Nekkid Gundam??

youzen85Lol saw this on Ka6’s Flickr can’t help but laugh! Enjoy!



22 thoughts on “Nekkid Gundam??

  1. @ ren Oh my, it really does look like diapers lol now that you mention it…

    @ eighteleven Lol no kidding haha!

    @ rocklee I can’t stop staring at that big protruding erh…thing haha. Makes quite a stable prop for flying though. Definitely I am not going for such an organic build ^^

  2. What the hell? O_O

    First, we have Billy, and now… this… =_=;;;

    That is an “amazing” and “confident” push-up he’s doing.

    AstrayP03(Zhe): Disturbing yet funny.

    ‘scuse me folks. Need to rinse my eyes with Dettol.

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