HGUC GP02 Wip 1 – Good things come in 2’s

The GP02 is the main enemy mech for the first half of the 0083 Star Dust Memory Series ^^ It is also the first Gundam series that got me started on loving the mecha genre! I bought this a few months back from Hobby Point at Kovan. Couldn’t resist getting him in my collection πŸ˜€ Why start now? Because of these 2 posts made by fellow bloggers Rockleelotus and Katsuden! They reminded me how much I love this series. Well this will be a simple snap fit but I am going to detail as much as possible with Gundam markers, time to show one of my favorite mobile suits some love hehe..

I won’t be using stickers for this build. I’ll try to avoid any if possible. So lets start with the eyes. I use a black pilot marker to paint the surrounding black first.

Then paint a base white coat on the lens.

Followed by a layer of metallic green πŸ˜€

Instead of using yellow as indicated in the instructions, I substitute it with the very versatile gold color. Gives a better metallic look. And man, I love the details the put in the head….

Used grey gundam markers for the top head vent.

After scrapping of the excess paint with my art knife, I panel lined and different parts.

For V fins I always like them sharp. I’ll cut off the excess plastic on the back of the fin. This is one mod I will always do as it is a very simple mod but it works wonders on aesthetics! Minimum work, maximum results!

After cutting the back.

Torso done!

Fwah, they even engrave the number 02 on the back pack!

Well thanks to the two post by fellow bloggers Rockleelotus and Kastuden, looks like I am gonna finish this beast of a moblie suit. Wait till you see the cannon…oh as good thing comes in 2’s

GP02 meet your SD Sangokuden GP02 SonsakuVersion!!!

Till the next post!


46 thoughts on “HGUC GP02 Wip 1 – Good things come in 2’s

  1. man what time do you sleep chubby ???
    I have old SD gundam GP02 it’s bigger than your SD Sangokuden(the shoulder booster only lol)
    you almost poison me with your GP02 but I love GP03S better ^__^ lol

    • Lol it is like 3 am here already!! I had a long afternoon nap so not very sleepy ^^ Plus cuddling up with my gf beside me as I am typing πŸ˜€

      Oh there is another version of GP02 SD?? Man I better look for it!!! The SD Sangokuden version is quite good! Lots of gimmicks and nice clear blue parts!
      Hehe GP02 is a very nice kit. Especially the HGUC version! GP03s haha…that will be a subject of another post ^^

  2. wow you do have quite a few kits stashed away dont you? lol Stardust Memory is such a good series, you get best results working on a kit when your inspired! ^^

    i remember seeing this guy long ago and i didnt like his design much because i thought he was too bulky. after watching the anime i now see why, armed with a nuclear warhead? i wouldnt wanna mess with him!

    • Haha well what you see here is only about 1/4 of it ^^ I have quite a few stash hidden haha but will take them out when inspiration strikes like now πŸ˜€ Sometimes seeing you guys build a particular series gets me fired up to start on my own! You build Gato’s second mech I’ll build the first one haha ^^

      Like you I didn’t buy his design right away, but after a few repeated viewings of Stardust memory his design kinda grows on me. Somehow Anehimen buiild this specially for Gato…the face gives the look at me I am all powerful and evil!!

  3. O_O
    GP-02 Physallis~! The guy who single-handedly…

    The HGUC ver finally done justice this model, the 1991 release was a complete, WTF~!, kit.

    Hoo… You’ll like this guy when comes to posing p0wnages over the Keroro and Ugly Dolls.

    Gato: I proclaim this Mobile Suit in the name of Zeon~!

    • Argh bd77 don’t get me started on that 1991 version…thank got they have this version!!! Yes one shot and he kills the entire fleet!! There is another MLRS version but hehe nothing beats the big nuke!!! (Better start looking for nuke pictures hehe…)

      He can pawn any guy, awesome mech, awesome zeon pilot. Zieg zeon! Now to get that HGUC Rickdom hehe…

  4. Another WIP here, you have many WIPs going right now, and this GP02 is very nice, I also like this unit. How come the face is so different from 01 and 03? It’s like aneheim knows that Gato will steal it lol

    3am still awake, no good for your health chubby ^_^
    Last night I slept at 2am, watched madagascar 2, it’s so funny.

    • Haha well this one will be a quick build ^^ Sometimes if I don’t have mood to build I’ll just snap fit πŸ˜€ Love to take my time on the modded kits haha. Also it is a good way to clear the stash! And you have a point about 02 face (it reads I am so badass!) Maybe secretly Mina build this for Gato in mind!

      Oh I slept like half a day hehe, that is why I can still be typing at 3 am ^^.
      Madagascar 2 haha…you got to move it move it πŸ˜€ Ben stiller is damn funny in that movie!

  5. GP02 is massive!! How did you outline the eyes so nicely? *_* I’d also like to ask what paint you’re using for the gold. :O Gundam markers?

    • Haha spot on, the gold is from Gundam Marker but I shoke for about a minute very vigoursly so that it comes out nice and even! It is quite big, I think it will be as tall as the HGUC Unicorn! Oh as for the eyes, the black part I use a fine tip pilot marker pen! then the white and green are from the gundam markers ^^

  6. Physalis! Physalis! Physalis!
    saw 1 survey conducted in japan some time back and it said that the head of the gp-02a was (one of the) most bad-@ss designs for an enemy mech!

    • Technically it is not a mech for the enemy lol, Gato grab it off the shelf haha! But the face is ‘the’ most badass, couldn’ agree more with the survey! Hehe looks like we have a GP02 fan here!

      • yupp! It looks just so menancing! Took sometime to get used to the “fat” design but now it just looks very cool to me; not seldom you get a FAT shield holding an even FATTER nuclear bazooka!

  7. Cool… good luck with your project

    I will start my GP01 and GP02 and GP02 Physialis next month…. now still havent touch the 1/144 Arios, GN Archer and another Geara Doga.

    Still in holiday mode now and still infected with “lazy virus” hahahaha….

    • Wah thats a nice series David!! I did saw a GP03 Hguc, was considering whether I should get it!! You reminded me of my Gundam 00 stash….Oh I have the Geara Doga!! Its a really nice kit. Also looking forward to getting the Jaga Doga too!

      Haha you are not the only one…I hardly have the mood to do any proper work at my work place!! Holiday mode on *_*

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