5 Reasons to get the HGUC Unicorn!

Recovering from the awesomes of AFA09, I settled down for a nice little quiet evening of snap fitting of my recently acquired hoot from Hobby Art Gallery (a.k.a HAG). Initially I did not want to do any blogging but building this kit, I could not contain my eagerness to share my thoughts on the HGUC Unicorn and why its such an awesome kit to have!!

Point 1 : Details, details, details!

HGUC kits are renowned for their details. And for the Unicorn it is no exception. The details are sharp and the proportion wise I find it much better than its MG counter part.

Point 2 : Minimal seamlines

In fact this is the first Gundam that I have built that does not have a seamline in the head area! I only detected four places to remove the seams. The back pack, the 2 shoulders and lastly the gun ^^. Minimal seamlines, more time for other stuffs 😀 That is a really big win for me!

Point 3 : Top notch color seperation

Even the little grey pieces are molded separately!! No more worries about modding to make your painting life easier! Check out that hand!

Point 4 : Well hidden nub marks for the clear parts

If you have worries about making marks on the clear parts, be rest assured this kit is well engineered. All the cut portions are tucked nicely under neath the armor! Kudos for Bandai in such a great though in design. The only clear parts one should worry are those on the shield and shoulders.

Point 5 : No worries on the transformation gimmick

The fact that I don’t have to transform this kit (I love this mode anyway) means no more worries about paint scratching, hours of getting the transformation right etc…lots of time and headaches saved!!

Well thats just a short post from me ^^ Just want to share my thoughts of the awesome kit. Have you guys ever experience getting something so fantastic that you just can’t help but share haha. Would love to hear them! I’ll be going slow this week to rest haha. All those editing during the weekend is just intense!! Just simply snap fit evenings for me…

Till the next post!

61 thoughts on “5 Reasons to get the HGUC Unicorn!

  1. maybe I will get the unicorn mode not the destroy.
    I am sure bandai will release another HGUC unicorn variant next year (full armor or something (with beam gatling gun I hope) remember with 00 HG variant >_<
    -00 raiser designer color
    -00 trans am
    -00 with GN sword III

  2. oooo… some nice points.. i see that you’re waiting for next issue of HJ too eh?? lolx!! haha me too!! but i haven bought my HGUC unicorn gundam yet… ^^ hmmm.. maybe modding it for my MG unicorn.. =P

    • Actually I am not really that keen on the stand, maybe when it comes out and you guys start posting it (poison spreading…) I might be tempted haha. I remember you wanted to mod the stand to fit your MG Unicorn some time back ^^ I prefer the normal stand though, can make for some crazy fight scenes. Instead if I did get the stand maybe can make it like those gundam heads here


      • ahh i see.. haha.. well.. i would try to mod it if possible.. ^^ sure!! go make it into a gundam head! like the coming Nu Gundam.. very cool esp when those small metal mod pieces looking even smaller on a bigger scale!! =D

        • Heh you are back 😀 Wondering where you have been ^^. Haha it will be damn cool if you can make it to a gundam head 😀 But it will be a bloody expensive mod lol…the head is huge!!

  3. give me reasons not to buy, my wallet is crying lol i ordered the Dengeki Hobby Magazine with head base kit instead, i told myself to choose one unicorn kit and thats what i picked XD

    the detail on this kit look so good… its going on the long list ^^;

  4. It’s more worth to buy than the MG, as less things could go wrong and more solid (my friend’s MG is a bit frail).
    Not to forget, its super posable but would not beat the current champion: HG Gundam 00.

    • Yes I couldn’t agree more. In this case once you take out the transformation gimmick, the parts being fixed are very sturdy. Plus with the additional space inside you can have more posability! But like you said HG 00 is the only kit who can still do splits! But who needs splitting when you look so good standing lol!

  5. *_* HGUC Unicorn! Though I tend to prefer MG kits to their HG counterparts, I’ve heard a number of not-so-good points about the MG, which is why I’ve been delaying getting the MG. Maybe I should give in once and get HGUC Unicorn this time round…it’s cheaper, smaller and there’s less hassle anyway. xD Thanks for the review!!

    • haha no problem ^^. As an owner of both the MG and HGUC version, I am much in favor of the HGUC one instead 😀 Unless you are a fan of transformation gimmicks than go for the MG one instead. Come join the HGUC party haha! Also next month’s degenki hobby comes with that special head stand 😀

      On a side note eagerly waiting for your take on the PG00! I saw HAG already dispaying the PG box! Its huge!

  6. Heh thanks! I had a blast building this kit so thought of sharing my thoughts haha. And yes indeed it looks better than the MG version 😀 Go get it haha ^_^

  7. I will get both of them and i maybe spray clear red,replacing the clear pink.Then the white i replace with pearl white.Unicorn mode i will get next year

  8. Looks like a solid kit. I don’t want to go back to 1/144 scale, but there are so many nice HGUCs now. I only display my completed kits so I prefer the MG version with all the Katoki decals and it just looks good standing.

  9. Great 5 reasons to get HGUC Unicorn!! makes me wanna skips building MG Unicorn and goes to HGUC Unicorn lololol

    I may (not) buy HGUC version of Unicorn.. instead might buy Geara Zulu or ReZeL or more Unicorn series of HGUC, love Katoki’s design hehehe…

    • Ah the Zulu and Rezel will make excellent kits ^^ Seeing what they have done here I am very much looking forward to the upcoming Unicorn series kits ^^
      No doubt Katoki is an awesome designer 😀

  10. Hm…want to try building without painting, since it’s mostly white maybe I can just topcoat the white and gloss coat the clear red.

    • If i remember correctly there is only 2 spot that will need paint. The clear red at the shoulders by right majority of it should be painted white! I had a similar idea to yours by glossing the red 😀 Or maybe do a banshee color haha 😀 gold frames instead!

  11. Though I always come here.. but I seldom give comments… but for this Unicorn I wont give chance one… hahahaha…

    1- Certain or many parts on the MG is quite loose.

    2- Few lousiness here and there

    3 – Not very enjoyable to play with it…

    4- And thus I get frustrated

    5- I super glue certain “lousy” parts and end up it become half Unicorn and half Destroy mode

    That’s my 5 reason and thankfully I already bought both modes (Destroy and Unicorn) of the HGUC now…

    You sure must get the HGUC Unicorn…

    • Haha you are always welcome to comment. And your 5 pts perfectly sums up 5 reasons why you should not buy MG unicorn!!! And you are spot on about the loose parts…they are damn irritating!! That HGUC Unicorn is a must 😀

  12. Darn, now you made me want to quickly buy the Unicorn Gundam. XP
    I’m planning to buy both modes but Destroy Mode takes precedence if budget doesn’t let me next time I go to the local hobby shop. ^^;

    You didn’t buy the Unicorn Mode?

    • Haha well I did have a tight budget that month so between both modes I stuck to the Destroy. No doubt the Unicorn is on my buy list but that will have to wait ^^.

      And indeed the Destroy mode is a very good kit to have!!

  13. Seeing how the HGUC version turns out, it is definitely more bang for bucks as compared to it MG counterpart.

    Bandai, Give me back my money that I paid for the 2 Unicorns! How I wished this would come out 1st before the MG version. sigh..

    • Wow you bought 2 unicorns!!! One for the ND mode and the other for destroy mode!!! It is so hard to transform the MG version.. thank goodness for HGUC versions instead…

      I think you have the same rant as moemoekyun here…he hated bandai for milking him lol 😀 After getting the HGUC version I think I’ll hold back next time when it comes to mg kits! Seems like the 1/144 are getting better and better with each new release!!

      • Indeed, now I’m trying to hold myself back from buying the 2 MG Astrays for as long as I can, though the chances of them getting a HG release is quite unlikely to happen.

        • I haven’t build my MG Astray Blue as of yet, but I have seen others build it already and it is a very good kit. But I won’t be getting the red frame though 😀 Saving my cash for the 7s gundam 00 and HGUC Rezel!

          And yes it will be highly unlikely that they will get a HG release!

        • you being milked bandai release mg unicorn OVA ver soon with solid transformation(maybe) and lighning effect for the psycho frame 😛

          • I haven’t got the other one yet haha 😀 So far I have held back from buying anything for this series other than this kit!

  14. @chubby your kit crying in their boxes you said for every 5 kits I finnished I got 1 kit and you prepare cash for impulse buying again

    • Well actually I finished 4 kits already ^^. And that is not impluse buying it is pre planned!!!

      Jegan, Genosaurer, Kshatriya, Gp02a and the fifth Arios!!

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