HGUC FA78-3 Gundam – A revisit part 1

Not satisfied with the weathering done on my HGUC GP02 gundam, I relooked at my old build kits and decided to give the HGUC FA78-3 gundam some nice weathering ^^

On with the rework!

As the kit is already top coated with flat, I’ll use the grey real touch gundam marker instead.

After applying the grey and rubbing the excess. Due to the top coat, it blended in nicely

Next I smudge with the blue real touch gundam marker but at certain spots.

After rubbing off, it produces a nice shade at the spot.

Shading up the entire arm

Comparison between the weathered and non weathered!

Did the same for the shield

Weathered the feet

I loved how it turned out this time!

I’ll be using the Tamiya weathering set for part 2. Stay tuned! Gonna see how this turns out!

Till the next post!


56 thoughts on “HGUC FA78-3 Gundam – A revisit part 1

  1. the blue weathering is old skool style and works well here. man the matte coat sure helps with everything!!
    to me, weathered kit is a good looking kit lol cant wait to see him after the weather set treatment! ^^

    and nice effect in the first pic, i see your AES is still acting up Lol 😛

    • Haha thanks! Actually I wanted to try out black but I realized I finish it..so your of curiosity I used blue and turned out really nice! Not too sure whether I can do this in the future with the news of the top coat being discontinued….man better start looking for alternatives if that happens!! Haha hope i won’t disappoint you on the weathering set 😀

      Yes AES is brewing and now with drossel in da house lol ^^

      Oh by the way, I was wondering if you would like to collaborate with me on my upcoming figure wars 😀 I think you will make for a fantastic editor with your ideas! I’ll write up the main script or ideas for a weekly series and send it to you for feed back or editing ^^ Of course no rush as I am still building all the necessary characters!!!

      • you mean that certain shops wont ship internationally anymore? or was there new news saying top coat itself will be discontinued? because i havent heard anything about that o.O

        the collab idea sounds great, im up for the challenge.. just call me nendidor! err nendo+editor lol 😛 and you can always fire me if you dont like my feedback or editing ^^;

        • I saw from Z’s posting about the topcoat so I am hoping it won’t be the same situation here!

          Haha splendid! Hehe can’t wait to see what we can come up with ^^ Now drawing out the figure wars timeline. Nendidor lol 😀 Lol and I won’t be the one firing though ^^ I’ll let Maritan do that for me, she has that innate talent to fire people literally!

            • Haha its done…now I have to convert it to something readable…

              Lol i’ll need to type it in words…don’t think you can recognize my handwriting haha…

    • Hehe I know 😀 My other couldn’t sleep so I am accompanying her ^^ The ones used here are the real touch markers. Can ask your sis to get for you when she is in Singapore ^^

  2. mate all my gundam are straight bulding never painted and panel lined >_<;; I only have 1 can of tamiyaspray and 4 color for tamiya color bootles T_T and only one gundam marker for panel lining T_T I can get gundam eassily but not the painting equipment

  3. Blue as shade… Now that’s very new. XD
    Besides, have you seen anyone else using blue for the shades.

    Never expect they have the Real Touch marker…

    p.s. isn’t that the FA Gundam RX78-7?
    the -2 is Amuro’s one
    the G-3 is the gray colour
    the -4 is the one with mega beam cannon
    and the -5 is the one with the gatling gun.
    my two cents… -_-

    • Yeah turned out quite cool 😀 I don’t think I have seen any blue shading done by anyone around here hough. But I do have one book where he used a blue followed by a black. But i will be using the weathering stick later to make it more gritty ^^

      Its is the FA Gundam RX78-3, even dalong puts it like that 😀

    • Hmm thanks for the feed back ^^ I’ll see how it turns out after using the weathering stick! After all the best lessons are learned from these sorts of experiments 😀

  4. Sorry to say but the current blue colour is a bit overdo it… looks like blue ink spilled on the gundam.

    As I read from few plamo tutorials, using dry brush with grey + silver did a very good job. Maybe a lot of grey with a little bit of blue will turn out better. Another way is to use dry pastel, make them into powder and rub on the gundams :3

    • I kinda like the blue ^^ maybe personal preferences. But I’ll see how it turns out with the pastels over the blue. I am experimenting on this kit so it will help me to decide what to do for future builds. Best way to learn is to experiment 😀 Appreciate the tip and feed back! Doing this weathering made me realized how hard it is to do it.

      Have you done any weathering on your kits before? Will love to see em!

      • I’m quite noob when it comes to gunpla… my first attempt sousou gundam done soon, left the panel lining process.

        Btw, I’m using Mr.Color laquer paint, it is ok to use the semi gloss top coat? should I do the lining first or coat it first? I just bought tamiya enamel black and the x-20 thinner to try out the tips…

  5. Hmm… You used blue on the arms? It looks… a bit off to me… The colour don’t match in my opinion.
    And oh yea, Saturday afternoon is 2moro 18 DEC or next week?

    • You going overseas?? Ah anyway I sometimes see you there doing your kits ^^

      When you come back maybe we have lunch together or something or I bring down my kit 😀

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