HGUC GP02 From NGT Factory

Was looking around the net for finished GP02 for some referencing and I saw this baby which NGT factory has churned out!

Man got to love these before and after pictures, makes you appreciate the amount of work that goes into the kit!

I love the little modifications that they have done like making the torso bulkier, extending the neck and using metal parts! Man I feel like getting another GP02 to do something like that!!! Overall those little additional details that they add just makes this kit more complete. You can check out the entire build here. Gwad I just love the bazooka!

Well just a short sneaky post from the office ^^

Till the next coffee break!

32 thoughts on “HGUC GP02 From NGT Factory

  1. I saw a lot of professional modeler build gundam and resell them they can even make a 1/100 scale gundam into a MG dimension and sell it for with 20x original price @_@

  2. Holy cr@p that looks amazing! love the colors and especially the added panel lines… you should do the same chubbs lol btw are you going to dry brush the boozoka? ^^

    do you know where to get metal parts like those? i wanna try that but have no clue where to find em.

    • Man wonder how long he took to do it! Maybe it is his full time job or something haha. No details are spared!!

      I like that he made the upper body wider with pla plates, gives its a more fierce look!

  3. Modifications really do make a world of difference. The matt finish looks so good too. And yes, yes, get another GP02 to modify and gain Level Ups! XDD

    Also, on the topic of reselling painted model kits, zgmf_xg does a lot of them. I’ve never followed his auctions to the end to see how much they go for, but I haven’t seen him relist his items yet, so I guess he’s running a pretty decent business! XD; I’m pretty sure his painted PG 00R went for slightly more than twice the retail price…

    • haha I might get the other version of GP02…there is this MLRS version that Marzz mentioned about. Level up is a must!

      Oh thanks for that link! Man he already has his version ke V gundam up…hes fast. Wonder if i’ll be able to do that, but I think it is the best situation for me though, enjoy the building, earn the cash and save some space!! Income derived from a hobby will be like a dream come true for me! Haha guess I have to work on my skills first before doing this!

      So evangelisque will you buy a fully painted kit or you prefer to do it yourself?

      • >>Income derived from a hobby will be like a dream come true for me!
        True words! XD

        I’d do it myself, definitely. I’m into gunpla because I like doing things with my hands. Having others do it for me kind of defeats the point of getting into gunpla. xD

  4. Haha same thoughts as me 😀 Prefer to right down and dirty with my own kits, its the process from creating the kit by yourself that I find the most rewarding and then the sweet photoshoot that comes after ^^ Plus more kits = more stuff for my maritan to choose from haha!

    • Lol…man Keita is god like!! His NG 1/100 red frame looks so much better than even the current PG!!

      You are so right, imitation is the best form of flattery haha!!

  5. NGT factory is always awesome.
    I stole the panel line pattern for hinu from NGT also ^^

    You can still mod your GP02 chubby, you haven’t painted right?

    • Haha well I have no plans to mod it as for yet ^^. Nah for this time round just plan to do a straight build 😀

      I love NGT works, the make their kits very very tasty 😀 Lol looks like we have the same source haha!

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