Fancy A Scratchbuild Gundam 00 7 swords? Check out this thread!

Scratchbuild007sFound this very interesting project on going in Gamera’s forum sometime back during my lunch break ^^Β  I guess most of you guys might be accustomed to the resin version or the Damashi version but this guy is doing a full scratch build sevens swords part purely out of pla plates and he has a very ingenious method of attaching the swords…

scratchbuild007s2My issues with the 1/100 NG Gundam 00 were the shoulders. To incorporate such a huge sword would have added a whole lot of weight and cause the shoulders to sag down. So what the author G.Works did was to build it entirely from pla plates. Not only is it much cheaper but it also makes the sword lighter. You won’t find an ounce of putty in this sword. And interestingly he uses a very innovative way to connect his swords.

scratchbuild007sMagnets! Never knew such stuff could be used for a kit. Really saves on the need for creating joints and clip on parts! Also I love how he creates an inner frame for the sword. Imagine if putty was used instead…. I remember HAG is selling these stuff. So now I know how to use them! For those who want to find out more can check out entire thread here(Project7).

Will continue to deliver interesting builds to you guys ^^. Initially I wanted to write about 2 builds that I saw but I’ll leave that till next time :D.

Well till the next post!


33 thoughts on “Fancy A Scratchbuild Gundam 00 7 swords? Check out this thread!

  1. I’m already looking forward to how the project will turn out. *_*

    On a smaller scale, Keita used magnets too for the NG 00’s GN Shields, so that they can be attached and detached easily, but this is the first time I’ve seen it being incorporated into a 100% scratchbuild.

    • Oh thanks for bringing that up! Better check on Keita’s build for that. Its really a cool alternative to creating joints. Not only looks better but also less work!

      The only other 1/100 7 swords I have seen are the resin ones. Scratch build sword with magnet as attachments is also a first for me ^^. Trying to absorb as much info as I can from his build!

  2. cant believe that is only using pla plates! looks like drafting skills come in handy also XD ive see resin figures that use magnets too for cast off items, but never thought of applying that to gunpla, very ingenious indeed. great find, i really enjoy seeing scratch built projects… though they always leave me scratching my head going “huh, how they do dat?” even after detail explanation lol

    • Lol that was the same thought that I had when I realized it was all done using pla plates! Oh they used magnets for resin figures too? I thought they mainly used pins and glue. Its a great thing that he put up such a detailed work in progress. Can really learn a lot from looking through it.

      Don’t worry though…I have my fair bit of head scratching and hair pulling πŸ˜€

      Don’t mind me asking what is drafting? Never heard of this term before.

  3. Magnets! Its a first for me too when it comes to model kits. Reminds me to certain Saturday morning cartoon that I grew up with: StarCom (1987-ish). Magno-Lock, ON~!

  4. Hi Chubbybots, Wanna ask you something, heard from my friend singapore have a building all selling toys? is it true? China square? the got small small booth selling new or 2nd hands toys.

    • You are right dude covering the back of that GN drive is really something! I though I could only do it with putty or something and he does it purely with pla plates….that is some kick ass drafting skills!!!

  5. The first magnet idea I know is from keita’s OO, so I bought a magnet sudoku set and cut all the magnet sheets into the shape I wanted, LOL ^^

    Now I use rare earth magnet, it’s got quite strong power to hold a tamiya scriber with just a small contact point.

    • Dank, sudoku! Never thought of cutting out from those lol. Okay I am so going Popular book store πŸ˜€

      Oh I think I saw HAG selling those rare earth magnets. If it can hold a tamiya scriber it shouldn’t have any problem even if i paint a thick coat or use a thick pla plate to seal it!

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