The 3rd arrives and a giant awakes…

My Zoid HMM Saber Tiger was scouting around the Toy Room for some food and instead he picked up an odd scent…

Riannon : ehehhhhhhh…..

Riannon : erhhh..must find Rasp & Mari….

Riannon slowly wakes up from her daze state and finds a giant red figure perching by her side…

Riannon : Oh my how long was I out….thank you so much for waking me up….I tend to get into deep sleep after all that spell casting.

Saber Tiger : ………(A low grrrr sound)

Riannon : You have a very kind soul in you. You could have eaten when you want to but you didn’t…

Riannon : And oh my you are a really big cat you know 😀 And did you know I really love cats!

Saber : sniff sniff..

Riannon : haha that tickles!!

Riannon : haha, you are very friendly!

Riannon : Whats wrong big red..

Riannon : Hmm he looks like he wants me to follow him..’

Riannon : Come lets go! I am sure I am can help out!

Saber Tiger : Growls happily ^^

Riannon : All ready to go!

Riannon : I wish I have cats like these from where I come from…this is fantastic!

Riannon : Lets go big red! (Watch out Mari and Raspberyl, I am coming for you!!)

Big red charges into the big unknown and soon the arrive at a desolate spot in the Toy Room…

Riannon : oh no…what happen to your friend Big Red…he is like left here for ages…

Saber Tiger : Grrr…..(sad tone…)

Riannon : what is this….seems like a power core or something…

Saber tiger : GRRRRR…

Riannon : I can detect some energy…and its resonating with my staff…Big Red no worries I’ll get your friend up in no time!

Riannon : Chanting….

Riannon : Hah!!!!

With Riannons magic..the zoids core block slow stirs to life…and something else too…

Genosaurer : ROARRRRRRR!!!!

My my….a third one….don’t think I can take more of this….god knows what will happen from now on!!!

Well here is Riannon and Big Red signing off ^^

Till the next post!


62 thoughts on “The 3rd arrives and a giant awakes…

  1. I’ve always enjoyed cross-type figurine photostories, and this Nendoroid-Zoid [lol, they even rhyme!] interaction made me smile. XD

    Riannon! So pretty. XD Are you going to cave and get a Saber Lily next…!? [because I know I’m this close to snapping and giving in!]

    Long time no see, Genosaurer. XD XD

    • Thank you so much 😀 Glad you like these stories! They do rhyme come to think of it! Just couldn’t resist bringing my zoid(s) out haha. And her riding on my hmm tiger even better 😀 They make such a nice pair ^^

      She is a very pretty Nendo…so innocent 😀 Unlike the demonic bent on conquering Raspberyl or shoot first talk later Maritan…she is so gentle ^^. As for that hehe Saber…once my paycheck comes in next month….

      And yes…I have abandoned him for so long…so its fitting he makes a same cameo here lol

  2. Aww man I thought I’d be able to use it in some random photoshoot or something for my gundam…which wouldn’t really fit anyway ahahhaa xD and yes I loved this post! Nice camera angles, awesome editing effects *thumbs up* keep doing posts like these ;D

    • Haha definitely dude! Maybe i’ll try to cut it out and save it as a png file or something so that ppl can use. (But will take some time till i figure that out!) Those symbols reminds me of God gundam before he shoots out his Tenchou Ken 😀

      Thanks for all the positive encouragement! Will do even better and more such stuff in the future 😀 (of course more nendos wouldn’t hurt!!)

        • Come join the party^^ haha!!! Really they are great fun to have and to make stories with 😀 Helps to spur creativity, makes your mood better plus they are just adorable and all for a nice price of $50 haha.

  3. ahhh so cute… !!! i love it riding on saber tiger… damn cool!!! and she fits in perfectly!!! match make in heaven! well i see rasp sitting on genosauraus in the future.. lolx! the color matches well too!!! and mari has her own rider!! man.. im jealous.. lolx. =D

    • Haha kawaii ne right 😀 Just love her innocent look! And yes they make a very cool pair together 😀 Nah Rasp won’t have any chance to sit on genosaurer though she is under the ugly doll fraction ^^. As for Mari Keroro and team are drawing up plans for more vehicles…maybe their own version of getter robo?! (Top secret as of this moment…better not let Mari hear this!!)

      Hee you can build one for your Yako chan 😀

      • LOL.. oooooo.. the suspense!! so exciting! ^^ i loved to build one for yako.. too bad kotobukiya’s kits are fragile.. and im not sure wad takara tomy’s kits are exactly.. are they plastic model kits too? with motors? i really liked the sabers’ and ligers’ line of zoids.. very cool.. so naturally i loved your saber too.. XD

        • Haha thanks dude 😀 Hee I like to add some thrilling stuff to my story. Hopefully maybe a full fledge story out of all this 😀 And for the takara tomy’s they are like model kits but are much more sturdier than the koto kits. Plus they can wind up and move!! Maybe I’ll take a picture and show you next time ^^

          And yes saber tigers are damn cool haha!

    • Erh no dude its three sided… Mari = owned kero = owned gunpla…lol ^^ That is why she is the only one that currently has access to the gundam graveyard. But that is for the moment until a certain new character that might appear hehe…

      And yes I’ll need your grunts, Ryoma and Koji kun!!!

      I have think I can start using my 3 nendos to represent my different categories on my blog lol 😀

  4. lol, nendo rules, you are a victim now
    you get a new one everyweek don’t you?

    I love the spell chanting scene, looks so nice! How to make it blurry like that?

    • Haha actually Riannon and Raspberyl are gifts from my GF 😀 The only one I actually bought is Mari tan ^^ Now as for one everyweek haha…
      I just saw a Mikumiku Hastune at orchard..selling at $58 and Rin for $55…very tempting…but Saber Lily is also very nice..

      thanks for the compliments! I use photoscape and they have this effect call bloom where they will up the saturation and blurness to make it look like that with one click of the button. You can google on photoscape and download the program…and the best thing hehe it is free!!!

        • Haha try out photoscape first, there is a lot you can do with this program. Plus its a lot easier to begin compared to photoshop. Also if you want something similiar you can try or Gimp, both are free software with photoshop capabilities 😀

      • Photoscape is it, noted. Will search and download, free! Mwahahahah….

        Oh, you saw rin at orchard? Where? Lily is nice, I already got her, she comes with interchangeable palms and you can rotate the wrist.

        • Oh orchard cineleisure. The one near sommerset MRT 😀 There is a hobby shop there selling figures and transformers. But I can’t remember the name of that place already haha…

  5. mystery revealed! oh man ive fallen in love with Riannon’s @_@ expression 😛 such a sweet girl and making allies right off the bat too! big red is a nice nickname lol

    the spell casting effects are fantastic! like how the invasion is developing, very suiting intro for Riannon ^_^

    • Haha…big red kinda sticks doesn’t it lol ^^ Kotobukiya HMM Saber Tiger won’t make such a nice name btw lol ^^ Its bloody long and doesn’t sound friendly…
      She is a very sweet girl and simply charms others instantly!!!

      Hehe I am thinking of a back story to link all the 3 nendos together and the eventual big fight but that is all in the ideas stage!!! haha..something like an origin story for those 3. And thanks! Glad u like the effects!!!

  6. @ chubby really you see rin kokone and saber at SG ^__^
    wow that’s a rare one and mikumiku kagami
    wow I am dreaming of saber and mio this night T_T
    let me quess your new certain new character
    -SD gundam 60%
    -ugly dolls 20%
    -secret nendoroid 15%
    -other 5%

  7. But nice idea to have saber she can became leader for your BB senshi
    rasb=ugly doll
    rianon= zoids
    saber=king of knight of BB senshi
    Right ^__^

  8. hi there keron jin hehe i just get to know your site yesterday and was really impressed by your work. Also thank you very much for providing the gundam/modeler blogger links in this website because i just realized also that there are numerous blogs out there that has gundam reviews and such beside ngeekiong (because at first i know his web only) and thanks to you now i know those who are from Neko town as well thank you very much=) and one thing i want to ask you can the ZOID tiger in your pics open its jaws wide? and show some munching pose? hehehe that just come to mind really because i saw the tiger’s mouth been soo zipped most of time haha

    • heh thanks for the compliments! Glad you like my works ^^ Indeed there are so many modeling sites and I am still in the process of adding stuff that I find useful! Don’t worry though I started out with Ngee Khiong too at first haha.

      Oh as for the Saber Tiger’s jaw haha the back story is that the jaw joint actually didn’t fit properly and was very I had to cement it in one position which is the one you see. I would love to have it open and close but oh well got to thank kotobukiya for their ‘wonderful’ engineering *_*; I currently have 2 more kotobukiya kits and I am afraid they will be the last ones I get from them haha.

    • Thanks!! If you read the previous Nendo posts each Nendo will have their own army 😀 Mari has kero, Raspberyl has mind controlled the ugly dolls into submission and Riannon has her trusty Saber Tiger 😛

      As for the camera its just the humbe sony cyber shot 😀 My photography is not as good as yours!! Yours sooo much crisp and clear!

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