Sd Sangokuden Taisichi Dom Wip 6! Its putty time!

SdTaisichi611Well almost done with the sanding, now all I have left is some holes to fill. I will be using the Tamiya Epoxy Putty for the job:D Hopefully I can get a better result this time round!

SdTaisichi601For epoxy putties it comes in two sections. One of them is the hardener (Though I am not sure which one lol..)

SdTaisichi602To use the putty, you’ll have to mix the 2 parts in equal portions.

SdTaisichi603Mix and roll the 2 parts. Put a bit of water on the mat so that it won’t stick to the mat. Keep rolling and mixing till you get a uniform yellow color.

SdTaisichi604After rolling and mixing for about 5 mins, every thing evens out. Once you have a uniform color it is ready for use!

SdTaisichi609Filled up the holes in the legs. I cut small pieces of putty and squeezed them into the hollows with my art knife. Scrap of the excess and then reshaped with my finger dab with a bit of water.

SdTaisichi608Filled up the hollows on the head armor.

SdTaisichi605Wanted to extend the head armor to make it sharper. I sanded the area with 400 grit sandpaper. This will help to create a grip for the putty.

SdTaisichi607Extend with the putty. To get the shape, dab a bit of water on your fingers and shape it.  I’ll be sanding the tips after it hardens.

SdTaisichi610My container to hold the water ^^. Good to have by your side.

For those who have never used putty before, there are some precautions to take note. Putty can cause irritation to skin, I wore a pain of gloves while doing this just to play safe. As a general ruling, epoxy putty takes about 6 hrs to dry and harden. Anytime before that you can use water to reshape. Will be sanding these parts tomorrow if time permits!

Till the next post!

24 thoughts on “Sd Sangokuden Taisichi Dom Wip 6! Its putty time!

    • Haha glad to be of help ^^. Putty is quite useful. This is more for shaping stuff so its good to try it out next time if you can 😀

  1. Must very handy to have those modelling putty at such a cheap price… It very dear over here (and only available in certain modelling shops which are quite rare already). T_T

    Can wait to see the end result. 😀

    • Haha, actually I seldom use putty, only in certain areas that I find needs some changing haha^^. How much is it over there in your country? And yes you are right we are quite lucky that most model shops do stock putty 🙂 Ordering online will be too long…

      Come to think of it…the putty does look like a certain tentacle shape…..:D

      • Here those putty cost about RM15 to RM25 (depending on the shops) which I could buy lots things to eat. And I need to travel around 300km to get them as none selling at my area. 😦

        It does resembles like it, but… Blu-tack (or blue-tack or blue tack whatever they call it) doesn’t gets hard. All you need to make it soft and pliable is knead it for a few seconds and done: instant tentacle actions (victims NOT included). XD

        • Man the driving distance alone …. thinking it about it really puts of any ideas of getting the putty. The price is about the same as Singapore. Here it costs about SGD $7-8.

          Haha soft and pliable is definitely a must for wrapping round all those grunt victims 😀 haha. Somehow the next SD project after my Taishici will involve tentacles haha ^^.

  2. oooo.. hahaha.. chubbybots is my alternate halves.. lolx! *sounded gay* wad i meant was.. i can always see wad i wanna use and how it’s used before i buy those modeling stuffs.. cool. haha.. glad you are posting all these for us to see.. save us the time and money of testing it ourselves.. thank you chubbs.. nice WIP tooo! looking for to your Dom! ^^


    • Alternate halve lol 😀 Nah I didnt’ see much articles or guides on using epoxy putty so I figure putting it up as a reference for those first time users ^^ Glad it help ya dude haha. Its quite fun, something like play doh or plasticine. Must up the speed for this WIP! 😀 Add oil Add oil!

    • Lol haha, you have super hands. Nah I am born with sensitive skin. So I can’t touch these chemicals too much or else my hands will look like a fifty year old. In fact my parts are already hard at the time of my posting lol ^^. I think yours is the other type of putty, the one with the purple box instead.

  3. i learned how to use putty with this *levels up* lol i didnt know it came with 2 parts that had to be mixed! interesting. this looks very cool, i wanted to try putty also to fill in holes like in the skirt armors of gundams, also very neat trick extending the crown.

    LOL at tentacle and alternate half reference above XD keep up the impressive work! ^_^

    • Haha great to hear that! 😀 Maybe you can use it for customizing weapons and gadgets for your Nendos ^^. And apron would be nice haha.

      My my…now i have tentacles and another alternate half to contend with lol! Thanks for the encouragement dude 😀 Will keep the good stuff rolling.

  4. ooooohhhhh… so thats what it was… I looked at dengeki hobby magazine and the guys with all that putty on their kit, I kept asking myself what the hell is that yellow thing…. =.=’

  5. I have tamiya “smooth surface” epoxy putty, the one with blue packaging. I don’t really see the difference between yours and mine though, since it also looks pretty smooth in the sixth picture

    • I actually evened the surface out with water. Just dab a bit on my fingers and run over the surface to make it smooth. Didn’t know there was a smooth version of the epoxy though. How long does that take to dry?

      • hmmm…about 12-18 hours I guess…
        but if you are planning to shape or sculpt or do an experiment using an epoxy putty, a slow drying one is always the best since it gives you more time to work. There is this epoxy putty I used to have, and it dries when it’s still a big mess TT…thank God no kits were injured

        • Ah I see, mine cures in about 6 hrs. Hmm will take that into consideration for my future projects. 😀 Thanks for the info ^^. Man better keep a look out for this sculpting tools. Saw a set at the hobby shop hehe, time for some hardware upgrade. Want to work up some of those really cool parts and shapes that I want to try out!

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