Game maths : What do you get when you add….

games mathsWhat do you get when you add Danta from Devil May Cry, Kratos from god of war and hot babe Megan Fox….

The answer…


Hope you guessed it right ^^ Having Dante in should be quite a obvious hint! Apologies for any lack of gunpla related updates this weekend, I got so hooked to playing this game 🙂  (FYI I cleared this game already…now getting into hard mode!) Interestingly both Marrz and Plutonian revolver are having their gaming moods recently lol. Well I’ll just follow this see where this goes.

I have a confession to make too. I didn’t buy the game! Initially I was playing Bioshock but somehow after seeing my brother playing through the first few stages, I tried a bit and the rest is history! Bayonetta will be familiar to those who have played devil may cry. It is done by the same director but with sadistic, awesomely bloody gorgeous torture similar to god of war. Of course having a babe with megan fox proportions as a main character really rocks.

Story wise its about a age old battle between the Umbra witches vs the Lumen sages and 500 years later after that fatal witchhunt that decimated all but the remaining 2 Umbra Witches, and thats where the story begins. I won’t spoil you guys with any stories but it was very engaging.

Well as for the game play, I got to say you will be spoiled for choices, just check out a sample of just a bit of the moves! Rocket launchers for leg weapons…

And some sick game play !! The boss battles are very similar to God of War where you destroy the bosses parts by parts. Imagining climaxing the bosses to death…

As for gunpla, no worries, I’ll be back for it haha^^

Till the next post!

21 thoughts on “Game maths : What do you get when you add….

  1. I haven’t touch any consoles for the past three years (which I’m glad). No “fun” space combat sim ala FreeSpace 2.

    (failing that and you get hit by a capital ship)

  2. Actually I having been touching games for quite some time. Only recently I got back at it…..sometimes you just want some cheap thrills lol ^^

    Ouch I won’t want to be that pilot…
    (A certain tentacle girl lurking behind my back…)

    • I need to upgra… nope, change my whole system to play current crop of games… (i7 with 8GB and a 1GB graphics card is good).

      Wanted list:
      Need for Speed Shift (back to NFS4 style of game play)
      Halo: ODST

      *steps in* Yoko: Nice to “meet” you, chubbybots. +_+

      • Ahh!!!!! Where are my grunt units when you need em for sacrifice….(stares at collection the hygogg and space tieren…come here boys, there is someone i like you to meet…)

  3. *Shakes fist in anger*

    DAMN YOU!!!! Pity us poor euro gamers who have to wait till January for our fix!! Well, I could buy the PS3 version and play it but the PS3 version is just plain awful so I’m having to put my hands through some stern tests and play it on the 360!!

    I’ve had to settle for the demo for a while now and I’ve been watching this game since it was announced!!
    Uncharted 2 & Ninja gaiden sigma 2 are both dusted. I hope Modern warfare 2 lasts a while…

    Oh, and Bayonetta = Liz Hurley!!!! The main developer of the game said so!

    • What so late! January is too long…

      I know!! The PS3’s frame rate just doesn’t cut…too jerky and times…the 360s so much better. I have seen both….don’t know why the PS3 system just doesn’t match up..

      Hmm the weirdest link I saw was can you imagine…Sarah Palin….!

      • It’s because, although platinum games announced it as multiplatform, they only worked on the 360 version and had nothing to do with the PS3 port, which was done by Sega.

        Needless to say, Sega didn’t do a good job and Platinum have been quick to distance themselves from it. Kinda like taking all the kudos for the 360 version and pretending that the PS3 version doesn’t exist, like valve and the orange box!!
        It does’t shine well on sega or Platinum games, that’s for sure!!
        Some people are hoping for major improvements before the game hits the west but I think it’ll need Ninja gaiden sigma-esque work to make the PS3 version good (basically, remake the whole damn thing!). Europe always gets screwed over release dates anyway so no change there!!

        And I’ll stick with my image of Liz Hurley in skintight leather looking hair thanks. Sarah palin is 1) too old and 2) not sassy enough to be bayonetta!!

        • Forgot to add point 3) Her ass ain’t big enough lol ^^

          Thanks for the info 😀 Hmm definitely reworking on that fps…not too sure if they can do it fast enough though.

          Given that i’ll take Megan Fox, Liz Hurley over Sarah Palin any day 🙂

    • Hmm bayonetta somehow has this very naughty vibe which I find similar to Megan Fox ^^. Looks wise definitely you have other ppl that fit more closely haha.

  4. ahhh the next gen games, that looks like action packed fun! but i dont have ps3 or 360 XD havent dont much gaming myself lately, i prefer my PC when i game. waiting on Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2… might need to upgrade my system though lol XD

    • Yep its very fun! For PCs I used to play Dota, warcraft 3 or diablo ^^ Haven’t really been gaming this year cept for this particular console title.

      Speaking of upgrades….I might need to upgrade my camera hardware and systems too…all those photo editing is really taking my lap top to its limits!

    • Yep its by the same director for DMC 1 ^^. But this is way better much more over the top. Guess he was able to input a lot of his ideas into this game this time round 😀

  5. I thought Devil may cry was crazy enough with all its combos. After watching the gameplay vids, i thought Bayonetta was even more crazier and fast paced! Wish i had a PS3………
    I will only get a PS3 if only there’s p!rated PS3 disks! Haha!

    • Yep the combos are even crazier here!

      Haha…not very likely…its has been one year plus… far no pirated disk for PS 3 😀

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