The Small Things In Life

small thingsI was having a little quiet evening with my girlfriend. A simple fair of korean instant noodles with a cute little purple friend paying us a visit. A bowl of noodles might not seem much but it means a lot to me.

I remember back in the days of my varsity studies at National University of Singapore (NUS), while mugging for our exams me and Karen would huddle in her dorm. Occasionally we would take a break and head for supper at the 24 hrs cafeteria. Sometimes instead of heading out we will cook for each other a few packets of instant noddles. She always has this weird preference for half cook noodles. Likes em crunchy πŸ˜€ No doubt it was a tough time mugging through but with each other, it was less painful lol.

small things2From time to time, little supper sessions like the one I had earlier will always remind me of those times that we spend together. The simple things that we do that reminded us how much we meant to each other. (okay I am getting a wee bit mushy here lol bear with me!) Stuffs like packing a cup of hot piping coffee in the wee hours before lectures, a simple slip of a note between the pages. Really appreciate those little things that she does for me and best of all she wholly supports my hobby! ( As a side note, her favorite ugly doll is this purple guy ^^ though I have yet to give him a name yet!)

It is at times when work/exam/life issues just keep crawling up on us, its good to have such small packets of happiness ^^. Can be that simple meal that your mom cooks when you are down, your friend joining you for a nice beer session in the evening. Cherish each every moment that comes by and life will be a wee bit happier. So what are those little happy moments, those small things that others have done for you to make your day?Β  Would love to hear them! And before we go our little friend has something to say!

small things3

Can’t get enough of ugly dolls, you might want to check their previous outing in my garden ^^


14 thoughts on “The Small Things In Life

  1. this is a deep post man.. and super mushy but good πŸ˜› because its the small things that make up life ^^ without getting mushy also; one of my friends used to send me funny messages at random times and that always leaves me super happy and its always nice when when a friend reaches out in times of despair… im constantly in despair XDDD “Zetsubou!”

    you should call that little purple guy munchy lol because half cooked noodles are and it seems like your ugly dolls often become food for others ^^;

    • Haha apologies for the mushy stuff XD. Yep you are right, all those little tiny bits and pieces makes up life ^^. A good to have a close friend at hand haha. Always in “Zetsubou” mode is a big no no lol! You also reminded me of a close friend too, nothing but a nice dinner and chat to cheer me up from the day to day rush.

      Okay that settles it, Munchy my purple friend shall be ^^.


  2. “a little quiet evening with girlfriend” – that would end up with lots of sex for me… hahahahaha….

    Small things when you collect many of them it become something big… in a way that’s how I put it…

    I’ve gone thru a lot of “rough sea” in my life, lost plenty of small things but still manage to maintained some and I’m glad that I still survive and live happily ever after… well, at least for now and hopefully forever….

    • Lol evening sex after supper ^^ that will be quite a nice little thing to have haha XD.

      Now that you mentioned it, my small pile of toys and models kits are getting bigger and bigger by the week….time to get a new display :D. ‘Rough seas’ in life are unavoidable, glad you made it through though! I still have plenty of rough seas ahead…

  3. no problemo about the mushy stuffs man!

    I completely agree with you! Having people around me (parents, girlfriends, buddy) who are supportive to my hobby is just what I need πŸ˜€ Because come to think about it, we have to find happiness in life, and this hobby of mine is one way to achieve it. If it’s not being supported by those people around us it’ll be quite a dilemma…

    btw, is there still more of those ugly dolls waiting to be revealed πŸ˜€ ? They’re such a unique character!

    • Haha a bit of mushiness is good lol^^ Definitely having a supportive environment is a big plus when it comes to our hobbies! Totally agree with you on this! Pursuing our passion and love for this hobby really makes life a whole lot happier!

      I actually previewed 2 of my new ugly dolls in this post lol ^^ Do check it out dude. Glad you like them!

      Also hehe…there are another 2 more in hiding, only waiting for an opportune time to reveal em!

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