AFA09 – Part 3 Nendos x Figures

Well here is my last post under AFA09, time for your dosage of Nendos and figures! De Arimasu!


All cuteness in a wonderful display..

Don’t touch me! I bite really hard!! GRRR

They are so happy to see so many people taking photos of them..

Konnichiwa Minasan!

Oh so many people…makes me nervous…

Zetsuboshitaaaa!!!!! (Rocklee your favorite phrase lol :D)


One last shot before I move to the mini figures πŸ˜€

Mini Figures

OMG where can I get this 3!!! They will make perfect companions for my Ugly Dolls!

Lol one my my favourite pieces πŸ˜€ Just love that silly look…

Lol don’t you just love that expression…

The army of cuteness….

One last goodbye before I head to the figures!


Man love the eyes..look at that blue glow…


Domo kun!!!

Before I head off to the art section ^^, caught this awesome cosplayer…look at that cannon!!

Spotted an angel ^^



Reminds of macross ^^

Mecha babe!

This reminds me of Zone of enders!

The awesome Kamen Rider the First..(Correct me if I am wrong lol :D)

Love this epic pose by Raiden from Metal Gear Solid..

For Dota fans!!! Love this piece

T800!! You are terminated!

I love the colors…

Hastune Miku!!

My final thoughts

Well this concludes my trip for this year’s AFA09. I must say this year is really much bigger and better…the crowd is really huge! But in terms of merchandising I am only purely looking for decent Gunpla sales but sadly there isn’t any. Unless you are into collectibles and limited items, AFA09 is definitely the place to be. Instead I was very tempted by all the revoltech and Nendos but I have to keep telling myself to just stick to gunpla πŸ˜€ Must be discipline!! Also it my first time covering cosplayers too as I was very shy to ask them for a pose but instead, they were very kind and friendly πŸ˜€ and well looking forward to another photography session! What I did missed out were the big events, but I choose to give them a miss to avoid that huge queue!!

Would love to hear feed backs from you guys πŸ˜€ What you like about this year’s AFA09 or dislikes! Or how I should photograph my pictures and all that ^^ I am looking to improve so constructive criticismsΒ  are welcome πŸ˜€

Oh I almost forgot this last picture!!!

Till the next post!


27 thoughts on “AFA09 – Part 3 Nendos x Figures

  1. Nendoroids!! I spot a Ryouko, and Saber Lily looks even cuter and more irresistible every time I see her. >_< I also like that you took pics of the Nendos that Rockleelotus has. XDD

    And World is Mine!! The figurines are awesome…and so is the artwork!! [Massive LOL at the last Moe Moe Kyun pic ;_;'";;]

    What I like about AFA 09:
    -the guests!! They really pulled out all stops this year, with Shoko-tan, Ichirou Mizuki, Danny Choo, the K-On seiyuu etc
    -THE DISPLAYS. With all the gunpla and figurines, you'd think you're in a Japanese hobby show. XD Very cool

    What I don't like about AFA 09:
    -Ticket prices. That said, I totally understand why the prices are so high this year – inviting all the special guests and bringing the Tokyo Figure Show here is definitely not cheap.
    -No special early bird goodies. Last year, there were a number of gunpla goodies, but this year, all the stuff were highly priced and not as sought after. Heard that the limited edition gunpla were still available hours after the start of the event, unlike last year when they were swiftly snapped up. xD I wonder if Gundam Fest at Compass Point had an impact on this.

    I'll leave photo critique to people who have experience with photography, but I thought your photos were very nicely taken! In a crowded setting with so many people jostling for a good angle, I can understand that it's not easy snapping that perfect picture, so *salutes* Thank you for your hard work!!

    • Haha well kinda got that Nendoroid poisoning from him!! And interestingly I can recognize them because of him lol πŸ˜€ These nendos are so infectious !! Cuteness overload!

      That last picture I initially missed it till I saw a bunch of guys looking at this picture haha…I laughed very hard at that pic haha πŸ˜€ I did take a lot of pictures of the art work but most of them end up blurred so could only put these few πŸ™‚ (luckily they were my favorites haha)

      Ah I am totally with you on the gunpla aspect. The gundam fiesta probably impacted the sales here. Even then, I wasn’t interested in the selection that they had. I am was thinking if the prices were like ten dollars per entry it would be better. Plus I am only taking photos haha.

      And a big thanks for sharing your thoughts πŸ˜€ and a bigger thanks for your ‘salute’ haha. Will inspire me to do an even better coverage next time ^^

  2. omg cuteness overload! haha Zetsubou sensei is very high on my get list, but i cant find him anywhere. Zetsuboushita!! oh and is Mesousa nendo! hes from the anime Pani Poni Dash. i wanted him forever but he has been loooong sold out XD and ahh the puchis are very cute too.

    hmmm BRS is looking more and more tempting each time i see her! nice, first time seeing someone cover the Artworks. such impressive pieces. i miss playing Dota!

    • OMG you play dota too lol ^^ I missed playing that game. My favorites are pudge and sven. Love the melee guys haha. Heard they are coming out with a purely Dota server or something πŸ˜€ Ah thanks for the info on Mesousa Nendo (man my buying list just keeps growing!!) If I were to get a first Nendo what will you recommend haha πŸ˜€

      The artworks are pretty impressive. In fact I saw the artist doing life demos of their digital art! I love seeing such fantastic art and it will be a pure waste not taking photographs of em!

      • haha i was a very old skool dota player, with wc3 only. i stopped a little before the release of the all star version, so im missing out on a lot! Dota server? wow, though im not surprised its so popular lol

        hmm suggestions for a first nendo? it really depends what your after but i think Mari-tan would stand well in the ranks with all your gunpla… she has quite the potty mouth! hilarious clip:

        *imagining Keroro with Mari-tan… XDDD*
        maybe Saber Lily if you like warriors, or Louise for a cute magician! or or Kyouka the neko-nyan …its almost impossible to just suggest/pick one πŸ˜› also i just might be listing the ones i still want LOL

        • The latest one I played until was the allstars version 6.34XXX. Its still popular but haha well I got to choose between my gunpla and this πŸ˜€ … ah man…I am looking through your list ah so hard to decide (Come to think if it, I don’t think you these too right lol!) That clip was really really funny!!! And you are right her words are like !@#@!$#@!# all the time !! Plus Mari Tan is a militaristic nendo (now dreaming with all the wild modding ideas of a zaku armor for her, RX78 Mari custom, Mari with my ugly dolls argh!!!! So many things I can do with her!!!)

          Lol ok added one nendo to get on the to buy list!!!

  3. GWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH~! Nendos~! I’m surrounded~! The… there’s too many of them~! X_x (moe-overload)

    I really like the 4koma, Flight training ala THIS IS SPARTAAA~!. Good find.

      • He-heh. Guess I’m one of the resident gunpla/revoltech 4koma person. πŸ˜€

        Did I see Sword Striker gets p0wned by Strike Rouge? Yes, I do look at the small details.

        • Haha πŸ˜€ my daily source of 4komas, revoltech drama and tentacle yoko!!!!

          I am not surprised πŸ™‚ being someone who is able to draw such nice Mazingers definitely requires an eye for detail ^^

  4. My first time to AFA, last year I was still in Indonesia. Overall I like this event very much, especially the first day.

    My activities…
    First day:
    – see all the goodies
    – meet up with comrade vixion
    – get drossel
    – cosplay finalist
    – Danny talk
    – take photo with Danny!
    – Ichiro Mizuki!!!

    Second day:
    – see goodies (again)
    – K-on seiyuu (love the part when azusa says “Nya..aa” and all the boys just went crazy)
    – Bakuc prize
    – wandering around…
    – Fukuyama and May’n concert

    Since all the booth are off course selling same items for 2 days, I find the second day not so special anymore ^_^.

    • Wow that was an awesome first day!!! I was tempted to get some of those figmas but resisted! But goodies wise other than that nothing really like discounted stuffs for me to grab!!!
      The cosplay with the gundam 00 should be damn amazing. Evagelisque gave me this linked at the banzai effect where they had lots of photos of the cosplayers! Would be even more fun for me if my GF was with me…well she is in Msia now…damn missing her already!! Argh!!

      • The only thing I purchased is drossel. Really tempted to buy Putin and Kirenenko plush at Latendo.

        Ichiro’s concert was awesome!! And Fukuyama said that next time there will be a whole JAM project coming to Singapore.
        SRW fans will go crazy ^_^

        • OMG Jam project (Start to dig out all my old SRW games…) that is a CANNOT miss event! Seeing all my favorite songs from Meissiah, Gaigaiger, SRWs…..

          They won’t go crazy, the will just all go EVA on the whole gig lol! Thanks for this ^^ Awesome news indeed!

  5. Just can’t get enough of the nendos…now planning my nendo hunt as rocklee suggested πŸ˜€

    I love her cannon πŸ˜€ Plus the figure is really top notch!!! And that blue glowing thing on her eye…really awesome ^^

      • Haha thanks! πŸ˜€ well will let you know the first one i get πŸ™‚ Definitely I won’t be able to collect everything, probably those that I fancy (sad to say this list is a lot…)

  6. I liked AFA about the Gundam displayed at AFA,Cosplay of Gundams characters like Mr bushido,Setsuna,00 Raiser and I Love Anisong!!!

  7. Seeing all that figures, don’t you just wanna sneak in there when no one else is around and then grab as many nendos as possible….man…come to think about it, I’m glad that I’m not there because all of this law breaking thing is goin’ through my head πŸ˜†

    • Same thoughts mate same thoughts….they are just too lovely to be passed up….oh imagine the endless possibilities if I had em all in MY house lol!!!

      In the mean time just enjoy the pictures haha ^^ They are the next best thing to having them πŸ˜€ Tsk Tsk don’t even think of breaking in WITHOUT me lol !!!

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