Hmm Genosaurer Wip Phase 3!! Riannon’s happiness ^^

Riannon is very happy that I have resumed work on the Genosaurer ^^. This is more of a little update on my zoid Hmm Genosaurer. This was done after coming back from a charity work event and boy do I need a little snap fitting to relax.

Riannon is happy that the HMM Genosaurer’s main twin cannons have been done, panel lined and painted with additional colors after his awakening in this post ^^.

I painted the internal of the barrels red and the tubes gray. The two cannons in total took me about close to 2 hours to panel line everything but it makes all the difference!

To anyone who intends to get this kit one big warning…the claws are sharp! I actually got a cut from it….yikes!! Bleeding for your hobby is not a good thing….

One thing I like about Kotobukiya kits is that they are very color accurate. Almost all the colors are separated nicely. The tubes that they gave already comes in a very nice gold.

And I finally managed to finish off the biggest piece in the genosaurer. Its bloody long tail with all the littlest parts that I ever encountered!

And all its fins are able to open up! Thats a very nice feature that I like and also Riannon likes it ^^

Unlike the HMM Saber tiger, the tail joints surprisingly are quite solid! Not as loose as I thought. Probably it might be due to the plastic cement that I used to reinforce the joints ^^

Well that is all for my short update ^^. I realized I tend to have a lots of WIPs due to my short attention span. I love to switch between different mechas to keep the fire burning 😀 Sorry for confusing you guys but rest assured I’ll finish everything in due time! (Also this is for the impending all out figure wars!!)

Till the next post!

39 thoughts on “Hmm Genosaurer Wip Phase 3!! Riannon’s happiness ^^

  1. finnaly you resume working with your kits
    how many kits in your building list btw ?? (as long as my wish list?)
    I always build my kit after buy and buy the new one after finnish 😀
    (except for my FG kyrios still in box for years ^^;)

    • Lol I lost count!!! Ok lemme list HGUC Jegan, Hygogg, Gp02, Astray Red, Sd Tashici & the Genosaurer!!! that will be six!!!
      But I do build a few others but only snap fit and sitting on my shelf…..sheez about 20 of em!!!

      I love to build all of them if I can! But haha time is limited and so is my attention span. Try to give them the best once I start on them at that given moment. Thats the beauty of kits, you can just leave them for months and then resume work again ^^ It is a hobby so I try not to get too stress over so many wips haha.

      FG Kyroos lol…did you win that at some contest? I know ren won a FG kit at a speed building contest this year!

  2. @chubby I bought the FG kyrios ^^; then I buy the HG lol
    the FG can’t tranform ^^; but I like kyrios model
    ps:the FG is for practice moding purpose next year of course T_T or moemoekyun’s giveaway contest (no one will interested lol)

    • Kyrios is one of the better designed kits from season 1! It somehow reminds me of Zeta in some design aspects ^^

      Haha sign me up for the contest if you are organizing one!!! Always welcome more kits to mod with!!! I do have an un build 1/100 kyrios though ^^

        • You can put another 30 plus kits on that list….and one of them Bd77 always uses in his 4komas lol ^^

          I have quite a big stash lol…thats is why I need to build fast!!! I always buy more than i build sobz…

          • man you are so rich or
            “with great passion comes great spending”
            30 more gundam it’s my dream T_T
            i only build 2-4 gundam per year (exception for this year 6)

            • Well I don’t travel and me and my gf save quite a fair bit ^^ In fact even my camera is donated by my uncle. With proper budgeting and prudence in other areas it is quite possible to get like 3-4 kits per month (plus I buy from HAG with discounts!!!)

              When you start working you should be able to do this ^^

      • *looks at the underside picture of Kyrios*
        Eyep… Flying frog position.

        And yes, the MA mode is a homage to Zeta’s waverider.
        And I still prefer the Zeta.

        • Zeta was the first transformable gundam ^^ Plus design wise it still tops many that I have seen even till today! Haha Kyrios legs especially in MA mode really looks like zeta from the crouch below 😛

  3. @chubby kits that bd77 use in her 4 koma ??
    jegan ?/ you build jegan already so
    00 gundam
    astray dssd custom
    Sd astray red frame
    hyaku shiki:
    wing zero:
    G gundam
    no need LOL stats this time 😀

  4. nice job on the canon panel lining, looks really good. so thats the extra function on his tail! that is crazy deadly with the fins opened up!

    be careful, did you already insert the power core? hes already attacking you with his claws lol Riannon’s force is growing ^^

    • Haha thanks!! Took a long time to get all the lines done…I lost count!!! That extra function kinda reminds me of full burst mode like strike freedom ^^. Yes it is already inserted and he is getting nasty. Luckily Riannon is there to calm him down otherwise I’ll be getting more than a scratch!!

      And there is one more zoid that I have in the stash ^^

    • Ah yep, a little cut on the fingers!! Thanks, hope I don’t disappoint you with the end product. On hindsight, maybe I should have left the blood stains on the claws!! No need to weather the kit already haha!!

  5. Ahhh, Genosaurer. One of my favourite Zoids from Chaotic Century. XD I love those tail fins so much; it’s been years since I first watched Zoids CC and I still can’t forget the shivers I get from watching Genosaurer firing its Charged Particle Cannon attack. I miss Zoids…and I sure have a thing for the hard-hitting mechs.

    He’s coming together nicely! Kotobukiya, I love your Zoid kits, I really do…but I’ve been frightened away by the negative rep you’ve gotten for flimsy parts. ;~;

    And I wish I had a stash so that I can build without worrying about them running out. XD; Then again, I probably shouldn’t wish for a stash when I can’t display them when they’re done.

    • Haha actually evangelisque, to be honest I never watch any zoids anime before ^^ but I love the designs from the zoid series. I love the merging of dinosaurs with mecha 🙂 There is another Zoid that I really like! The Genobreaker!But as I mentioned before I won’t be as keen to get another zoid due to the loose parts. But surprisingly as an older kit, the Genosaurer has a more stable frame and parts as compared with the Saber tiger!

      haha as for a stash there is this thread that I found, I actually pose an article about it but I’ll let you have a look first ^^

      I thought I had quite a stash…but compared to them….

      • You should watch Chaotic Century and Guardian Force at the very least! I think there’re a bunch of VCDs floating around out there. xD I love Geno Breaker too – I have the old TOMY kit, and he was fun to put together. I’ve always wanted to try a HMM Zoid kit, but loose parts? I’ll pass… ):

        o__O I want their stash!! XD My stash is so pitiful compared to theirs.

    • haha yes ^^ I target to finish up the whole thing at least before the decals and dry brush by this weekend! And with concurrently with one secret WIP haha that I have never posted for the intended figure wars.

  6. already looks better than the Tomy genosaurer i have T.T
    And strangely, i seem to have a wierd fetish for the plamo genosaurer’s (and genobreaker’s) tails, looks so sexy~ X.X

    • haha the Tomy Genosaurer is actually very nice. As for the hmm series they will a lot on details but they kinda fall apart if you do too much posing!!

      That is one smexy tail you are looking at 😀 Spiky!!

    • Hehe, the first one was actually like a PG version of zoids!! Didn’t know how I managed to finsh it in the first place ^^ I really love my grandpa for buying me that!

      If you can give HMM kits a try. I think with your skills and modding you can take these kits to a much more higher level than me!!

    • Hehe thanks!! It takes a lot of time to make each part but hopefully I can finish this and the final touches for the photo contest!! 7 more days to go!!

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