Saber’s first outing!

Well another round of testing my camera and this time it is the nice outdoors ^^ It also happens to be Saber first outing! Lets get snapping!!!

Man natural sunlight is so good. Also it is good for Nendoroids complexion 😀

This time I managed to isolate Saber as the focus instead of the background. Hopefully one day I can do something like what Papershot has done with his figures. His pictures are damn awesome!!

Now for some outdoor shots in the garden!

A little balancing practice on the tree roots. Careful Saber!

Don’t want to ever mess with this flower pot! Bugs beware! Kind of like Hoisan lol ^^

And a little indoor shot ^^

Shssshhh…quiet everyone, my niece is asleep…

Saber will make for a fine Guardian Angel ^^

Well thats all for Saber’s short little trip 😀 Basically I am testing out the day shots on my new camera and hopefully I can get more out of it from future shots! Practice practice practice…

Till the next post!


20 thoughts on “Saber’s first outing!

  1. Saber!!!! so lovely 😀 figure photo do turn out great in natural sunlight lol Saber ver of HoiHoi-san, wonder who will win in a fight? *kinda obvious* XD

    aww your niece now has the perfect little guardian angel! great shots man and i agree the stuff from PaperShot is something to aspire too ^^

    • Lol I am loving every minute of Saber ^^ She is as good as Raspberyl 😀 Sunlight is really much better for phototaking as I don’t have the time to make a photo booth or something.

      Hee she does make for a nice angel!!! Should give her wings or something like what Radiant dream did! Learning bit by bit to get there ^^

  2. Natural sunlight is really an important ingredient in good photography. XD Ah Saber Lily, the more I see her, the more I want her…

    Practice makes perfect! ^-^b The photos you took with the new camera look more vibrant colour-wise. =)

    • Hehe….poison poison!! Yep turns out much better with Sunlight!! But somehow I think I’ll need to tweak the colors…seem a bit too whitish when I look at the photos again.

      Practice practice!!!

  3. Why is it that nendos are good in any lighting?…

    But still, nice job with Saber Lily. Come to think of it… Aren’t nendos the same size as Hoi Hoi-san 1/1 kit?…

    • Hehe…the beauty of Nendos!!! Kawaii no matter what the angles!!!

      They are the same size too if I am correct. Small little exterminators !!

  4. Aha, photoshoot at nishizawa garden. And yes she is a guardian angel ^_^
    No shots with the blushing face? What’s the closest distance for close up shot? Sometimes I have difficulty getting a close up shot.

    • Haha well I was too lazy to switch the faces. And she definitely makes for the perfect guardian angel!!! I caould get quite close to Saber with this camera, something like about a fist length away haha (Can’t really describe to you the distance so this will have to do!)

      But with a point and shoot I can get like even closer because it doesn’t have a lens jutting out ^^.

    • Merci beaucoup Lylibellule ^^ Thanks for the encouragement!! will do my best to improve further 😀

      Saber is a very adorable angel 😀 Just love her looks!

      Oh by the way did you get my photos via email ^^ I sent them just now so just checking if you have received them?

  5. What I love about outdoor shots is the natural light (when it is sunny of course). You don’t have to spent times adjusting the lights and stuffs…simply grab a toy, put it down, and shoot it 😀

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