HGUC Jegan Wip Phase 1!! Minty..

Well this is going to be an easy short little build for the evening πŸ˜€ Just taking a little break from all that sanding since I am more of in a building mood today! Just wanna take things easy with some small detailing and painting with gundam markers! Minty Jegans are good for destressing!!! On with the build!

For panel lining this time, I’ll be using this. Somehow it gives a much thicker and more solid lines than the water base version. But it has a tricky property though..

After drawing the panel line, you will have to immediately clean it up. Otherwise you will be eternally stuck with thicklines!!

After cleaning up immediately with tissue. Somehow oil based markers dry very fast and I remember Ren in his Rx78 post mentioning how hard it was to get them off!

For some of the black portions, I use this pilot marker to color instead πŸ˜€ (cheaper on the wallet too!)

As the pilot marker comes with a fine tip, it has no trouble reaching in small places. It also comes with a thicker tip at the other end which I hardly use though..the yellow you see here is from a gundam marker. (Still needs another layer and clean up)

There is a small part where the V fin needs some painting. I use the gundam marker again here. Kind of a messy job though…

After cleaning up with a little scraping from my art knife.

Then followed by panel lining. Will thin the panel lines after this ^^; too thick for my liking!!

I also color some part differently from the default color scheme. The two chest pieces colored grey, the lens I use a metallic green gundam marker and the two vents at the back pack with yellow. Looks too minty if I left my Jegan as it is!!! (Reminds me of peppermint ice cream!)

Some shots of the Jegan before I sleep !!! Man its 2am!!!

Well that is all for the night. Going to weather this Jegan tommorrow with my Hygogg after top coating them during the weekend! Yes its friday!! For more Jegan fun check out Bd77’s post πŸ˜€ Interestingly this is my first non Zeon grunt unit haha!

Till the next post!


44 thoughts on “HGUC Jegan Wip Phase 1!! Minty..

  1. Did BD77 poison you with jegan also ?? lol nice jegan anyway
    I do have jegan as well but not gunpla it’s a action figures an old msia

    so the nendo is in second floor of plaza singapore ^__^

    looking forward for your revoltech evangelion LOL???

    • Haha not really, I did like the Jegan, in fact I got my Jegan on its first day release πŸ˜€ I like the design for a grunt haha ^^
      Oh I saw you mentioning the Msia Jegan on Bd77’s post. And as for the nendo it is at the top floor of plaza singapore at the cinema level, think it is level 7 if i am not mistaken.

      Nooo!!! Nooo more poison!!! Revoltech getter robo…dancouga….

        • Damn it blogging is damn dangerous!! Everyone is out there to poison me!!!! ARgh fully transformable Revoltech!!! Gerwalk!!

          The mind boggling world of figures and mecha!! So many to collect πŸ™‚

  2. Minty, isn’t it?…

    You sure did a good job on painting the vernier and thruster nozzles and vents (me, I just do line paneling =D).

    Fun fact: The RGM-89 Jegan unit is actually an upgraded and streamlined RX-178 Gundam MK2.

    p.s. Thanks for the link-back. =D

    • Yes its minty!! Reminds me of peppermint ice cream (the weather is bloody hot today…might go for a cuppa!)

      Hehe those parts too a bit of time but glad you like the paint job :D. Oh and I didn’t know that Jegan is an upgraded version of RX 178, no wonder the back pack and torso is so familiar!!

      Hehe link back to a fellow Jegan owner!!

      Those with Jegans show them!

    • Moemoekyun, my wallet is sooooooo killing ya for all this !!! Arghhh Zestubo Shittaaaa…..time to tour Plaza Sing and China Sq…..

      Wallet Berserk mode on!!!

  3. LOL at the barrage of poison your receiving!

    miny Jegan is minty! looking forward to seeing him and your Hygogg weathered ^^
    for panel lines i usually draw them and do a quick swipe with rubbing alcohol. sometimes it completely takes off the marker ^^; but can give a nice faded effect when done right. also working on weathering my Neue Ziel… very difficult since i dont paint lol

    • Rock help me…..lol I am getting buried with tons of to get stuff lol …revoltech, 1/144 masurao, new Sds…MG Gnx + maybe a fifth Nendo…

      Haha I also have that problem with panel lines, sometimes I rub too hard they just disappear and I have to re panel again!!! But you are right about the faded effect! Its a very nice effect on bare plastic, makes it look shaded haha!

      hehe gonna try out a very weird idea on weathering later πŸ˜€ It involves a certain drink!! If it does work i’ll post it lol

      • its time to send out a certain GN Arms Mari Custom and deter those who dare attempt to poison! she might end up attacking you again and knocking you out… but that will also render you in a state thats immune to poisoning? lol

        weird technique involving a drink? sounds interesting! hope it doesnt mean getting drunk and bashing away at your gunpla πŸ˜›

        • I don’t dare to touch Mari’s ride at the moment…she is staring very intensely !! Between getting knock out by her and getting poison lol I’ll go for poison!!

          Don’t worry, as this blog is pg rated so are the drinks. Its non alcohol..but I got to test it out first!! Kit bashing is very good ^^ Bashing is no good 😦

  4. Ahhh, jegan. I remember when I went to gundam fiesta sengkang, it’s either jegan or hinu since kampfer is sold out, but in the end I bought hi nu ^^

    For panel line, I usually use a 0.05 snowman marker. Is there a place here selling 0.05 marker? I can’t find it here, the one I use is my old marker from Indonesia.

    • Haha my Hi Nu is purely just a snap fit at the moment. Sitting nicely in the box πŸ˜€ I do have a 0.05 mm marker but its a sakura micron pen. Works equally well. But here I am trying out the oil based ones just as an experiment. Turns out the lines are much more solid and harder to clean up if you leave them for too long!!

  5. I use the oil-based markers and clean up as soon as I line the parts so I don’t really notice how hard it is to remove them. XD I had more trouble when using the Sakura Micron pen because they take far longer to dry. Not used to it. |D; Made the mistake of colouring a parts before the Micron ink dried so that part turned into a big mess.

    Good luck with the poison! XD; moemoekyun is determined to help us…expand our collection… XDDD

  6. Haha I had the same problem with the micron marker too! Thats why I am exploring another way of panel lining πŸ˜€ Ren actually used it on a painted surface and even though it was gloss coated he couldn’t remove it.

    Haiz….more poison….so many videos!!! so little money!!!

  7. omg you build damn fast la!!! if im that fast i wun have a backlog alr.. ahahhaa.. ya.. actually the marker is very hard to rub off becos of the paint beneath.. it eats into the paint i think.. so be careful if you line on paint.. =D

    • Hehe I snap fit at quite a fast speed one. Don’t play play !!! But I still have a backlog lol…..thats why I like to have one kit doing full mods, one do semi mod, one do semi paint job no mod and one purely using minor paint to detail to clear the backlog ^^. Yes I remember your post on it thats why I am trying out on bare plastic instead. I won’t dare to try this on painted surfaces though. Scary if I rub off my paint job!!!

    • Heh thanks! Glad you like it! Seems like Jegan needs to start a fan club haha! So many Jegan lovers out here. Must be the minty green πŸ˜€ I also like the minimalistic look of this mech! Haha I am still not done with the Jegan yet hehe, planning to add some weathering. Grunts must be dirty!

    • Lol you added me on face book lol ^^. I hardly touch that though for your info πŸ˜› and my email is a crappy one that I made up haha!!

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