Sd Sangokuden Ryubi Vs Darksousou Part 1!!!

Ryubi and Dark Sou Sou have decided to settle their score once and for all.  Battling at dragon’s peak….who will emerge the winner?

Sousou : Ryubi…

Ryubi : So it has finally come to this….

Ryubi : Only one of us can leave dragon’s peak today…

Sousou : Hmph…you will regret this..

Sousou : Give it all you got Ryubi….

Ryubi : HAAAAHHHH!!!!!

Sousou : GAAAA!!!

Ryubi : Yiahhhhh!!!!!

Sousou : Is that all you got!!

Ryubi : There is more from where that came from.

Sousou : WEAKLING!!

Sousou : Take that HWAR!!!

Ryubi : Argh!!!!

Ryubi : It isn’t over yet!

Ryubi : I fight for all my brothers, I’ll never give up!!


Ryubi : Take that!!!!

Sousou : AHHHHH!!!! What is this power??

Ryubi : Dragon PowaRRRR!!!!


Sousou : Noo!!!!!!

Sousou : (Damn it…I can’t move….Ryubi…) Finish me and get over with it Ryubi….

Ryubi : Wait Sousou…

Ryubi : We are not alone….(Hears a faint evil laughter…)

Sousou : Wait…it can’t be….

Ugly Dolls : grrrrr…..uhh……

Raspberyl : Hahah my oh my…what do we have here….2 of the most powerful lords, oh my quite a fight you have here. Tsk tsk!!

Raspberyl : And oh dear…you both look so tired…why not take a nap…



Hope you guys like the first part 😀 I have trimmed down the number of pictures and only select those I really want to put up! Stay tuned for part 2!!!

Till the next post!!

40 thoughts on “Sd Sangokuden Ryubi Vs Darksousou Part 1!!!

  1. dude, this is ahhhh-mazing! 😀 intense battle between Ryubi and Sousou, with parts flying everywhere! lol things just got ugly… *pun intended* 😛 Raspberyl is one sneaky little demon.

    the storytelling and dialog is perfect, love the dramatic angles in the shots and the effects were icing on the cake! awesome work man, your really good at this! cant wait to see how this develops ^_^b

    • Haha thanks dude!! Glad you love it 😀 Showing my SDs some love haha after that string of Nendo Stories hehe 😀 Lol ‘things got ugly’ haha ugly dolls powarr!!! And yes Raspberyl loves such good opportunities haha. Probably the reason why I had 100 odd photos is due to taking about 5-6 shots for each pose and then selecting the best ones!

      I promise the next one is gonna be a killer haha!! More in store 😀

  2. Ooooh… Don’t tell me those two warriors just got themselves P0wned by a simple eye-flash…

    Got to agree with Rocklee, the camera angle is good (along with the effects). You should do a manga (?) but in photo form of your toys. 😀

    • No haha….they are not pounded by a eye flash (yet.. hehe)

      Thanks for the compliments 😀 A manga…wow….or maybe a short weekly comic strip or something similiar ^^ That might be workable if I have enough time!!

    • Thanks mate!!! Hehe I hope I won’t disappoint you with the second one ^^ I don’t want to get a nut kick by your Char Zaku II haha! I played around for sometime before getting it right. But once I knew how to do the effects its much easier. Just keep experimenting! Try out the lens flare filter 😀 All those clashing effects were done with that 🙂

      oh just love Raspberyl when she gives out those evil vibes!!

  3. Nice post, dude! The effects are awesome… did you use photoshop? Or something simpler? Hahaha… (my laptop is kneeling before the might of photoshop… due to RAM.)

    • Thanks for compliments!!! Hehe took some time to do the effects 😀 These were all done using photoscape. Photoshop is way beyond me both budget wise and technicalities!

  4. The battle sequence was wonderful and the special effects added were also very nicely done. You should do a tutorial on how these are done.

    Great job ythere, I really enjoyed myself while reading through the story

    • Thank you! I’ll take your suggestion on a tutorial for the effects 😀 Haha but that will take sometime as I am preparing for the figure wars stories ^^ I have my first one up by tonight so stay tuned!

      Glad you like the stories! It will be a great encouragement for me to continue them!!

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