HGUC GP02 – Wip Phase 2!!

Well just a short little update on my GP02. This time I’ll be working on painting the rest of the parts that require them! And kinda going for an arty look for the first picture haha. Just playing around with photoscape. Well on with the small WIP ^^

For painting with gundam markers, I recommend for big parts paint them on the runners instead. It is more stable in a way ^^. The yellow parts I have replaced them with the gold gundam marker.

I also painted the vents gold on the inside.

For the red emblem on the shield, I used metallic red instead of the foil stickers. I am gunning for a sticker free build this time round! The edges I still a bit messy at this point.

I scrap of the excess paint with an art knife to clear up the edges.

Then followed by panel lining to bring out the red. ^^

Shield completed!

Also completed the shoulder boosters. It is also a very nicely design should that I like very much!

What I like about the shoulders is that it actually has an internal frame!

And when you bend one booster, the other one also bends with it! Nice!

Well that is a little update from me today ^^ Will aim to finish this guy up by this week!!

Till the next post!


43 thoughts on “HGUC GP02 – Wip Phase 2!!

  1. That one heck of a whopper of a thruster assembly. O_O
    When done, Keroro will have another nightmare to worry about: the honour-bound lunatic Anavel Gato.

    Gato: I AM the enemy~! (talking to Kou in a battle scene of Ep01)

  2. That red looks good. o.o And that’s one heck of a shield. XDD

    Boosters! Will you also be painting the insides of the boosters? xD

    • Oh the red is from the metallic red gundam marker. Surprisingly it cover the area nicely with only one coat! The shield is both the defense and the coolant for the GP02. As for the booster I don’t think I’ll be painting the insides haha ^^ I’ll just flat coat and dry brush!

  3. nice work on the coloring and clean up, i always have trouble when trying to scrape excess ink with the hobby knife ^^ lol i was wondering what was up with the runner in the first pic XD

    ginormous shield! cool the boosters have functioning parts! the gold works well ^^

    • >>i always have trouble when trying to scrape excess ink with the hobby knife
      Me too. D: I’m either not using enough force so they don’t come off, or use too much and end up cutting into the part. >_>

      Chubbybots, what is your secret to removing ink with the knife? xD

      • I use a fresh hobby blade ^^, then gently go over the painted area several times. Takes about 4 to 5 passes to get the paint off. The key thing is gentle and many passes. But if the excess area is too much you can also use a 1000 grit sandpaper and sand off the excess followed by the polishing compound ^^

        • ahhh i rarely change my blade, how often do you change yours? sometimes i mess up by scrapping the tip of the blade on the part when trying to clean up ^^;;

          after playing with sandpaper and polishing compound with wing zero, i learned that its a process i dont like doing lol …so much work!

          • Haha I change when it I it is all brown due to my sweaty palms or when I find that the blade is no longer giving me a clean cut. Its like every month I change one ^^. But the problem with sharp blades is that you might end up gorging the part instead!

            Its quite a tedious process!! Patience is definitely needed plus with passion it will be much faster 😀

    • thanks! Haha i was tinkering with the colors in photoscape and I got this…somehow felt it was like an art piece ^^ Couldn’t resist putting it up!

      Wait till you see the cannon! The boosters are really cool and my favorite part of the GP02.

  4. I find gundam marker gold always turns a funny shade of color after application. All spotty and line-ish. The gold on my two weeks old Reborns is already turning color.

    Don’t you have the same problem?

    • Oh if you place the kit in a place that has direct sunlight, the paint will turn color faster! As for the spottish parts I wet sand them with grit 2000 to get of the spots. As for the gold I usually do a gloss coat to seal it. Maybe thats why I haven’t face this problem for my builds. I did used it without top coat on my Shin musha and indeed after 2 weeks the colors turns dull pretty quickly!!

      • Well the only light that hits my gunpla is the white light in the middle of my room. Can’t be helped there. ^.^;

        And as I thought topcoat is the answer, just that I’m not into the practice of topcoating my HGs. Those stuff are expensive lol.

        And actually I don’t mind the dull color..so long the entire surface of it is uniform. I got used to the dull gold I colored onto my Gold Frame after awhile. 😀

        • haha I see ^^ But the gold frame itself has a chrome gold already! But in reality I don’t think you ever want your own mobile suit to be that shiny in battle. Asking for trouble lol 😀 Shaking the gundam marker well will help in getting that uniform surface. I also use metalic red and green but without coating. Surprisingly they still stay shiny even after half a year already! Not too sure why gold is the only color having this problem..

  5. cool! Hguc has a gimmick like that.
    At first I thought there’s something wrong with my monitor, your first pic fooled me ^_^

    Chubby you have airbrush? Does it make noise when you paint?

    • Haha lol, that wasn’t my intention ^^; gomenasai!

      This HGUC is quite impressive given that its an old kit. If I had know about this series earlier I would have skip some of the gundam 00 stuff for this instead. I did saw a HGUC Zeta….regretted not getting that from hobby point when it was there!!

      Oh it does make noise and quite noisy!! I haven’t touched it for months though lol..better warm it up during this weekend…but it will only make noise when you press the air brush trigger ^^

  6. Great technique of scrapping off the paint overspill. The shield and booster were well built. Looking forward to the complete kit. It will be a sure nice with your arty mind.

    • Heh thanks! Haha just sharing with people how I go about building 😀 It was thanks to your post I started building this guy haha ^^

      Better add oil for the build!

  7. hey chubbs… nice distraction! hahaha.. i see you switching kits every now and then.. XP but its good! dun worry.. and you’re doing a really good job.. =) say NO to stickies!!! =DD
    looking for to your next wip post! haha.. i guess its not gonna be GP02.. hahaha.

    i loved GP02 nuke.. haha. i actually know it more from Gundam vs Gundam the game.. still dling the movie.. ^^ ultra-fun with 4 GP-02 spamming nukes at each other. XD

    ohoh! and oso.. maybe you guys can start deciding on the scale and grade.. den we can start alr! i posted in lee’s blog abt it also.. dun hafta wait for me ‘la’ i feel bad.. i’ll finish my room by next week.. den i’ll catch up!! =D wad do you think? now i’ll go and watch the clip you posted days back… =X and see whether i can understand anything or not. XD ganbatte ne chubb-san!

  8. Haha thanks mate! Switching is kinda like my trademark!! When was the last time I completed anything (cept for the recent jegan!) Yes time to abolish stickies!! Don’t worry the next post will still be a GP02 now left the legs!

    Oh have the really old Vcds of stardust memory. Also contains my favorite song, men of destiny ^^

    Haha you can ask rockleelotus about the rules lol ^^ He mention it before and its quite funny 😀 I have lots of kits and a contest to settle so take your time with the PG room! Hehe enjoy that vid ^^ Its awesome!

  9. LOL you painted on the runners too?

    Damn, what a coincidence! =D

    I resorted to paint my blue frame on the runners cause I got annoyed of getting paint all over my fingers –> handling white parts –> smearing white parts –> removing paint! and this process just goes over and over again :S

    • Haha hi five mate! Yes I do paint on runners. It is definitely easier not only to paint but also like you said less messy^^ Argh I hate it when I have paint marks on the white!! Its hard to remove em once the paint is dried!!

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