My first photoshoot contest!

A big thanks to Lylibellule for inviting me to her blog’s photo contest. ^^ As this is my first contest so I am quite excited so hehe sharing with you guys/gals on this! The theme will be based on Christmas so well I’ll be working on my Nendoroids for this hehe. (Looks like figure wars will be postponed for the time being….damn it should I get Nagi?!)

For those who are interested do check out her contest page and also her very nice figurine review blog 😀 The closing date is 20 December so there is still a bit of time left haha ^^

Better get cranking!!

27 thoughts on “My first photoshoot contest!

  1. Photoshoot contest!! Sounds exciting, and the prizes are so tempting. XD Sister, when are you going to buy that camera…

    All the best!! =DDD

    • Haha thanks!!! Sista lol!! Nah I’ll just stick with my ‘new’ camera for the moment 😀

      Better start looking for christmas trees!!!

  2. good luck in the photo contest! cant wait to see your entry ^^ the pieces are all coming together man:

    you jumped into the cute world of nendos
    you received a “new” gift camera
    you were invited to a photo contest
    you win the photo contest
    you purchase Nagi nendo with the prize award
    Nagi is surprised!


    • Lol now I would be damn surprised if i do win lol! Just joining for the experience and fun of it!!

      Actually I was thinking of asking you to join too! Think you will stand a high chance of winning with your Nendoroids!! Plus you make really good stories! Laser Tag pew pew 😀

      • hmmm i might give this a shot if i can come up with something, but i dont think i will have a high chance of winning lol

        one of the rules:
        “Your photos will not be judged on quality but on originality.”

        cool, since most my photos usually are bad quality XD

        • Heh your photos are not as bad as you think mate!! And in terms of originality just look at what you have come up with laser tag, nendoroid stacking lol!

          Haha anyway just join for the fun of it ^^ Who knows where it might take you!

          And look at me, buy one Nendoroid and look where igot me…

  3. What a nice surprise! Thanks for the little text. It brightened my mood juste before departing for work.
    Your participation please me and i feel you put a lot of effort on it. That’s great!

    THE CONTEST IS OPEN TO EVERYONE. Don’t hesitate to participate like chubbybots. 😉
    The more contestants that join, the more there will be contests in the future. 😉

    Good luck chubbybots!

  4. Yeah, since you just got a (new) camera, photo contest is the best to gain more exp.

    3 nendoroids are not enough chubby, you have to get more, more, mooooreeeeee…..kidding ^_^

    good luck!

        • Haha thank for the correction moemoekyun! 😀

          And heathorn how can you forgot lovely Riannon!! She is very very sad that u forgot about her sobz…

          Lol anyway the fifth will only come after the new year!! And definitely the new camera will come in handy and hopefully I’ll learn to use it properly this time! But coming up with the 2 photos is kind of hard as I tend to take too many!! Hard to choose which ones to use!!

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