A short update

Hi guys I guess by now you all may noticed I have changed the layout of my blog. I have also included some of the changes that I have wanted to implement some time back 😀 Well on with the tour!

First up ^^ I have created a page specially for my Ugly Dolls collection 😀 You will find related post and their little silly adventures.

My 3 Nendos are all smiles because they finally get their very own page ^^. In future I’ll be linking all their wacky adventures, misdeeds and spell castings in their very own page. Of course cameos by Ugly dolls, Gundams and others are definitely in order 😀

And also the following have been relocated under the Gundam category so that my bars wouldn’t look so messy!

  • Completed Works
  • Works in progress
  • Guides
  • Kero’s Intel

I also entered a new category called Events. In there you will find my coverage of the past few events such as AFA09 etc.

And also I restarted my work on my genosaurer and just to let you have a glimpse of the insane amount of panel lines required….

For your info to panel line one side took me about a good half an hour….lol when will I finish this!!!

Also hehe….some Eva goodies courtesy of Ren & Tako (Ren I can’t help but borrow some of your Eva pics :D)






Till the next post!!!

44 thoughts on “A short update

    • Thanks!!!

      To be honest…I only have Keroro Robo Mk1 fully intact…Tamama and Giroro’s Robo’s are being used for mods already…haha. Until I can come up with something decent probably I might add a keropla section 😀 in the future.

  1. cool you got everything all organized, nice easy access! dude, those eva photo edits are awesome! love the glowing eyes, i seen you use that blood effect before but how do you make em?

    Zoids seem to have lots of panel lines, thats gunna take up a lot of time lol …i should organize my site too… just dont know where to start with my layout, and too lazy 😛

    • Yes finally!!! I have been dragging my feet too long on organizing. With the Nendos and Ugly dolls I guess it is time to organize them before my backlog of posts gets too much! Its easier organizing the handful of posts now that one big clear up later!! Haha you have to thank ren for the awesome pictures…just couldn’t resist doing a bloody end haha. I added the blood effects with photoscape 😀 Add layer by layer till I get the right bloody (pun intended lol) look 😀

      This particular series has tons of em!!! Sobz…half an hour for just one side!! Actually when comes to your site I have no idea too haha!! All your post practically involves everyone!!

  2. How’s the Geno Saurer? Never into Zoids but heard that Kotobukiya’s kits can be very fragile. Only have a Huckebein Mk.III so all I know is very sharp antenna, loose parts and mismatched seams. Can’t ever beat Bandai in terms of quality.

    • Haha well Kotobukiya’s kits are bloody fragile!!! I tried their armored core kit once and I swore never to touch that line again. However the HMM zoid line so far is much better but will require strategic cementing at various spots. The parts fit quite okay so far for the genosaurer but they have tons and tons of small parts…
      Indeed, Bandai is still the undisputed one when it comes to plamo kits. ^^

      • And due to that problem… I can’t add Zengar (Daizengar) or Latooni (Wild Raubtier) in my 4komas…

        One misapply of pressure and snap goes the jo-oint…

        Kiiiiyaaaaaaaaaah~! O_O
        *looks for a bottle of Mr. Cement*

        • Ah….the wonderful world of kotojoints….^^;;

          But if Latooni X Zengar is in your 4koma race….that will be so cool. If zengar can’t win he will just zankantou everyone!!!

          Indeed, cement is a must for koto kits…

  3. Oho. Separations of topics, eh?

    I’m looking forward for the war of figurines. 😀

    p.s. Better use Phase Shift armour system. Them nendos maybe cute, but certainly deadly.

    • Ouch phase shift armor system…that will be pure pwnage if Maritan has access to it!!! Hmm but still on the spell casters side they do have their fair bit of arsenal hehe..

  4. Yay, everything looks neat and organized now. XDDD I should do the same, or at least tag my small number of WIPs as such. xD

    Reading about the…goodness…of Kotobukiya kits is making me reconsider getting Gun Sniper… xD

    • Haha thanks 😀 I want to make my header neater…felts its too cluttered previously which was a very big mistake. If I ever start a new blog I’ll think out of the layout first before posting anything. Took like a few good hours just to relink everything!!

      Trust me, once you build a Koto kit lol, you’ll appreciate Bandai even more for their engineering. But lookswise, Kotobukiya kits are very very detailed!!! But if like me you like to pose your kits a lot…not really that suitable!! Probably the genosaurer will be the last koto kit for me I am afraid.

  5. Congrats on new layout. Web layout should be update from time to time, especially when the content grows. I’m adding more banners and navi links too :).

    I love eva pics D: That’s some great effort in photo editing. btw, I subscribed your rss feed and adding you into my blog roll. Waiting for you taisichi dom updates 🙂

    • Heh thanks for the compliments ^^ I love photo editing haha when I am not in the mood to do gunpla 😀 Yep agree with you, the web layout must evolve with your content. I remember starting out I didn’t even categorize any of my post!

      And thanks for subscribing 😀 and will add you to my blogroll as well ^^ (update this when I get back), and as for Taisichi he is at the priming stage at the moment haha, now planning out the painting process!

    • Hmm think of what you want the blog to serve, like a gundam blog, photography blog or something that you really feel passionate about ^^ My blog is just to share my love for model kits and toys hehe 😀 But I make many many tweaks and mistakes to get to where I am today, just go ahead and experiment 😀

  6. yay! congrats on your changing layout.. =D dun worry.. its not as messy as you thot.. i have had no problems roaming ard.. haha. its cool that you’re now EXPANDING to more wider contents! blogspots cant do that.. =( anw, haha.. yes you have 3 NENDOs NOW happy?!?? lolx. and i see moemoekyun trying real hard there.. XD saber is really not bad if you have the dough.. heh. love to see more from you!! ^^

    and also.. abt the pics, you’re very welcomed!!! =D take more if you wan!! haha.. i loved wad you did with the photos!! its so cool!! you really did justice to EVA-01… he din go berserked in vain.. XDDD and thanks to you.. i saw a spike in my hits.. LOLX!!! i tot i posted another post without knowing! ^^ thanks alot dude!!

    sorry abt the late comments and replies.. i was very busy with JLPT preparations.. cos its this coming sunday! =X and some admin stuff on registering for intermediate lessons.. busy weekend. ^^

    ren. =)

    • hehe thanks thanks ^^. Nah it is messy till I changed to this haha. There are so many things I wanted to put at the top but realized it will be too unsightly. My blog is the Toy Room not gundam room haha so I’ll include non gundam stuff too 😀 Hee well I am a happy owner now of my 3 nendos. And as for saber haha…

      Hehe okay then, now I can spam your Godzilla pictures too haha!!! No problems on the hits for my other online half buahhaha. I really had fun tweaking your photos, in a way I get to enjoy ‘playing’ with a revoltech but I couldn’t have done the editing if not for your great shots!! You created a very very nice scene for the beserk mode!!

      Anyway good luck for your JLPT! Gambette ne!

  7. now it’ll be more fun navigating on your blog! what happened to the stories involving various figures at the same time like ugly dolls + nendoroid? what page do they belong?

    • It will depend on which figure I want to focus on. If my ugly doll is the main character I’ll post it under ugly dolls and likewise for Nendoroids 😀 That was the only arrangement I could think of at the moment!!

      Hehe have fun navigating!

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