Another monoeye? HGUC Hy-Gogg Wip Phase 1 Ikimasu!

hygoog14Following the completion of my Gouf ignited I set about another mono eye ^^. One of the very interesting designs that I like. Can’t say no to another monoeye! My gundams need more enemy forces to play with πŸ˜€ This however will be purely an out of box build with gundam markers! Need to destress!!!

hygoog01First up some panel lines….

hygoog02Usually for pipes, I will use this instead of my regular sakura micron pen.

hygoog03Just spam black ink all over…

hygoog04And after cleaning up with tissue ^^

hygoog05For the pipes, I used gundam gold markers. Works much better than using yellow or red.

hygoog06Argh spillage!! Need my art knife

hygoog08I used my art knife and slowly scrape over the excess paint

hygoog07Yeah all cleaned up ^^

hygoog09I used the dark grey and metallic red gundam markers to paint all the little details. Minimum painting, maximum details!

hygoog11As for nub removal, I first cut off from the parts from the tree leaving a bit of excess plastic.

hygoog12Cut closely to the part leaving a bit of the nub.

hygoog13After using the art knife to scrap off the remaining nubs. Nice and clean

Surprisingly I don’t think I’ll need to build the bottom half of this kit





hygoog15Lol! Look at those arms! Don’t know any other kit that has arms like these besides Shenlong Gundam from Gundam Wing, surprisingly stable too!

And for the last picture…

hygoog16Happy Halloween!

Till the next post!

30 thoughts on “Another monoeye? HGUC Hy-Gogg Wip Phase 1 Ikimasu!

    • Thanks ^^. Happy Halloween too! By the way I created a banner for Marrz already, maybe you can used this one that I have for the time being πŸ˜€

  1. I personally feel that Zeon mobile suits design are a little…. Weird, you know? The only ones i liked are gouf, zaku, gelgoog and Sazabi, the rest…well… This is from the war in the pocket series right?

    • If I am not mistaken this is from 0083 series if my memory is serving me well! Gouf and Zakus are probably the more popular ones I guess ^^. For some reasons I can imagine a lots of posing with this guys claws πŸ˜€ Gives that organic vibe.

  2. lol.. nice.. yes! small kits are meant for destressing.. XD like wad you did with the details.. always makes it a grade higher when applied.. =D good tutorial too.. i’ll jus direct pple to your site. LOL. i always forget to take photo of in-progess. aha.

    happy halloween. m(;,,;)m


    • haha thanks dude ^^. Actually not really tutorial, just share some small tips here and there so hopefully other ppl can find it useful. Similiar to your build on your enact πŸ˜€ its quite a nice break from big projects. Maybe you can start taking your wips for your next build πŸ˜€

      Happy halloween to ya too!

  3. woo.. thats some interesting mono-eye ms design.. to be honest I not really knowing those Zeon/Orang Jahat (XD) ms suit than gundams lol.. hell I think I didnt know more than Half >__<;;;

    • Yhanks! Its from the UC era. In fact I loved the designs from those times! Haha thats why its good I put up more monoeye mechs and introduce to the online community ^^

    • Haha now that you mentioned it, seems like it! Kind of itching for a change from main hero mechs at the moment! What you plan to get? Lets start building a mono eye army. πŸ˜€

      • I always wanted to get the MG Gouf 2.0 and MG Sazabi but that’s for another time I guess. Bought so many gundam kits this year @_@ money tarus bye bye hahaha. I’ll only buy the Sazabi if I get a Nu to partner it up so yeah LOL Wish they made a ver 2.0 of both of those xD

  4. From 0083? Really? I don’t remember Stardust Memory has any aqua mobile suits. I went to see the first ep of 0080, and yea, this was in it. War in the pocket.

    • Lol now that you mentioned it, it does look like MGS4 mechs (apart from the cow screaming noises it makes when raiden slices em lol ^^). I am kind of moving away from good guys these few days….

  5. As a fan of 0080 and funky suits like this and the kampfer, I’m excited to see this. I normally only work on 1/100s, but it looks like I’m going to start breaking in to the 1/144 line since it’s got such a splendid variety!

    • Haha hi five dude! Glad to find another moneeye lover ^^ Haha looking forward to your first 1/144 kit. The HGUC lines are pretty awesome when it comes to zeon units! I am looking forward to next year’s geara zulu from gundam unicorn πŸ˜€

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