Gunplas since March so it is about 1 year and half!! Same as you!!!

    Normally if i bought Sangokuden,I will build it in the bus.I will finished completed before i reached my bus stop.Then i will go home and paint it^^

    • Lol hi five mate! Haha good to find another Sangokuden collector! So presume you are gonna get sonken this week haha 😀 I also build Sds during my break times too..they are quite easy to make ^^ But painting them is a whole other matter!!

    • Haha I did build the Sinanju but straight build..but I felt i was doing the kit justice so I took it apart and redid the pieces. Will airbrush this baby once I move to my new place next year!!! Then I can have a dedicated workspace for all my gunpla stuff 😀

  4. Wow… just wow. I see you have good stuff in your collection.

    On the other hand I’m the kind of poor person who can only build one at a time. At most once or twice I have one extra kit in the queue but that is always due to exceptional circumstances (like getting it for free).

    • Thanks! haha i don’t buy every new release, just certain kits that I really like. It is a nice feeling to know that I have another kit in queue. I am sure your situation will change once you start working ^^

  5. OMG! That’s hell of a collection you got there! You built-up boxes! That’s impressive. Fortunately you slow down your buying a bit, or in 1 year you would need to buy a castle to put all that. LooooL 🙂

    You already received your Nendo Drossel. Quick quick photos! Mine did shipped last friday 🙂

    • Haha ^^; thats why its called the toy room haha!! But to get a castle alone lol….the price tag of the castle will be more than my kits, but I always fancy staying in one.

      Hehe, while trying to come with her debut story she has decided to make a sneak appearance here! Haha can’t wait to see what you do with your drossel ^^ Pictures will definitely come!

  6. Where do you keep all those boxes??? I want space for a gigantic backlog like that too O_O

    If I had a backlog like that, my parents will kick me out of the house I’d never have to worry about running out of kits to do. XDDD

    I see Throne Eins and Zwei! And Strike Noir and Exia IM and and and *head spins*

    • LOL I was so excited about the kits I forgot about your newest acquisition! XD Nendo Drossel!! You got her quick – wasn’t she released just earlier this week? I really like the light-up eyes effect. xD

      • mate for gundam boxes I put runners left overs in a MG box(I throw it away sometimes) and put Sd gundam box in HG boxes and put HG boxes in MG or 1/100 boxes for more space ^^;;

      • Drossel decided to debut herself!!! She quietly blended in quietly behind my boxes ^^ Not too sure when she was released but when i saw I couldn’t resist!! (thanks bd77….)

        Haha the light up is very nice! I might want to recolor it green 😀 Personal preferences haha ^^

        • I don’t blame you XDDD She’s cute!! Nice mix of mecha and moe.

          *_* Recolours! Looking forward to see how it’ll turn out.

          And LOL, box-saving technique. XD I throw away all my runners too, and for the boxes, I cut up the boxart and keep those and discard the white box with the runners. |D;

    • With my super pack jutsu!!! lol nah I have a cupboard which and one shelf which I can pack all these in. Just nice they all fit haha 😀 If you walk into my room you’ll never notice I have these kits 😀

      Sessh…I can never let my mom see this post too!! She will kill me if she knows I have that much!

      • With that much kits, I proclaim thee the Grand Army of Chubbybots. *plays the Grand Army of the Republic intro march from Star Wars ep3, with all the gunplas standing at attention with Keroro leading them and the nendos watching them from the palace tower*

      • @_@ That’s a mighty big cupboard and shelf you have!! It makes me think of Doraemon’s pocket. XD I wish I had a Doraemon’s pocket for infinite storage.

        XDDD Good point! I also kind of hide my stuff…one reason why I didn’t want to build MG Exia so quickly was so that I could hide RX-78-2 [and eventually a 00 movie kit] below it. It’s far easier to spot one box appearing out of nowhere than to notice that it multiplied. |D;; Since I’m keeping the box for the Repair parts, my plan can still go on lolol.

        • Haha I also want a doraemon pocket!!! Then I carry my stash tools and paints with me all the time and during lunch break take them out and do!

          Haha the pains we go through for our beloved hobby 😀

  7. Want to help haha 😀 I guess it will take me like 2 years. Some were impulse purchases like the strike noir and unicorn. ^^ If you interested in any of them I’ll be happy to let them go at a good price hehe.

  8. @ Marzz oh by the way i’ll be free on saturday afternoon 😀 if you want to meet we can just meet at HAG haha ^^ I still got to work on that day so can only meet after 1 pm.

    • I will go down to Falcon Hangar to collect my Drossel, then goto CSC to get my Arbalest… @___@ I’m still waitting for my SDX Bethal Knight Gundam… then Sonken emperor form…. considering shu gundam….

      oh i bought sonsaku gundam… need to sell my Revoltech XAN and SDX Superior Dragon for some nice cash…

      • Fwah SDX Superior dragon man… thats like super ex kit. Its very nice. Oh you getting the figma drossel or nendo version? 😀
        And thanks for the info on the reissue! I’ll go down and have a look later if its possible 🙂

          • Cool! I remember building one of the very old musha SD series….kinda reminds me of the SDX dragon! I remember seeing hobby point selling those very old kits! Of course the SDX is so much better ^^

            My favorite child hood hero was optimus prime haha. Gundam wise god gundam

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    • That is why only nendos this year till i get the stash at least half down. But it doesn’t help that my graveyard is growing at a faster rate sobz….

  10. From SD Sangokuden to HG 1/144 and MGs. That’s quite a variety of stuff on your backlog~

    Haha it would really keep you busy for the whole 2010, not to mention that there really are a lot of good stuff coming for this year as well @_@

    As long as you keep the pile under control that’ll be ok; NK once told me that some of his stuff have been left untouched for more than a year XD

    • Heh thanks for dropping by man ^^ Haha I love gunpla a lot but recently I have reduced my buying to only 1/144 kits 😀 Easier on the storage and wallet. I think this stash will last me all the way to 2011!!! With all the new kits coming up like 1/144 god gundam, more unicorn gunpla….i can only see this stash ballooning to 60 plus lol…

      OMG 1 year!!! Thats very long!! but Ngee Khiong sure has quite a pile 😀

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