AFA09 Part 2: Gunpla X Mecha

This post continues from my AFA part 1 where I cover the Bandai booth. Will do the 3rd part on AFA solely for the Nendos and Figmas 😀

(Warning…many pictures ahead!!!)

Bandai Booth

PG OO in all its glory.

Check out those weapons…

Shiny!! But too bad I don’t collect these 😀

Extra finished version zaku.

The up and coming MG Goku!

Chibi Kero…wait is that a mini gouf?!

This is one huge Gundam Fix Figuration…look at the details!

Time for some Kamen Rider! Henshin!

Time for some Kamen Rider love 😀

Is that a jumbo size Kabuto?

Riders with their belts! Henshin!

Look at the details…amazing..Den O rocks 😀

I can hear Otoya’s tune….

Kamen Rider Decade!

I love the marble looking armor..

Thats one mean looking rider…

Other stuffs

Getter Dragon

The Big O. Its show time!

Big Bang Punchii!!! Shin Mazinger Z

Mazinger Series.

Well that concludes the second part of my AFA09 trip 😀 You can also get to see works from Bakuc 09 (Part 1 , Part 2) which I covered previously. The lighting so much better at AFA09 so for those who miss the chance to see those fantastic works you can get to see them again 😀 And this guy make me feel so backdated in terms of equipment






Check out that camera! Longest kick ass camera goes to him lol! (I am not sure what brand is this actually or what lens…) Hopefully can find his pictures if he puts them up!

Well stay tune for part 3!


35 thoughts on “AFA09 Part 2: Gunpla X Mecha

  1. cool display! and that extra finished zaku looks stunning!

    and yes, that’s a mini gouf. i have that chibi kero in my tou shelf… looks really cute with the char helmet and mini gunplas XD

  2. <3333 PG 00R!! The pics are beautiful ;O; Makes me so incredibly happy EEEEE. Almost wish I could have been there to see it for myself.

    And that 1/35 GFF RX-78-2. XD Awesome!! Aaahhh and the chibiKero with the char helmet…THE KEROPLA POISONING CONTINUES!!

    And that camera lens. *_* Can definitely see that the guy is passionate about photography. XDD

    • thanks you 😀 Haha glad it made you happy dude ^^ Seeing those kits live was an awesome sight that I can never forget…and that GFF Rx78-2….Crazy

      You have to blame it on ren’s chibi kero!!! Lol he started the poisoning first! I think that camera lens looks pretty expensive. But I have no idea why you need such a long frame lol 😀 Especially in such crowded places I am afraid I might just bump into ppl with that!

  3. ahh thats the captain kero kit, i want it lol RX78 GFF is just amazing, i think a kit is coming out too, bigger than PG… but maybe was a resin? i forgot already ^^;
    so much Kamen Rider goodies, want those belts but so expensive. finally SIC is making smaller version, i have Fiaz pre ordered already. he looks good, hope the joints are good also.

    lol that guy in the last pic is a sniper with that lens kit!

    • Captain kero!! Haha but his helmet is definitely Char inspired 😀 That RX78 Gff is huge dude…when I saw it I was like stunned…didn’t expect to see this amazing kit at AFA09. Not too sure if there are any kits bigger than this even if its resin! The kamen rider selection is huge. I loved the SIC Den 0. Haha looking forward to your Fiaz dialing his 555 😀 henshin!

      Sniper camera haha, what a nice way to put it! Would you ever buy something like that? I am pretty happy with what I have though ^^

    • If i remember its about $139+++ very very bling bling…but also very very ex! (but it really looks awesome. But it is one kit I won’t dare to touch…afraid of leaving finger prints!)

  4. Man, you just me one happy guy. An extreme GFF? That is the business. The sheer amount of details, the size of which… Its every collectors’ dream.

    Bloody, never thought it’ll be THAT good, AFA09. I’d better stop typing and dry my keyboard from my tears (of joy).

    • Ya man…I nearly crap my pants seeing that thing there. The sheer amount of details, each and every panel that can be opened, the mechanic parts the tubes ah…indescribable feeling. Feels like a mini odabida when I took the photos.

      Can’t wait for next year AFA10!

    • Haha man, I am sticking with my compact when it comes to fairs and shows ^^ Don’t want to jab someone with such a long lens haha!! Now that you mention it, it is really like the camera is just a part of the lens instead of the other way round ^_^. I don’t even want to think how much it cost!

    • Haha well the least we can do here is post it up online to share it with everyone 😀 AFA09 is crazy so hopefully AFA10 will be even better!

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