Night of the living Uglies!!

night4Was supposed to upload this and post it last night but somehow wordpress was a bit cranky and I can barely upload anything! Well hope you enjoy this post Halloween treat!










night12So thats where my missing cake went!

Till the next post!

And happy post Halloween! (Hungrily done with photoscape!)

15 thoughts on “Night of the living Uglies!!

    • Thank you! Took me quite a while to get the green right! Glad you like it! Haha I love them for their weird silly looks ^^.

  1. lol that was super erie! the mystery of the missing cup cake, loved the line “gimmie your eye” XD

    more ugly dolls! did you get to pick which ones you wanted? i only see them being sold as random.

    • Haha thanks! Yep 2 more ugly dolls 😀 Luckily the store that I bought from allowed me to pick! They actually marked out in each box which ones are which (lucky me!!)

  2. lol! nice photo editing.. you have more ugly dolls den i tot! haha.. cool. have you played the game before?? or you’ll jus collecting it..?


    • Haha thanks 😀 Actually now my current collection standing at four! Might add a few this week ^^. Nah I have never played the game before! Just like to collect these silly looking but adorable figures….my camera just loves em!

      • OHH i see.. you never played the game before.. its actually derived from a card game called ugly dolls.. haha.. you shld try it! at those boardgames cafe.. like settlers’ or mind’s cafe.. dun worry.. its quite mindless.. haha.. something like heart attack. very fun game. wow.. more ugly dolls coming! ya.. you took very nice pictures of them.. ^^


        • Thanks! Nah my pictures need a lot more improving. Still figuring out how to get the best setting from my current camera. Oh playevolution told me about the game before ^^. I been to settlers once but somehow boardgames are not my cup of tea to be honest! Prefer making gunpla haha! And for your info I just got another 2 hehe ^^. You will see them soon in my future post! 😀

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