50 robots…

50 Robots to draw & paintI made a short trip to the library looking for some books on photography and I found something that of a rare gem hiding in one corner.

This week was more of an introspective week for me. Not much done in terms of building. In fact the itch to mod and build is pretty quiet and the beauty of this hobby is, I can always get back to it when I feel like it. I remember one of things from the ‘7 Habits of highly effective people’ and one of the habits that book mentioned was sharpening the saw, which would mean things like reviewing what you have done, seeking new perspectives and things like that. So instead of doing the same things over and over again, I settle down to do some reflection this week ^^ Talk about getting philosophical!  Interestingly this book provided quite a few different ideas on robots which are very much different from the gundam universe! (Note for this particular post you can click on the pictures for a larger view ^^)

DSC02929In designing robots, what they do is getting the basic shapes right. ^^ From there is just adding in the different parts to juice up the look 😀

DSC02930The book also talks about the different joints that robots might use ^^. Gives the mechanics behind all those joints!

DSC02925Weapons ideas galore!

DSC02924A very interesting looking mech ^^. Some how its rifle reminds me of a zaku’s weapon 😀

DSC02926This is one very insect looking….very creepy vibe…

DSC02927An organic cyborg worker….the back story behind this mechanoid is very interesting. Involves human parts replacement!

DSC02928Last but not least, one of my favorites from the book ^^. Look at those claws!

Well thats a wrap for the night ^^. You can never know what you might find in the local library! For those who are interested in getting this book, I got it at the Bishan library. The author is Kieth Thompson and a big thanks to him for such a nice collection of mecha in one book!

Till the next book!


8 thoughts on “50 robots…

  1. i forget the last time i ever entered a library lol thats a nice book you found, some cool and creepy robo designs! the organic designs are pretty interesting, should try integrating that with gunpla XD

    • I did consider scratch building some organic parts for my gunpla ^^ but that will involve work with lots of putty which unfortunately I do not have much experience with at the moment! But from where things are going I have in the pipeline a couple of crazy stuffs that I intend to do 😀

  2. Delicious book is delicious. Good find, mate. The tommy gun for that particular mecha looks more nastier than the Zaku II’s one. More, bite and grit.

    • Now that you mention it, it does look like a tommy gun! Very dick tracy 😀 Will definitely try to replicate this on my future mods haha. Hmm organic looking zaku….(scribble scribble..)

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