A sneak preview of the next post…

A sneak peek into what could be my most intensive post ever!!!

A fierce fight between Dark Sousou and Ryubi!!!

Sousou defeated ??

OMG surrounded !?

Raspberyl’s invasion begins!!!!

Well thats all that I can show hehe 😀 I have a total of about 100 photos to edit!!! hopefully I can get it done by this week 😀

Stay tune for the next post!


32 thoughts on “A sneak preview of the next post…

    • Raspberyl has mind controlled the ugly doll fraction so now she is launching her attack on the Sangokuden fraction 😀 That is a short gist of things ^^

  1. holy moly 100 photos? that alone is insane, and considering the amount of nice editing you do that will be tons of effort! really looking forward to it, by far this is setting up to be the most epic adventure ever!!

    • Yep dude 100 photos!!! About a solid 2 hours of uninterrupted shooting ^^ Hehe I’ll be trying out some of the techniques that I used on ren’s eva haha. This reminds me of your All Figma vs Dai Shocker (aka MG Exia !!) its gonna take some time!!
      I target to release it out by Sunday!!!! (Somehow its like a really unrealistic date haha!! Man…)

      • haha deadlines am i right? but take your time and post it when your happy with it, we wont mind waiting *too long* 😛 have fun ^^

        you just reminded me i still havent started on a “making of” for that ^^; i wanted to do a lot with it, but it meant more work so i kept pushing it back on the list lol

        • Lol looks like we both have our slew of overdue projects…Astray Red staring at me with all swords… yikes!! I need deadlines to get things done if not i’ll end up dragging my feet and not doing it 😀

          Oh lol….the making of All Figma Vs Dai Shocker!!! Man I remember that now!!! So when is it coming haha 😀 Just kidding. Hehe anyway trying to copy some moves from your vids!!! (Rewatching parts 1 to 3!!! yoko powarrr!!!)

  2. cool! wow.. 100 photos.. all i can say is.. GOOD LUCK! XD man.. pls rest your eyes after every 10 photos.. dun wanna have you cross eyed. x.x haha. take your time!! i noe how time consuming editing can be.. jus adjusing exposure is alr a neckache. =)

    • Oh yes lol!!! I need lots of luck and a neck massage ^^

      Nah I love editing photos hehe so if I start editing I tend to edit all the way!! Of course a nice cup of coffee will help! Exposure wise I try to get it right in the camera so that will save a lot of time 😀 Trying to adjust exposure in photoscape is not really ideal ^^;

  3. A 100 photos… Yikes. (luckily things are simpler when doing a 4koma 😀 )

    Looks like those two honour-bound warriors will get a taste of brutality. XD

    • 100 photo vs 4….yikes !!!

      Actually I find doing 4koma even harder!! Trying to squeeze all those ideas within 4 panels is really difficult 😀 And getting the story done is another thing lol

      hehe brutality…reminds of mortal combat!! Liu Kang anyone ?

      • Doing 4koma IS the challenge. Trying to make a short yet meaning (yet funny) story.

        Sub-Zero wins… Fatality. *Sub-Zero executes a major heart surgery on Kano, ripping his heart out*

    • I still have up to 91.6% left !!! 😀

      My kept my photo sizes small ^^ and I find it a hassle to upload and redirect here again..

    • Haha yep 100 plus plus. ^^ Ah thats a good suggestion! I’ll do it in 2 parts instead 😀

      Bandwidth killer post!! Btw I left your banner file at home gomenasai 😛 will put it up when I get back from work!!

  4. whoa, I was cutting my photos so that it won’t kill some people’s bandwidth, that’s why it’s difficult for me to “direct” an epic storyline… Can’t wait for this one, tho~, haha…

    Btw, is raspberryl going psycho? (preferably going psycho Mk II… ?)

    Side note: Sousou is not defeated! He simply going to summon something with his finger!!!

    • haha thanks ^^ Same here, for my AFA post I also seperated it into 3 parts!!! Long loading time is a big no no.

      Raspberyl is indeed going crazy haha. She is sending her ugly dolls out to conquer the other fractions 😀 (Sd Sangokuden, Gundam, Zoid(s) )

      Sousou is going to summon Gamabuta!!! that giant frog from Naruto lol ^^

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