Gundam Exia VS Shin Musha Gundam! SRW Style

SRWGundam01In light of my recent foray into video games ^^, I remember playing super robot wars when I still had my playstation 2 for the past few years. I played all the way until the current SRW Z so for this photo shoot i’ll like to try something a bit different from my usual editing hehe…this might be a bit experimental so bear with the noobish editing!








Well just some experimental editing that I came up with using photoscape ^^. For those who are not familiar with SRWs you can check this video for an idea. Now some of you might ask why the blank pilot screen for Musha Gundam. When I was playing Gundam Mushu 2, Shin Musha never had any pilots…somehow it has a life of its own! This is my first time doing so hope you guys like it! Definitely would love to hear feedbacks on how to improve this thing ^^ Definitely want to feature more….but the editing is very tedious! Took me about 3 hrs to get the stuff done here (not including the photoshoot!)

SRWGundam08Well till the next post!


24 thoughts on “Gundam Exia VS Shin Musha Gundam! SRW Style

  1. haha awesome battle but who will be the victor?! i never played the game but watched the video in the link. yes! editing is very tedious and time consuming! lol btw your special effects are 5x better that what ive done XD for this kind of shoot you did a great job on the editing and posing, not sure what tips i can give, will need to think about it ^^

    • Haha thanks! Not too sure at the moment (gawd I really like both of these units!) Nah comparing the work that you did for your All Figma Vs Dai Shocker this is nothing! This is more like an in progress editing haha definitely need to polish up lots of stuff πŸ˜€ Editing is very time consuming indeed! But hearing comments likes yours is very encouraging for me ^^

  2. lolx!! nice work.. haha.. love the similarities on SRWs.. haha.. so cool to have real models fighting.. the scenes are good as they are!!

    perhaps some suggestions from me are.. maybe you can ’round’ the edges to make them more round? so its not too edgey.. xD haha.. and maybe some jap words like..
    ε˜δ½“ζ”»ζ’ƒ (dantai kougeki) to make them more SRW-ish.. and one last one i can think of is.. try taking your photos in 16:9.. its more cinematic, i find.. i’ve been taking in 16:9 ever since i started blogging cos found out that it looks nicer ba.. my own opinion tho. and i noe how tedious editing is.. haha. i spend a hell lot of time jus making my blog’s header and watermark.. so its okay if you dun wanna make any changes.. i understand. =D realli enjoy your post! makes my hands itchy.. wanna play SRW. lolx.

    and oso.. LOLx. thanks for your compliments on my blog.. ^^ haha.. singlish: you say oso until i shy alr ahhh… lolx i owe you one.. hahaha. i can ask tako to psycho your gf.. XD


    • Ah you are right! The edges definitely need rounding up πŸ˜€ Better go and look for those Jap words like defend and hot blood!!! It will definitely make it more SRW-ish and definitely I’ll give that 16:9 format a shot. Good to explore new stuff πŸ™‚ Editing is definitely tedious but if you can achieve what you want its really worth it ^^. Actually there was one thing I wanted to do but somehow I’ll need more time to work on it! It adding a nice back ground. Something like shots of a building or jungle instead of just a plain table with a white wall! Wished I had my PS2….want to replay my SRW games again!!

      Haha your blog (this part onwards in singlish) very chio and swee ^^ Can see the efforts you put into your stuffs πŸ˜€ By all means ask tako to psycho my gf haha!

    • Oh in the actual game itself Shin Musha doesn’t have a pilot πŸ˜€ Its like its has this life of its own thing ^^

      Haha wait till you see what I have in store behind. Musha Gundam is all about offense!

  3. Ohoho. That’s a good one. Even the pilot portrait changes to reflect the changes (just like (SRW games).
    This will be a close finish as both are hungry to win.

    • Thank you! I had to watch and screen capture those few scenes to get those faces πŸ˜€ But i get too often distracted with all the good fight scenes in the show!

      Yep it will definitely be a close match!

  4. Can’t wait to see how this match will turn out. xD

    I tried doing something similar by turning a screencap into a sh00ped gamecap, and boy, it was tough. >_> I only made a couple but I took too long to do them, and they don’t look particularly good. It looks like Ren has given you a good number of pointers, so I look forward to the next SRW post. XD

    • Haha thanks! Hope I won’t disappoint you!

      The toughest part for me was coming out the fight sequence and the photos to go along with it. Currently I have a few ideas for the next shoot but it will take some time to add in all those really great suggestions!

    • Loved that game too ^^…all my favorites in one package…nice to have char and amuro on the same team! My favorite is still SRW Alpha 3. I can never say no to gaogaiger and gunbuster!

  5. Haha thanks glad you like it. Ah the pilots half body! Reminds me of daizengar and his crew. Actually you are right about Shin Musha having a higher atk and defense. That was why I told moemoekyun not to place his bets too early! With those senshins on Exia will be pretty much toast in one turn lol.

    Which SRW you played until? My last SRW was SRW Z ^^ Awesome game πŸ˜€ Anyway thanks for the idea, will incoporate it for the next shoot. But I’ll still with 1/144 cos its easier to work with πŸ˜€

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