A pleasant surprise ^^

I got an email from Lylibellule this morning and a got quite a nice little surprise from her on her blog^^. Haha click on this link to read it! Haha feel very flattered that she has decided to make my blog one of her discovery feature for the week!

Merci Lylibellule! Big thanks for the feature!


18 thoughts on “A pleasant surprise ^^

    • Haha thanks dude!!! It was quite a nice surprise on Lyli’s part ^^ I never expect to be featured on anyone’s blog in the first place so quite flattered that she had me as a feature (with Riannon!!).

      Man my nendoroids are taking me places!!

    • Haha spreading some ugly and nendo love ^^ Hopefully convert a few to gundams too!!

      Thanks!!! Hmm now where is that green ondeh ondeh…

    • Haha to be honest I never dream of being featured by other ppl haha ^^ there are so many other really awesome blogs out there too! Thanks again Lyli !

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