Sd Sangokuden Darksousou Gundam – My first modded gundam

Darksousouh01This was a kit that I did last year. And it is the first SD that I really did quite a fair bit of mods for that time and currently it is the only kit (even till today) that I did not stick to the actual colors! I have been itching to share with you guys ever since I started blogging so here we go!

Darksousou07First up is some kit bashing. No guess where this back pack came from ^^. I wasn’t happy with the existing articulation of the wings. So I decided to mod the back 😀

Darksousou08As the wings did not come with pegs for attaching to the back pack. I cut out from leftover sprues, sanded it down to fit and then used epoxy putty to secure the peg! Hope you guys don’t mine this noob work lol…first time using epoxy back then ^^Also this kit was fully handpainted and it was unprimed. Notice all the brush strokes lol and red spots!

Darksousou17Now to show you the articulation of the wings.

Darksousou19Its able to do this…

Darksousou20And this!

Darksousou10Also I filled up all the holes with epoxy putty ^^. Holes are a big no no for SDs!

Darksousou11Also to deal with the seam line at the shoulder armor, I had to made a C joint cut to enable the armor to be reinserted.

Darksousou12Shoulder armor with the seam line removed. However you can still make that faint line in the middle. Lesson learn, always prime your kit!

Darksousou13It is also the first gundam where I extend the neck. Used the left over flat spures and extended the neck. It was also a very noob work from the looks of it!

Darksousou14Now the head is able to look up.

Darksousou15And look sharply down to give that evil look that I wanted!

Now show action shots!





Being my first modded gundam, I have learned a lot from this old build of mine. No doubt there were many mistakes but I guess that where you will learn. Coincidentally Lupes has written something similar with regards to his Sinanju ^^. There were times when I had to redo parts all over again (fyi the neck I had to redo it thrice!! the peg will just break…) and I am telling myself is it really worth doing all this? Should I abandon this kit? I am very happy that I didn’t give up and it became the kit that it is today. The skills that I learned here help me a lot with my other works such as Ryubi and Kochu Gundam. (Thankfully the paint job for these 2 kits were slightly better!)

Darksousou21No doubt my Darksousou is not anywhere good lol…but its a kit I am proud off! So a little question for you guys ^^ Which kit that you did that you are most proud of and the one that you felt that you reach another level in building gunpla? Would love to hear about them!

By the way there is this little post that really made my day! Read it and you will find out why 😀

Till the next post!

26 thoughts on “Sd Sangokuden Darksousou Gundam – My first modded gundam

  1. wow cool I like the sword !!
    I hope bandai will make better polycaps joint next time >_<
    some of my gundam get the same problem on the neck

    • Woah thanks ^^ Definitely hope they will improve on the proportions. Even my HGs most of the kits have this turtle neck syndrome!

  2. woah.. nice job. i like the dark lord feel.. heh.. and MODSSSS.. its a headache for me i mus admit.. XD i dun any extra parts to use oso ahhh… and too little brain juice to use for moddings.. haha.. anyway.. nvm my random rantings.. ^^; look forward to more of your mods!! =)


    • thanks mate ^^. Exactly! I wanted to have that dark lord feeling 😀 I have quite a semi big stash which just keeps keep that stash down I sacrifice a few kits from time to time lol….very sadistic. But it gets the job done though haha

  3. very nice wing mod! he looks pretty awesome to me even though im not familiar with his default appearance ^^;; im still noob to the gundam world…

    lol i only have 2 kits to choose from! Exia got me back in and had nice success with experimenting new battle damage. WZC was a push to new level but was a bit uncontrolled, didnt do a lot of planning ahead and some areas look bad XD also hit a road block with pla plate mods… but im proud of both ^^ …my old 1/144 WZC was my first attempt into the world of battle damage and to me that was a big level up into new things!

    • Thanks mate! Too bad I don’t have the default picture but its original colors were white and red with gold trimmings.

      Ah would have love to see your 1/144 WZC! I remember you told me you lost it while moving right? As for your MG WZC I don’t see any areas that look bad haha! For battle damage if its too controlled won’t look very natural I think. I haven’t even started doing any battle damage as for yet and definitely is one area I’ll want to venture into!

      • haha sadly yes, im sure its lost XD to give you an idea, all i had back then was a grey gundam marker and a hobby knife for damage and no internet for reference! but i *think* i did a good job ^^;

        there are a few funky random scratches on WZC that can take away from the realism close up ^^; but i agree about the controlled thing, really looking forward to the day you step into battle damage!! ^_^

        • I love the feeling of very simple session of gunpla when I first started out, just the penknife, scissors and markers! Compared to now, can’t really do a kit just straight out of the box knowing that we can do much more! (At least minimally try to clear up all the nubs, and add some details with markers ^^)

          Funky random scratches lol^^ What a nice way to put it 😀 I’ll definitely gonna give it a shot.

  4. I love the wing mod! I like that it’s got a good degree of poseability and it makes the kit look more intimidating. “Noobish” or not, it definitely paved the way for more detailed and extensive modding that you do now, and it’s obvious you gained a lot of experience from modding this kit. And I think that in the end, it’s the sense of achievement from a successful mod that makes the hard work worth it. xD

    For me, I guess HG 1/144 Exia R2 would be it. I saw pics of a friend’s Nadleeh and loved how it looked better and so much more detailed with the help of panel lining. After hearing about the pros of panel lining, I decided to find out more about making gunpla look good instead of simply snapbuilding, and found out more about stuff like nub removal.

    And the end result was Exia R2. It was the first kit I panel lined, and I had so much fun. XD;; Tried using Gundam Markers to hide the nubs [a la Z’s style], but I didn’t know there was a proper way of using the Markers, so you could see the blotches of paint very easily. Ugly. XD;; But all that didn’t really matter in the end because it was the first kit that I actually put in effort to make it look good, and I think it paid off quite well. Nub marks are less obvious, panel lines are pretty decent. I was, and still am, very proud of it.

    • Thank you for the comments ^^ really make my day. You are right, I build up from this kit all the techniques I tried out. The experience definitely helped me to get to where I am today ^^ Of course I still have a long way to go!!! The sense of achievement seeing the completed kit…priceless!

      I know that feeling where I first did my panel lines, striving to do more than just the simple snap fit. I remember being quite apprehensive about it! Very afraid that my first panel line will turn out to be a disaster XD. (I have seen one too many a ruined kit..) Luckily it turned out pretty nicely haha. Then came nub removal, seamlines, painting…one after another..more equipment more kits…the endless cycle of gunpla \ ^_^ /

      Would love to see your Exia R2 on your blog ^^. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Appreciate it ^^

  5. Hey! I really like the mods and the colour scheme, I’m totally speechless! And by the way, thanks alot for mentioning me. =D

    • Thanks! Glad you like em ^^ Nah, I should say thank you for mentioning me too haha! Looking forward to your works too! You have quite a fair bit of SDs!

  6. For a first modded kit, it looks awesome man. Handpainted and everything. I always wanted to try modding a zaku, using the zaku as the base model, adding wing zero custom’s wings, heavyarms custom’s missiles n gattling gun, and blue frame’s tactical arms as it’s main weapon. I named it Fallen Zaku Arms Custom 2nd Revise(FZAC2ndR) LOL

    But that’s all just a dream for now since there isn’t a single shop selling plaplates here and my skills are still very noob-level. If I tried doing that project now it might come out as some kind of frankenstein’s monster or something ahhahahaha xD

    • Haha thanks ^^ Seems like quite a mouthful to pronounce your modded Zaku lol 😀 Kind of reminds me of unicorn zaku!

      Oh they don’t have pla plates in Msia? hmm actually back then when I didn’t know about pla plates I used other plastics from the left over spures and credit cards ^^ Works equally well! Like they say, nothing ventured nothing gain. Give it a try even if it doesn’t work out I am sure you will learn something ^^

  7. hey hey dude! I’m back! haha, finally getting back to my laptop and getting online!! oh hey yeah about the pla plates… to eighteleven – you can use the plastic container of any ice cream be it oval or straight, I prefer straight, works the same, you got to work with the flexibility tho, it can bend easily… I’ve inspected this little Darksousou 1st hand ^^ very nice detailing

    • Haha welcome back dude ^^. hope to see you next year again 😀 Yep any leftover plastics like even spoons can definitely be used for substituting ^^

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