Singapore Bakuc 2009 Part 2 De Arimasu!

As promised this is part 2 of Singapore Bakuc 2009 ^^. Compared to last year, there were plenty of out standing dioramas this time round. One my favorite aspects of modeling is watching your kits captured in that moment in time, frozen in a 3 dimensional story before your eyes!Ā  Well enough talking lets get dirty!

First up some nice weather zeon forces owning the field. I love the texture of the terrain…Look at those squashed tanks…

Look at the details given to the tower. I so don’t want to be those 2 guys up there! Resistance is futile!

No details are spared..even the tank is damaged to perfection!

Guess who trashed the Strike Gundam to such a state? Kira you are so screwed…

The uber 00 Gundam…I think this can only happen in G Gen wars or Super Robot Wars video games..wonder what will happen if it was Freedom vs Gundam 00 instead šŸ˜€ The Gundam 00 is a bit 2 clean though, despite being Strike, Kira should still be able to put up a decent fight.

Wonder how he got the texture…

Epic battle ahead! Graham vs Setusna!

Mg EXS vs ??…its either a dynames or nadeeleh.. this is one through thrashing…

Lol I still can’t recognize the body even this close up!

Mg Guntank with EZ8?? Don’t think they are suppose to be in the same time line!

Look at the dirt! Love the weathering..

Zaku surprised! Love that mark above the head lol…watch out dude your butt is getting toasted šŸ˜€

Now for some SD diorama love šŸ˜€ I love the base! Its hot ^^

Not only did this guy made a SD version of legend…he scratched build an entire back unit(for the unit’s name already!) for freedom out of Styrofoam!

Very very nice backdrop and set up….wish my room was this nice! lol šŸ™‚

Lol birthday cake! This is really a unique take from the girl’s side šŸ˜€

Gundam oo rings! Love the green halos behind. Very interesting concept!

SD Neue Ziel…..Gato’s final mech ^^ Love the green…

This is one very retro paint scheme lol…so 80s…:D

Now for me 2 favorite diorama šŸ˜€

This so reminds me of Flag of the Fathers. Sieg Zeon! Sieg Zeon!

I love the amount of details the modeler put into the whole landscape. Right down to the very grass and rocks! Having that derelict zaku head in the middle gives it a very interesting scene. The devil are in the details!

Is that water? Amazing… And look at that huge hole behind the Zaku head. Must have been whacked hard by RX78’s morning star. You can even see grass growing on the head! Must have been a very long time. Notice the pipes in the water have a darker done and slightly rusted. Lots of thought must have been gone to this diorama right down to the rust! (All of a sudden I feel like I am in the primary school oral exam..describe what is happening in this picture lol!)

Even more details…wonder who is that old lady..

Well this concludes my field report from Singapore Bakuc 2009. Do go down and check out the awesome works first hand. Nothing beats the real thing! It is a wonderful feeling to see so many inspiring works. Though my complains being that the lighting is terrible…so much post editing to get them right! Also I find that there weren’t many SDs being worked at, guess Singapore modelers prefer the bigger scale stuff šŸ˜€ Hopefully next year I can submit my own, though it is highly unlikely that I’ll be winning anything haha!

Till the next post!


37 thoughts on “Singapore Bakuc 2009 Part 2 De Arimasu!

  1. That diorama of the 2 weather zakus at the first pic is from MS Igloo i think. The federation soldiers were literally fighting against the zakus in hand to hand combat. They used anti-tank weapons. They managed to take the zakus down but the entire troop were wiped out, lol. As for the EZ8 and Guntank, they appeared together in the 08th MS team. They did fight together against Zeon in one episode, in fact 3 guntanks were with Shiro’s team. All 3 guntanks were owned by a single Gouf custom piloted by that zeon ace (i forgot his name!)LOL, not a single one made it out alive…

    • Somehow the name just slip off my mind….too much laser effects totally zapped my memories… (lol nearly sprouted dendrobium haha instead of meteor)

  2. Yay, the “Destroy the Giant” diorama!! XD It’s one of the many that amused me, because of the exclamation mark on the Zaku’s head. xDD

    And the texture on the Kerberos makes me think of that one Japanese modeler who actually melted his kit with an iron solder [I think?]. xD;;;;
    Somebody said it looked like the Gundam was caught near a high-energy beam attack.

    Awesome photos as always! I wish I had more to say, but that’s just it – the works are too awesome for words. >_<

    • Haha yep I loved that dio too…so funny! This is what I call injecting your own character into your works! Thanks for the linked…however don’t think I’ll use soldering to do that! Too extreme for my liking. Maybe only on certain parts of the mech. If I am not mistaken, it looks like he use putty with a toothbrush before the putty drys to get this texture. But well your guess is as good as mine lol! Only the guy who did it knows šŸ˜€

      Really thanks! Glad you love the photos šŸ˜€ Will strive to take even better photos in the future!

  3. Cool. BTW, its Nadleeh who p0wned by A.L.I.C.E (Gundam Sentinel). *points to crotch piece and hips*

    My hats off to those dedicated modelers. They’re the stuff of pros. *salutes to zeonflag1.jpg picture*

  4. crazy attention to detail on these dioramas! love seeing all the weathered kits, very inspiring ^^ haha all of you really know your stuff, i can barely name these kits/series or let alone the pilots lol

    thanks for taking the time to get these pics, i feel motivated now just need to get some kits! and really hope you submit one of your works next year ^_^b

    • Ya dude, the level of details and the attention to put to every little single thing is amazing…that is why they are pros lol šŸ˜€ Leave no stone unpainted….

      Marrz and BD77 really know their stuff lol šŸ˜€ They are living gundam wikis haha. No problem on the pictures, feels great being able to take the pictures and share them here šŸ˜€ Haha hope that wish comes through next year who knows..

  5. I finally remembered the Gouf’s pilot! His name is Patrick Norris. Another Patrick!!!! But this Norris is very pro, unlike the Patrick “Ace” in 00, lol!

    • Haha and all one 1 week! Never had such a week before too….a perfect merging of gunpla and armor type style of doing gunpla. The moment I saw those builds it reminded me of your stug šŸ˜€

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