HGUC GP02 WIP Phase 3 – one broken part….

Resumed my work on the HGUC GP02!!! But due to my eagerness I broke something….but nevertheless the building must go on!!

I am going to attempt to do some shading this time on the GP02. This is more of an experiment so if it doesn’t turn out well I’ll modify it. I’ll be using the black gundam marker for the blue and red parts, the grey marker for the whitish gray parts. Both these markers are oil based.

I already panel lined the area. I’ll attempt some sort of shading on the bare plastic. Note I did not do any flat coat.

I use the gray gundam marker and outline the edges. Smudging them as i go along.

After that I take a tissue paper and gently rub over the surface. Notice the slight grayish tone.

Hmm what you guys think of this ? Somehow this needs improving in my opinion!

But I love how the black works on the red. On the blue somehow it did not turned out as good.

Tried to give the edges of that blue part a bit of black..but some how I did not turned out as I expected..

And while playing the shield… the hand peg broke argh!!! Damn hard abs plastic!!! So brittle! Well looks like the left hand will be holding the shield permanently once I glue this part!

Putting it all together ^^

But despite the not so good attempt at shading, the GP02 is still menancing as ever…Gato is one lucky guy to have ever piloted such an awesome looking mobile suit.

Who needs a beam saber when you have a nuke on your shoulder 😀

Well that is all for the night 😀 Now I only left the weathering on the other half and then followed by dry brushing after the flat coat during the weekend! Hopefully I can cover my the mistakes i made!!

Zieg zeon!

Till the next post!


60 thoughts on “HGUC GP02 WIP Phase 3 – one broken part….

    • Yes haha this is from stardust memory 😀 You should catch that series. It is still my favorite even up to this day! In the show he took out the entire fleet with one shot and managed to escape in one piece!!

      I just love his badass face 😀

  1. This kit is very nice 😀 In fact most of the HGUC Series are very good. They are much better than even the current 1/144 gundam 00 plamo!

    Haha so you decided on the Zaku ^^ Must learn weathering!! I am still learning so haha just learn from my noobish attempt 😀

    • There is one chinese phrase called huo dao lao,xue dao lao.Hehe.Btw,for my MG Zaku 1,i still missing a Rotor for weathering and sanding =.=

      • Ah chinese proverbs!! Man when was the last time I said something like that. Actually you can use an art knife and scrap at the edges or a chisel instead 😀

        You can check out rockleelotus WIP for his Neue Ziel, he does excellent weathering with very basic tools!

  2. ^^; I wonder what time do you sleep and woke everday ^^;;;;;;
    honestly I like the GP02 in the first picture phase shift off lol
    You said earlier I’m fat so this gundam is mirror of yourself lol
    ‘I’ll post up for everyone to see how fat I am lol’
    I will start make HGUC series sooooooon >_<;;;;

    • Lol…hmm I sleep at about 1.30am and wake up around six to go to work 😀 (Please don’t follow me haha…this is not good)
      Basically weekends are spend sleeping…have to pay the sleep debt ^^

      Hee yep, but I don’t think my thighs are as big as GP02! His are like chicken drumsticks haha!

  3. I will try quess your secret wip
    I can quess but no clue
    this time @_@
    at least give me clue
    there are 102 HGUC
    312 of SD
    57 Hg from 00
    50 more from seed
    127 of MGs
    more than 450 more for BB sengkuden
    >200 for 1/100
    and 500 more from wing
    not counting lim edition and
    only 103 nendo exist at this
    moment @_@
    no I can’t use stats this time give me 5 more head T_T
    just quessing the series @_@ my head my head
    stats error !!!!!!!!! error @_@
    cat robot LOL

  4. Nice tips bro. Currently resume my FG Virtue, now leave the panel lining part, wish to have more time to finish it.. work x chirstmas x year end x GF x bla bla bla.. AAHHH!!

    haha.. oh ya, by the way, do you have airbrush?

    • heh thanks! haha oh my that FG virtue was quite some time back!! So hows the otacool book ^^ Same situation for me…currently only can do my building after work plus spend time with GF and family 😀 A happy missus = longer time for hobby haha^^

      I do have an airbrush. But I won’t be using it till I move to my new place ^^ Currently its in storage hehe 😀 but i did airbrush one kit though 😀 But the setup is time consuming when you don’t have a dedicated place for spraying!

  5. oh yeah chubby that ver of GP02 really got bazooka too but you need to replace the backpack so it’s not shown in the box ^__^ you must be regret not geting that ^0^ (sory for multiple comment(10 lol))

  6. yeah dirty that bastage up! lol i like to weather my kits in almost the same fashion, but as a last step i use rubbing alcohol to try and blend the colors. i use alcohol a lot!
    i had the same trouble with the black on blue when i tried it on your suggestion. it looked awesome on my WZC but mostly rubbed off because i only have the real touch black marker ^^;

    ahh sucks to see that broken piece XD not salvageable? man he looks so bad ass with the boozoka!

    • Lol bastage! Thats a new word for me!! Wouldn’t you get high smelling all that alcohol haha!! Maybe I should use my beer to clean up the weathering and drink the remaining haha 😀

      The black didn’t turned out as well as I thought after taking the photos. Then anyway it is a lesson learned ^^ Plus I should have top coated it prior to weathering! Luckily for the hand I managed to glue it back but it will be permenantly bonded to the shield ….

      The bazooka is a win 😀 wonder if Mari will snatch it?

  7. Nooo, broken parts. >____<

    I also like how the black on red parts turned out. xD And that bazooka makes him look mighty badass.

    • Broken parts are unavoidable lol….just be prepared for it with plastic cement!!!

      Yes I love how it turns out on the red parts. Got to rework the blue!! Man if only I have two bazookas…buahahah

    • Haha oh I haven’t weathered the other half of the kit 😀 I just assembled it and take some photos first, couldn’t resist putting this baby together!

      Thanks! Oh hows your Sou sou painting coming along ? 😀

  8. Nice weathering! Maybe i will try that out on my zaku warrior as well. I plan to use rocklee’s weathering plus ur no paint method ver.L and this shading as well!
    3 good techniques! What could go wrong???
    And yea MRLS does include the bazooka…

    • Heh thanks! Haha just trying this out for the first time 😀 Needs more modification to make it better. Haha can’t wait till you combine Rocklee and my stuff on your Zaku 😀

      And best is to try out on a spare piece first ^^ You can never know what might go wrong!!


  9. thats really suck if parts broke and stuffs.. I give kinda extra carefull when building kits especially on ABS part.. luckily so far got no broken parts or something bad ^^;;

    Badass bazooka is badass… Im not kinda into UC kits except some of them like Unicorn series XD, I didnt know GP02 was piloted by Zeon guy.. no wonder the feet guard (or what ever it called) look so big like Zeons MS XD

    Thats is some nice usage of Gundam Marker to make weathering effects, Im not really going into weathering yet.. but soon will huhu..

    • Ya man…argh and all of its joints are in ABS…very hard to move the parts! You are very very lucky not to have broken any so far…sobz..but luckily there is still glue to help ^^

      Well in fact the GP02 was developed by the earth federation but Gato (Zeon Guy ^^) stole the mech in the first episode. It was like practically build to suit him (some how I have a feeling they know it gonna get stolen by a zeon pilot lol) if not why build such a kick ass face and bazooka ^^.

      You should give weathering a try! I am experimenting on all sorts of techniques to make my gunpla nice without resorting to painting the whole thing 😀 I am so damn lazy lol!!

      • ah.. u use super glue? or tamiya cement?

        Oh.. thats how its end up with the Zeon guy eh.. I guess I need to get into UC series more.. haha.. too many kits that I didnt know >_<;; just like MG Kampfer that I bought, I know nothing bout the MS but I like the design and stuffs.. luckily theres MAHQ.net… where I can get some info bout the suit and series ^^

        I like to give it a try, but I think going to get proper stuffs, like the Weathering kit that Z bought not long ago hehe XD

        • Haha I used tamiya cement ^^ I just checked the joint 😀 Good as new!

          Trust me, after watching UC series, you will realize how rich the story is compared to the current ones like seed , gundam 00. The MG kampfer is from 0080 war in the pocket! Its quite a short series but its an awesome mech notheless!

          Cool! Do try it out and share your results! Lets learn together haha. Best is to flat coat before doing anyway weathering for best effects!

    • Haha dennis you reminded me of that episode where GP01 stabbed his shield / coolant! Luckily it can still be salvaged ^^

      I seldom weather my kits so it is very much a learning in progress as I don’t have much experience in this area 😀

  10. Chubby goes weathering! I need to learn from you and rocklee.
    I suggest painting some metal on the bazooka ^_^

    I’m planning to do a quick build, just lining and topcoat, either unicorn or OO raiser, which one is better?

    • Haha definitely. I won’t leave that bazooka in this state. Once the weather is good (but recently it just keeps raining!!) i’ll top coat my jegan, hygogg and GP02 together and then dry brush the parts!

      I think unicorn will look good with just the lining and topcoat! 00 Raiser will need a lot of painting to look good though…it has lots of clear parts!

  11. good attempt on the weathering!! i see some nice tones.. for me im gonna try weathering my next kit too.. wadeva kit it is.. heh.. im gonna try the tamiya weathering kit.. first matt-coat the kit.. den apply lghtly.. hope to achieve weathering and shading all at one go… ^^

    • Thanks!! But on hindsight I should have waited to top coat first. Tried it out on my topcoated kits and it works way better! Haha you can weather your RX78 for the group build!!! I do have the tamiya weathering kit, its quite useful 😀 I found a tutorial on using that weathering kit which I found really useful. Will post that soon since I see so many ppl mentioning about weathering ^^

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