Riannon’s first night shoot :D

This is my second attempt at doing a night shoot and what better way then to shoot with my lovely Riannon ^^. My first night shot was actually with Tamama in a very very early post..and that turned out quite a disaster. Now armed with more knowledge and a better camera lets hope things turned out better this time round!!

The light source is an outdoor orange light. I love how the warm colors shine down up Riannon. Seems like she is very mesmerized by the light!!

I experiment with different angles to get a different feel πŸ˜€ Somehow she just looks adorable no matter which angle haha πŸ˜€

Well I’ll let Riannon enjoy her moment at this quiet evening πŸ˜€ I thoroughly enjoy this little night photography. Puts me in a very calm and relax mood. Also this is to test out a certain idea that I have for the photo contest!!

Well till the next post!


39 thoughts on “Riannon’s first night shoot :D

    • Haha well the stars were not really shining that much last night so she turned her gaze to the outdoor lamps instead ^^.

      Argh we have like 8 more days!!!

  1. Atmosphere that radiate from this series is soft and charming. You did well for night photos. It’s not always easy so i say, bravo.
    I don’t own Riannon …. and there i’m under it’s charm with your last photos. I would love to have it in a bigger size plz ? To use it as a background. Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

    • Heh thanks!!! Glad you like the photos! And yes shooting at night was tricky as I can’t seem to get the camera to focus on Riannon due to the shadows!

      Hee sure thing! I’ll send it to you together with my banner when I get back home! πŸ˜€

  2. Darn nendos… They’re too cute to ignore… No matter what pose you make them do, it just looks… Aww…

    But still… *casts iron wall to wallet*

    I’m safe. For now…

  3. Lovely nendo, lovely atmosphere, lovely shots.
    Maybe you can try bringing one of your nendo to a vacation. My friend has his legendary Miku he brought to Bali and several other places for photoshoot as a tour guide ^_^

    • Thanks for compliments!!

      Haha I did have plans to bring out my camera and nendo, just walk about the street and take photos ^^I believe Singapore actually have some nice spots for photography, just need to explore a bit. I was thinking for doing some beach photography with my Nendos, now all I need is some shrink warp to pack them in my pouch bag!

  4. At the back of my head, “Si~lent night, Ho~ly night” started playing as I was reading this. XD

    Loved how the photos turned out! You can really feel peaceful vibes from the photos, if that makes sense XD

    • Yes!!! haha I was trying to bring out something like this! My first idea was having the nendoriods sitting side by side and staring at the lights for Christmas ^^ (For the contest) So tinkering with photographing at night with candles singing this song πŸ™‚ And I really wanted to bring out that tranquil silent night feeling. Thanks for the compliments!

    • haha the source is orange light I might edit over with a blue color to give it that starry feel! Its a great suggestion!

      Ps : I didn’t edit the photos this time round as I like em this way πŸ˜€

    • The orange light is from the lamp. Hmm Leon I got a question to ask ya. If I turn the shutter speed up how will it affect the outcome?

  5. I never get anything right from night photography, better learn things from here πŸ˜€
    I really loves those warm feeling in the photo, and it’s definitely better than your Tamama night adventure πŸ˜€ how about creating a re-make for Tamama?

    • Haha nah I am not the person you should be learning from!! There others way better than me!

      Oh thanks!! I love that warm feeling too!! Haha that Tamama photoshoot was way months before I really got into photography! But I gave Tamama to my niece already haha πŸ˜€ But I might take kero out next time instead ^^

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