Gouf Ignited Final Phase!


Did the final touch ups to my 1/144 Gundam Seed Destiny Gouf Ignited ^^ Also its my first attempt at weathering with the Tamiya weathering kits! Hope it works!

gouff01I’ll be using this to attempt the weathering ^^. This is my first time using so be nice haha 😀

gouff02The brush that comes with the weathering kit. The thick head is the applicator and the brush is for cleaning off excess pastels.

gouff03Before applying the pastels, I already flat coated the parts. The one on the left I have already applied with light sand and a bit of sand color. The one on the right is un-weathered.

gouff04I did not apply much at this stage. So the differences are quite subtle.

gouff05Applied weathering to the shield but mainly at the recesses in the middle. Don’t want to go too overboard!

gouff06As I move along the kit, I also decrease the weathering and also limit it to edges and certain spots.

gouff07I added even more weathering to the leg this time.

Surprisingly the Tamiya weathering kit is quite easy to use! Having a flat coat helps the pastels to stick. If you find that the weathering is too thick, use the brush to brush it away. I’ll be sealing this kit with another flat coat tomorrow to lock in the pastels. However do take note that one should wear a mask when doing this. Don’t want to breath in those brown dust! Also do it on a piece of paper, you definitely don’t want this stuff on your floor.

Anyway I also took some photos hehe, just too eager to show him to you guys!









Well that is all for the night!

Till the next post!


18 thoughts on “Gouf Ignited Final Phase!

  1. he looks bad ass! seriously love how this turned out, thats the way i prefer kits to look ^^ like the result you got from the weathering kit! its true you didnt have to add much because you already had a nice effect with the painting. great work ^_^b

    i cant really tell but did you weather his swords and backpack too? lol i want a Gouf as my next kit XD

    • Great thanks ^^ Yep I like my grunt units gritty and dirty! Weathering really makes the kit stand out from just purely painting it. Currently the wings are awaiting a layer of top coat before I do any weathering. As for the swords, I’ll just keep them this way 😀

      Goufs are a definite must for a collection! Looking forward to your own gouf!

    • Thanks! Hi five ^^

      Speaking of macross kits, I do have one but its permanently stuck in gerwalk mode 😀 But once completed they are a sure thing of beauty!

  2. Nicely done! I love the weathering effects, thinking making one but havent get the weathering kit yet.. theres some type, dunno which one to choose lol… Havent got any Zeon/Monoeye gunpla yet.. but soon will be hehe.. just stay tune lol.. (hint : blog polls :P)

    • Thanks mate 😀 Haha there are a lot of monoeye gunplas 😀 (oh sazabi, zudah…a long list of wants!!) I saw 2 different weathering kits. The one I got was a lighter color. The other one was actually based more on mud types lol. Looking forward to your polls ^^

  3. Lucky i got a Gouf that i bought from OG but is heine custom..I might try weatherring when my MG Zaku 1,Hail buster,Coke zero RX-78-2 and Ma chao beserker mode is complete

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