22/7/09 was the first day of my little blog and like all bloggers I initially have doubts as to whether any one will read my blog, let alone comment! About close to half a year later I am very happy at the direction my blog has taken me and really, it couldn’t have been possible without you guys.

As this is a recap post ^^I have list the post to all the first things my blog has done or ever posted! Hope you guys have a good read! (The list after the jump ^^) Also I included some interesting stats!

My first post : Zoids anyone? (Warning crappy pictures!)

My first completed work : Mg Force Impluse Gundam

My first food post : Mom’s legendary laksa!!

My first WIPs : SD Sangokuden Kochu Gundam WIP phase 1!

My first event : STGCC 09

My first kit bash : Chimera Gundam

My first gundam tutorial : How to remove nubs with polishing compound!

My first ugly doll story :Life of the uglies, a garden invasion?

My first nendo post : A weird box arrives..keroro investigates!

My first post about other people : Awesome works…VerEd Style!

and for my first and last post on my weight (this is embarrassing lol)

Midsection Woes

Also haha for the ever stats obsessed Moemoekyun, here are some numbers for you to crunch!

Looking back lol….my first month I had like 194 hits on that premier month…man that was a depressing first month and a miserable 4 comments. The next month things begin to look up and I remember my first non family member comment from Lupes ^^ (Thanks!) then followed by Rockleelotus haha. Watching my baby blog growing steadily I am immensely proud 😀

And my second most number of comments goes to rockleelotus!

And the most number of comments goes to….

drum rolling…..

Moemoekyun ^^ Champion commentator and stats whiz!!

Really want to thank everyone who has made this blog what it is today even if it is just a short visit! For those who comment I really appreciate you taking the time to do that and making such an vibrant atmosphere on this blog. I enjoy your company and I am so looking forward to next year!30,000 hits here i come!!

Happy holidays!

Till the next post!


70 thoughts on “Retrospection

  1. Heheh. In a few months time from July, you’re already got featured elsewhere. Quite an achievement. 😀

    Moemoekyun is really amazing when comes to doing stats analysis and prediction on what we’re going to get. XD

    Birds of a feather flock together.

    • Heh thanks!! Actually I was kinda surprised by that feature 😀 totally unexpected ^^
      Moemoekyun is indeed very spot on…and he guess correctly what I bought in his list (psss its got something to do with your recent post :D)

      haha hi five…i’ll be borrowing a certain tenti idea from your post hehe…

    • Heh thanks! 😀 Never thought it can happen to my blog ^^ Your blog is also very nice I am sure you can achieve this soon!

  2. man, time sure does fly by! almost half a year and youve had some amazing achievements dude! i can tell your embarrassed by your midsection woes post… looks like you subconsciously linked it to something else XD

    haha i would have never guessed that i had second most comments here ^^ ive had my blog for over half a year and havent reached 1/3 stat of your greatness 😛

    commend your efforts and appreciate the time you put in dropping by my blog too ^^ keep it up! peace and hobby love! lol

    • yes rocklee, it does…half a year went by pretty fast! I never expect to achieve so much within this year ^^ haha you saw that picture right….man…even my nick hints of my midsection buhahah..

      Haha well congrats on having the second most comments on the Toy Room 😀 Thats one achievement for you this year haha! And your blog is very good and I am sure it will reach new heights soon! I always go to your blog for my daily dosage of Nendo/figure/battle damage poison..(thanks to you I had to redo the entire category !!! lol!!)

      Always looking forward to your comments & Nagi haha!! Peace ^^

  3. D: started one month earlier than yours, but your traffic is reaching 30k hits (pageview) while i’m still around 22k =___=. I wish I can blog as often…

    btw chubby, are you a student or working? you seems like making lot of posts everyday 😛

    • Haha well I am working but I love to write and take photos 😀 Blogging and gunpla (plus figures now haha) is my passion! I can even write article till 3am haha you can ask Moemoekyun and heathorn ^^ Perhaps thats why I tend to post lots of stuff everyday! Plus my gf is very supportive of my hobby as it puts me at home instead of outside 😀

    • Haha I wish lol….Danny Choo probably gets all the hits in one day that I get in my half a year of blogging!!! His stuff is crazy cool ^^

      But haha very flattered…Chubby Choo lol,.

  4. in my earlier post only got 0-15 hits
    in the 2nd month I start get 50 views per days
    evolution is right you can became dannychoo singapore ver you just need meke a blogger club ^__^ and get sponsor
    remember MSN(mobile suit nations) that I suggest you
    @rocklee&chubby : sorry about the stats >_<;;

    • Hmm a blogger club and sponsor…maybe I should look for bandai hehe….promote their stuff and in return give me free kits to work with ^^

      Yes MSN sounds good!

      Oh and congrats on be my top commentator haha 😀 i am okay with the stats ^^ Kinda fun for me hehe.

  5. Congrats chubby! You deserve all this ^_^
    I don’t remember how I found your blog, is it from dannychoo, or from your comments on my blog. But since then the toy room becomes a daily activity for me.

    I started my blog on dec 2008, at first dunno what to post, I just treated it like a diary where I can write whatever I want. Then I began building my exia (first time seriously building gunpla), and thus it became a gunpla blog, until you and your uglies poisoned me. Now it’s not 100% gunpla anymore ^^

    • Haha thanks dude!! I remember I was found your blog and I was very impressed by your Vlag 😀 Haha I even featured you hehe! Thanks for making my blog a daily activity ^^ very honored. My blogging experience in the initial stages was the same as yours! I even blog about my weight lol…my goodness and the food that I eat. Then when I started painting and building my SD Kochu, like you it turned into a pure gunpla blog…erh as for now haha…its filled with ugly dolls, nendoriods (thanks rocklee ^^) and of course my main collection gundam ^^.

      I am happy to have poisoned ya with my ugly dolls haha!! Radioactive ondeh ondeh!!

  6. Woah I’ve seen your progress from the earlier days if I remember correctly. Awesome that you’ve reached this far within half a year? Congrats dude! Keep up the good work! Don’t worry, I’ll always stop by to check on new posts, well I always drop by everyday anyway even if there’s no new post LOL and 1.5k more hits to reach 30k! woot woot!

    • I remember my first comment was on your digirama! haha..think you can check if I remember correctly! Thanks, i’ll definitely keep posting good stuff 😀 Haha keep dropping by everyday and I’ll see my 30k this weekend already!!

  7. Voting results

    MG Zaku 1(Black tri star) 5 votes

    MG Victory Gundam 4 Votes

    Can’t wait to get my MG Zaku that i reserve at Main branch Hobby point.

    Gonna watch how pros does their MG Zaku

  8. Watch this video and you will know what kind of kind i planning to do..Saturday i getting HG Masurao since i have some extra money after i bought my MG Zaku 1 later

  9. Looks like you’ve surpassed my niche blog in a short space of time! Well done!

    I don’t really pay much attention to my stats, but using a bit of math, I think I’m around the 4000hits per month range.
    But I had better stop thinking about stats now, or else I may start thinking about ways to increase readership instead of just writing about what I want.

    • Thank you mate! Looking back I remember your first comment was on my old gundam and I found your blog while looking for Kotobukiya Altisen reviews ^^ Man how long was that already!

      At first I was quite preoccupied with stats, I was thinking was the point of writing if no one is aware of your blog. The first and 2nd months was kind of muddling through and reading post on other ppl’s blog, trying out new things. Now haha I can focus more on writing!!

      • well, if you write to chase stats, then you won’t last long.
        I’m actually surprised that this many people read my blog as it is!

        It is on a very niche topic afterall and it can take over 3 months to complete 1 GK so the cool posts are very irregular. GK building is also nowhere near as popular as gunpla or just reviewing PVC figures so I think it’s doing pretty well, all things considered.
        I also found out that my old wordpress blog is still alive and getting around 100 hits a day. Very weird considering I haven’t posted on it for over 6 months!! IIRC, you stumbled apon that one first!!

        But in any case, let’s see how long this goes. I’m sure you and your blog still have a lot of life left in ya!

        • Yes definitely, one will get very stressed out chasing them!! Haha your blog is good mate 😀 Plus with your game reviews haha ^^ Its sharing the love for this hobby that drives me to write!

          GK kits are not easy to work with, seeing your recent post of sheryl is one good example…that huge crack! Another thing is GK is quite expensive and indeed not as well know as Gunpla. Haha what is the address of your old wordpress blog, I wanna take a look at your previous posts! 100 hits a day without posting for 6 months is very good!

          And thanks! haha I’ll definitely keep this blog going 😀

          • If you want a bit of a history lesson, it’s but all the posts were migrated so you’ll find everything I wrote in my current blog.

            My first ever post was my bunny haruhi by Bubba. She was more expensive than KOSMOS!!!

            • Haha cool, that for the link! Will check it out! Wanted to comment on your recent post too but yesterday was too busy with stuffs argh!!!

              Bunny Haruhi!!!!

  10. Heh thanks!!! Glad that my stuff helped ya 😀

    Congrats on 1 year old 😀 Mine is still at the infant stage lol!!! 5 months old only!!

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