Super Robot Wars – Art 1

I bought this game a few years back. Back then I was really crazy over SRW OG and when they launched OG Gaiden with an Ryusei’s Art 1 figurine I couldn’t resist ^^. Now that I have my blog its time I take some photos of this very very nice looking mech ^^.

In Alpha Gaiden, Ryusei was given his Art 1 as a replacement for his R1 which had to undergo repairs. I was instantly taken by this really awesome purple mech and its huge array of weapons!

The colors are matt and very accurate ^^ But the materials are like those you will find in Gasaphons.

Now time for some action poses!

His long range rilfe.

An quite fairly articulate. He is able to do the kneeling pose ^^

Now for one of my favorite weapons. The very cool looking revolvers!!

For Ryusei, he is all about close quarter combat.

T link blade kunckles!!!

He also comes with a close combat dagger ‘cold metal blade’. Similiar to Strike Gundam

And the box that contains it all ^^

And some good old videos of all his awesome attacks!! Check it out!

My only complain about this figure is that it doesn’t come with instructions for transforming Art 1 into its plane mode. But other than that haha, it is still a very nice item to have 😀 So any SRW fans out there ^^?

Till the next post!


45 thoughts on “Super Robot Wars – Art 1

    • Well I have the photos ready ^^ Just that the editing is really tedious…currently I am going full speed with my SD Taisichi first and then red frame. After that then i’ll continue with this or finishing up the Genosaurer lol 😀 So many things so little time!!

  1. Wait, wasn’t ART-1 introduced in OG Gaiden? I don’t remember it appearing in Alpha Gaiden…
    Ryusei gets R1 back later anyway, hence you could do a double T-Link Knuckle with mai as the pilot of ART-1

    I got that set as well, but never got round to finishing OG Gaiden, tho I did finish OG and OG2 (twice. Completed them on the GBA and got to the very final stage on OGS on PS2)

    • Its was introduced in OG Gaiden ^^ That double T link Knuckle with Mai was badass! Was hoping they will release something soon for the PS3….

      In fact OG Gaiden had a lot of over the top action…Yabodoth (Think i got the name wrong lol) was crazy!!! But my only lament that it was quite short…37 plus stages only…The latest one that I played was SRW Z. Fancy throwing a giant wrench at your enemy! Did you get around to playing SRW Z?

      • yeah, I got somewhere around 2/3rds to 3/4 through the game. Got all the units, including strike freedom and infinite justice and my upgraded main unit but then I didn’t progress much further than that.
        It was also the first SRW game where I chose the Super robot route from the offset instead of the real. In all my other SRW games, if given the choice, I always chose the real robot. But if I did that for SRWZ, then I would end up using Shinn Asuka for a lot of missions, and I refused to let that happen!!!

        • I only cleared the SRW route…somehow when it comes to SRW games I prefer the super side 😀 Just cast iron wall charge into enemy max out your morale!! I already have gundams for my real robots fix ^^. If you clear it in the future, they somehow hinted on another series after this…and watch for that little pink hair sidekick….quite a babe when she grows up at the end!!

          Man everyone hates Shinn! But they did change the storyline in SRWZ and it was way better than that crap we had in Gundam Seed Destiny. At least he became friends with Kira and Arthun towards the end of the game.

          • Shinn is beyond redemption for me. Even the freaking voice annoys me! Makes it hard to watch some animes as that’s the only voice the guy can do!

            Usually my army will consist of mostly Reals, with just a few Supers for boss-killing. In my @3 game, I only used Gunbuster, Gaogaigar, Daizengar (ausensitter plays like a real), Shin Getter, MazinKaiser and Banpreios.
            But I found that I used a lot more supers in SRWZ in general. Gravion is awesome!!!

            • Yes his voice is a bit screechy (not too sure if thats the right word for it!) But he was awesome as the purple Imagin in Mask Rider Den O ^^

              Hmm I ended up using mostly Super Robots as the main mechs… lol! All boss / grunt killers. My line up is pretty much like yours cept I added in Goshogun, Combattler V, Voltes and Great Mazinger 😀 (thunder break is awesome!!!)

              And Gravion no doubt is over the top…plus the final combination….jaw dropping..saishu gattai!!!

  2. im starting to want some SRW stuff now… poison! lol i like the design on him, plus he has tons of dual wield weapons that are bad ass! did you figure out how to transform him?

    are there any R-3/R-3 powered toys/kits around? after i saw bd77 art post of Aya Kobayashi, i did a search for the mech and liked how it looked lol

    • In fact Kotobukiya did release a SRW ART – 1 kit….its really a nice kit even if its just purely build straight out of the box. I love his dual weapons ^^ Fancy a chain saw for close combat weapons lol! I tried but it ended up looking ‘NOT’ like it was suppose too!!! So after much frustration I decided not to transform him.

      I so far only seen the R2 and R1 in kit form…not too sure about the R3 though, but they do have quite a lot of interesting mech designs from SRW! Hehe my turn to poison!!!

    • There *is* an R-3 toy out there by Volks. That is, if you have a LOT of money.

      It comes as part of the SRX variable box set, which comes with R-1, R-2 powered and R-3 Powered.
      All 3 are fully transformable and can be combined to form the SRX!! (tho they give you solid, non transforming parts for R-2 and R-3 for stability)

      All yours from volks for a mere 57,000yen!

      Also, does anyone else think that it’s a bit wierd that the most feminine and fragile looking mecha forms the legs of the SRX?

  3. If anyone planning to get a Kotobukiya kit, my advice: be extra careful when assembling and posing. Something may break (I snapped my Daizengar’s elbow).

    Why Kotobukiya haven’t done R3 yet~! They had R1, R2, G-Gun and heck, ART-1 but no R3~!


  4. tsk tsk…you are a bad boy lol!!! I only get originals for SRW, I love the game so I feel it is right I give them their due respect by buying the original so that they will make more ^^ Imagine someone just ripping of your content and post it as their own…no fun in that…

  5. orz… I have no console to console myself. I tried out the first SRW for PS1 (I think it’s Alpha) and man the loading time made all the action so slow it was painful.

    When you play on GBA or DS, there’s no loading time and resetting the game is almost instant. Everything moves at a very fast pace.

    • Ahd I remember that game!!! So long and its brings back memories. Back then I tolerated the PS1 speed and loading. Even though the action was way below what we have currently I think it was the closest I could get to have an all out robot fest ^^ It also introduced all the awesome getter robo, mazinger Z and even some of the old UC gundams that I never see before 😀

      I don’t have a GBA or DS haha…but I remember Bd77 mention playing with an emulator or something ^^ Fast pace is a must now…really spoiled with all the current tech 🙂

      • I would gladly buy the original game IF they are plenty more games like SRW OG (in English, thank you) for the GBA. Sadly, I only like the SRW OG1 & OG2, only. So… Yeah… v_v

        • hmm I don’t recall them issuing any SRW in English on the PS1 & PS2 platform. But you do have a point that if its english I could make sense of what they were fighting about!!!
          My favorite is still SRW alpha 3….one of my favorite line up…plus they have the Cho Super SRX !!!!

          • IIRC, there is absolutely… none, of the SRW games in English for th PS1 & PS2.

            if they ever going to make another one, hopefully it follows Atlus style of translation (e.g. the reference of LEET in OG1 and Episode 30 (very epic) in OG2).

            As for the voices, let the voice in Japanese but the text in English (I hate hearing lame, sometimes like a man who have no manhood + spirit + guts, voices).

            • Lol you have a point there about that! With Guts we break down all barriers kind of speeches….haha

              Not too sure about Altus games though…I don’t play games as much…

    • The ART 1 is a really cool mech!! And yes agree with you, not only in terms of design but also weapons 😀 Plus it the color scheme is awesome!

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