Singapore Bakuc 2009 Part 1 Chub’s Report

This year’s Bakuc is held once again at Takoshimya Takashimaya. Being the avid Gundam fan its a must see event for all Gundam Otakus! Zeon monoeyes, Gundam 00, Freedom, dioramas, Super Deformed kits …. so many genre so many ideas to learn from. Plus with the on going sales and super cheap kits available, its a killing for both the wallet and the eyes.

Well here is Chubbybots’ Field Report. (Warning, lots of images aheed!!)


Lets start with a bang. We have already seen the degenki version of MG Full Armor Unicorn. Right here at Bakuc we have our very own FA Unicorn done by Benjamin Wang. For those who went to Gundam Fiesta you would have seen his 3 throne gundams diorama

Top view of the FA Unicron. Jaw dropping details on the weapons…

Look at those huge thrusters!

His base is equally detailed…really pro level work

One final shot for the Unicorn.

This version of Exia gives me the armored core vibe! The shoulders reminds me of the White Glint mech. Love the color scheme and…

The uber cool long GN swords…

Interestingly the modeler named his work the Exia prototype…prototypes never look so good…

Here is one for Dom Fans. Sorry no black tri stars here! More like a zeongnified Dom instead! I love the back pack with beam cannon idea. The color scheme is very refreshing and unique as far as Doms are concern ^^

A view of the Dom’s back pack

Last look at the beam cannon…better not stand in front!

This guy needs no introduction! Gundam 00 Seven Swords! But somehow the sword is a bit out of proportion though. Would be better if it was smaller. But still awesome work notheless.

This reminds me of the 2 mechs in Gundam Wing!

Charging Exia!! Love the dark theme scheme.

This is one for the ladies ^^

I love how the lights give the feeling of depth on the MG Exia. My favorite pose for Bakuc.

MG O Gundam! Wonder how he did the Gn feathers.

A very evil looking Full Armor ZZ

Love the graduated red to black colors!

Equal detail given to the small plane.

This is a very interesting concept mixing clear parts with painted parts! Gives that devilish vibe!

Skulls for armor! πŸ˜€

Fully colored Gundam 00 Xn Raiser!

Armored Nemo!

Oh I loved this green weathered gouf. Zieg Zeon!

Now for my favorite mech in Bakuc!

The one only awesome Zeon Mobile Armor!

Its big, its bad ass and its a zeon mobile armor!!! (Being colored in my favorite color is a big plus!)

Wonder how they get their decals on so nicely…no silvering!

That is a hell lot of thrusters…

Top view of the moblie armor with the Zaku tugged nicely in ^^

I love the huge cannons…

The last photo for the night! So inspired to do something like this!

I had a blast at this bakuc ^^ So to those who have been there (and bought a lot of keropla too :D) which mech is your favorite? It was a hard choice between the FA Unicorn and the Zaku Mobile Armor for me!

Stay tune for part 2 where I’ll cover the Dioramas and SD kits!

Till the next post!


50 thoughts on “Singapore Bakuc 2009 Part 1 Chub’s Report

  1. Your pics are so clear!! Can see all the details nicely. xD

    It’s really hard to choose a favourite; all of them are so good. Zeon Mobile Armour and FA Unicorn definitely impressed me. Prototype Exia made me glee too. The contestants really poured their heart and soul into their work. So amazing!! *_*

    • thank you! Looks like the time spend there was worth it! (thank god for photoscape!)

      Its a tough choice….so many good kits this time round! Its amazing when you see passion and creativity come together in one big contest. Really a feast for the eyes and mind! Still editing the dioramas for the next post so stay tuned πŸ˜€

    • Thanks! I was waiting for a friend before heading off to watch Evangelion 2.0 (loved the new angels and the last fight!) and I had about a solid 2 hrs in between. Just me and the camera! But I had to press myself against the glass to get the pictures (You should be able to see my finger prints on the glass now haha!)

  2. How I drool upon such magnificent sets of pho… gunplas… Its every gunpla addicts’ dream, to be there, and hug… uh, I mean admire the beauty of the vanglorious constructs…

  3. man i wish i was there to see all of it in person. FA Unicorn and Zeon Mobile Armor are insane! lots of pro work there, also like the weathered gouf.

    great coverage, thanks for sharing these pics! really looking forward to the dioramas ^^

  4. Interesting… Exia prototype looks like it has 2 GN drives, one on each shoulder, which would make it far more advanced than Exia and probably closer to 00!

    But it really reminds me of the mecha from muvluv. Esp with the oversized shoulderpads and the white colourscheme.

    • Oh muvluv, better check that out. Come to think of it, I think it will be more apt to call it a Gundam 00 prototype in this instance! I was thinking the oversized armor shoulderpads are like those in Armored Core 4 Answer, White glint πŸ˜€

  5. yoyo.. wah.. you took so much photos at takoshimaya..!! XD my lousy camera cannot take pictures with too bright background… haha. lucky got you to cover.. lolx! nice photos toooo… yes.. the Unicorn and Zaku II is definitely the centerpiece man.. awestruck. so impressed. haha.. i oso found out how some of them did their diorama.. some looked very familiar. lolx. gave me some idea on where to start..

    haiz.. so late on my SIMPLE exia and enact diorama.. T.T haha. nowhere near these entries man. well, im sure you grabbed alot of loots there too.. haha.. =)

    • Heh its THE takoshimaya we are talking about here lol πŸ˜€ Definitely will want to bring out the best for the exhibition lol!
      What camera are you using? You are right about the lighting though they are very bright. So bright that I had to darken most of the pictures in photoscape!! The dioramas were very impressive! Man so you met the actual modeler? Haha share the secrets through your Exia Vs Enact!

      Well a big secret…I didn’t get anything lol πŸ˜€

    • Haha the size is like your standard soccer ball ^^ I loved that kit bash zeon armor πŸ˜€ I think you’ll love the second report on the dioramas ^^ A lot of them involves armor this time round πŸ˜€

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