What are my nendos up to this time?

Hmm Riannon seems to have brought on a new hobby for the others in the Toy Room…wonder what are they up to this time…

Saber : What is this Ria?

Riannon : Oh this is what Chubbs calls books. Really neat stuff I picked from here.

Saber : Oh seems kind of thick for this so called book. But it looks thick enough for me to practice some sword techniques on.

Riannon : Oh no no, you have to read it Saber not chop it!

Raspberyl : What is all this commotion about?

Riannon : Oh hi Rasp! I was just telling Saber all about books!

Raspberyl : From where I come from the only good books are spells books with teeth. Oh and I soooo love the one I currently have. And please what is this book all about?

Raspberyl : And don’t give me that Oh I am so gonna save the world crap again…

Maritan : Hmm interesting…

Maritan : Better not miss this so called book…in case if it has any military applications…

Riannon : Heh gals, this is the title of the book I am about to show you and its really amazing!

Riannon : This book fills me with a sense of purpose,  to the help empower the people in the poor countries, to better lives!!

Riannon : Give them dignity….@#$#@#@$

Raspberly : Man when is she ever gonna end this little sermon of hers…

Saber and Maritan : …..

After an hr…..

Raspberyl : Ok if she doesn’t end in five minutes I am so gonna use my book…

Maritan : Now where is that rifle that I stash away..

Saber : I sense, scabbard throw in need…

Riannon : And that sums up pretty much the 101 reasons why you should read this book. Oh by the way I bought some other stuff from Chubs shelf that might interest ya..

Raspberyl : Oh dear…what could Chubs possibly have that I could ever fancy…hmm wait what is this…

Raspberyl : Bloodcurdling tales of horror and the macabre!! Oh my I am so gonna read this book tonight… I do have a thing for horror!!

Raspberyl : Oh I so love skulls… that is so my kind of art work !!

Raspberyl : This is a get!

Raspberyl : I am so gonna learn all the new horror techniques and beware denizens of the Toy Room hahah…

Raspberyl : Buhahahahah!!!!

Saber : oh king of fighters..maybe I’ll learn a new technique or two on CQC. (close quarter combat)

Saber : Hmm this could be my answer against the berserker and archer!

Saber : Oh my….

Haha well this is all from my Nendo’s little reading session ^^ I used to read quite a fair bit but now haha, I seem to have lost that little hobby of mine 😀 Glad that my Nendos are reading my old stuff ^^ Maybe I should visit the library again sometime soon.

Well till the next ….erh..wait I seem to have forgotten someone…





Music : Star wars imperial march song…..

Till the next post!!

54 thoughts on “What are my nendos up to this time?

  1. my respect to your nendoroid
    is there a bonus from that hobby japan ?? why show eva and macross try to poisoning us ???????

  2. well, it’s better they’re reading books rather than killing each other (or maybe killing you :lol:)

    I’m interested in the book Raspberyl was reading, what’s it all about?

    • Haha well for this festive season fighting is off limits 😀 No editor was harm in the making of this book reading session ^^

      Oh that book is a series of stories written by HP lovecraft. I read this many years back but I still do read it from time to time. Its about this ancient group of creatures that were sealed on earth many millenniums ago by the ‘Old ones’. Clthuhu is the main ancient evil in this story and most of the stories are based on its evil slowly awakening…and thus affecting the people close to it. The slow descent into madness…

  3. I sense more trouble up ahead…
    Riannon – World domination
    Saber – Ultimate CQC
    Raspberyl – Conjuring untold nightmares…
    Mari – Ultimate gunpla kit-bashes

    • Haha I did find something else besides these 2 nendos…..

      At first I said I wasn’t interested but then seeing the physical goods and reading some more blogs about her made me think otherwise…..and I told myself screw the budget get first!!

  4. with rarity and avaiable item : I quess
    0.drossel(well brand new nendoroid will be so fast arived from japan)
    1.yume asakura =30%
    2.ryougi shiki:=20%
    3.zetsubo sense:15%
    6.miku2 kagami=10%

  5. @moemoekyun: i just paid for two figures that i had preordered and are now in stock, one was being held to ship with the other. theres two more PO that i have and should be coming out this month… getting a lot of “robot” type figures lately ^^;

    also i just made a PO for a scaled figure that will be released in June XDDD im completely over spending!

      • @ rocklee I’m joking with quesing your PO
        or you just curious why I always right with my stats ???
        I know you order drosel and … (robot??? well give me one day to think)lol,it’s faiz motorcycle right can transform into a robot
        and maybe 2 more kamen rider
        well I will try quessing to your scale figures
        just try with april released figures that looks great
        1.tamaki (are you try to make me jealous):35%
        well i will think the 65% later I don’t really know with PVC lines
        (give me one day)
        mate I’m not calculating robot
        @chubby sorry destroying all your surprise ^^;;;
        I will tell you guys how I quess your stuff later ^^;;

    • Haha manga ^^ I do read manga but online 😀 Makes for a good read between lunches ^^ Nowadays I hardly touch any book!! (yes no more text books in my life again!!)

  6. Hmm…..I guess my taste is similar to mari tan’s, hobbyjapan!!
    I seldom read books now. When I was in secondary school, I liked to read goosebumps, that’s the only book-with-all-texts that I read.

    • Haha same with me 😀 Maritan is always around me when I open up new issues of hobby japan ^^ Your book reading situation is the same as me, now i am mostly reading stuff on blogs and online ^^.

      I can’t go through more than 3 pages of text…anything more than that I’ll start playing with my figures already..

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