4 ways to mod a gundam!


This Pheonix Destiny was done by Kdash….very awesome mods….just one of the many modellers out there who are very creative with their works! Read on to found out the remaining four!

Mod 1 : Base your builds on legends…do check out his tiger, turtle and dragon versions!


 Mod 2 : Kit bash till your hearts content, awsome work by Yaya 😀. Its base on a combination of both the 1/144 sazabi and MG Sazabi plus lots of other parts! Centaur Sazabi!


 Mod 3 : Based it off a cartoon character! Mickey Mouse! Sorry I couldn’t remember who did this work, actually looks pretty good lol!


Mod 4 : Based your mods on a certain festival like Halloween! Zombie nemo by Otakurevolution lol 😀


I had a good laugh with the last one!

Well thats all I could come u with for today! ^^ Happy Holloween 😀

Till the next post!


22 thoughts on “4 ways to mod a gundam!

  1. @ Zhi Jian & Moemoekyun Me too mate! Just jaw dropping skill for that sort of work!

    @ Rockleelotus I have the ideas on making something similiar (in drawing currently…) but as for actually making the thing is another matter!…need lots of patience and time for these mods (Which I am sadly lacking..)

    @ heathorn Same to you too!

    @ Tsukinari Me too dude. I was also blown away when I first saw this work with the legends concept! And the modeler was generous enough to put all his work in prog pictures in the forums ^^ Time for some copy no jitsu!

    • Oh the discount is about 10% including supplies like paint ^^ and kits. A very good deal I must say for a regular buyer haha. Even without the member price, HAG prices are one of the best in town already!

  2. Yeah, those mods are simply great. Really wish I have the tools, equipment, budget, time and skills to do that. XP

    Really like the Disney Gundam there though for some odd reason. Pooh Saber and Donald Blaster FTW(self inserted names)!

    • Lol donald blaster! That will be so cool. But I think the coolest one so far I saw was a version where they made a gundam based on saber from fate stay night!
      Actually like you I quite like the disney gundam ^^

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