Hmm Genosaurer Wip Phase 2!

GENO202Started to resume work on my HMM Genosaurer and Murphy decided to pay me a visit…

GENO203It was a lazy sunday afternoon this weekend. The temperatures were blazing hot. Hardly conducive if you want to get anything done! Even the pilot is taking a break….

GENO204Argh! thats one big nub mark spotted! Time to clear that up…


GENO205Now thats better!

GENO206And as with all kotobukiya kits….the parts are freaking tiny. One word of advice, please lay down  a white ground sheet or anything bright when you do koto’s kits. Try dropping that small piece on this…


GENO2x1After 10 minutes of searching…I decided to give up!!. Luckily that small piece is not a crucial part.

GENO207Murphy’s law…got to love it when that happens..grr…

GENO208The tail is as long as the main body…this will turn out to be one of my largest kit.

Well thats all from a lazy Sunday…

Yawnz….till the next…



8 thoughts on “Hmm Genosaurer Wip Phase 2!

  1. I was supposed to be studying yesterday, but the hot weather made me lethargic too. Instead of studying, I took a nap. >_>;

    I hope you manage to find that part. >_< The floor in my home is the type with colourful dots – don't really know how to describe lmao – so I can relate to dropping parts and taking forever to find them…

    Genosaurer's turning out great. XD Can't wait to see its completed form. =D

    • Thanks! Argh hate hot weathers…and losing a part lol…haizz. Luckily its only a small portion. i’ll be building the genosaurer in my room the next time haha ^^.

  2. lol hot weather adds to major demotivation mode, its a bit hot here too. that is bad place to drop a small part, i recently dropped Exia’s v fin while filming the finale ep… took a while to find as it got mixed up with all the junk on my floor lol

    is that first pic of his power core? the clear red orb looks very cool! and his tail is awesome ^^

    • Thanks :D. Yep thats the zoids core ^^. Comes standard issue with all zoids. Its already prepainted with clear red and its very nice! As for the tail wait till you see its features. Will leave that for the actual photo shoot! Looks like the world’s getting even hotter!

    • Haha don’t get your hopes too high! This will be one long slow build ^^. Will only work on this when I don’t have any mood to mod or sand! And yep, there are tons of parts…..

  3. Regarding the missing bits: I’ve lost my Komrade-Grade Astray DSSD’s comm antennae which is white on a light-grey whitish floor. Until now, I haven’t found it.

    • Man I know how that feels argh!!! I also experience flying parts while cutting. Thats even worse as the target area can be all those weird spots in the room….

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