All done!

I always have this fetish for tinkering with my blog and thanks to rockleelotus’ tip on the banners! I managed to get all the banners done for my blogroll! It took me the whole morning but really spices up the whole look.

Do take a look and hope you like it/or don’t (cross fingers…) ^^. If you have your own banner do let me know and i’ll swap itΒ  πŸ˜€


Till the next post!


29 thoughts on “All done!

    • Yeah man I have arrived lol ^^ You have any preference yourself? I can always switch to your favorite yoko DD ^^ Maybe you can email me which picture you want then I’ll put it up.

      • ahh choosing images for banners is difficult lol i like the one you made, and im in the process of taking new pics so ill send some over for your opinion if they come out good …hmm Yoko banner would be sweet too ^^

        • cool πŸ™‚ Thanks for the compliments ^^ Can’t wait for your pictures. Send em over when you take them! Be happy to do another one hehe.

  1. woah! nice! haha.. dun worry i like my banner.. haha. cos i find that photo nice too.. too much gunpla can make it too ‘boring’. cos everything is so nice.. if you get wad i mean.. haha.. nice work! =)


    • Haha glad you like it ^^. Heh your work is not bad k πŸ˜€ Well actually I am waiting for more of your RX78 pictures with the back drop. As mine blog predominantly about gundam haha. But interestingly that picture you took also is a mech πŸ˜€ And it makes for an interesting banner!

      • haha i see.. thank you thank you.. =) yups! the new photos are up!! haha. hope you like it.. you can keep the ghibili photo as banner if you think there’s too much gundam banners at your site.. XD

        ps: dun worry chubbybots.. we’re sure to take photos of Godzilla for you k! tako has tot of a few ideas on how to go abt doing it. lol..


        • ‘Ren n Tako! said…

          oooh, u apprecaite Godzilla too. cool.
          now that you have requested it.
          will get Godzilla to pose some shots!!
          stayed tuned.

          Tako (‘O’)9
          October 23, 2009 10:49 AM’


        • Thank you so much! I am quite a big fan of japanese Kaiju. I am quite surprise and glad to see another person collecting godzilla stuff ^^. Maybe godzilla shredding the big crap of workload or gundam vs godzilla haha ^^ (but not too sure whether your RX78 can take it…..)

  2. woah! u quite free hor? LOL thanks! i like it ^^
    except, could you change it to Mr Lonely Heart? sorry, my bad… should have made the heart/cloud on my banner more prominent xD

    haha, looks like i’m the only one with cubeecraft for my banner!

    • Haha sure thing ^^. Actually today just want to improve on my blog’s look hehe. Make it more pro looking haha…nah just kidding. I always strive to learn new stuff and improve πŸ˜€ The cubecraft is very cute indeed hehe and yep you have the one and only cubee banner!

  3. Haha! The Knight of Gold Strikes Again!!!!

    I actually have a small banner which I never distributed. It’s based off the Strike gundam pic you may sometimes see as the main banner on my blog, but the one you made is much better. It’s the Freaking KoG!!!
    Tho, I think I would try changing the colour of the text on your main banner. The red is a little hard to read. And if you make a banner for your own blog, let me know and I’ll add it to your link, probably after a bit of resizing.

    • Haha I couldn’t resist using your KOG for this one ^^. And thanks for the compliments! Hmm you have a point about the red. Will do something about it πŸ˜€ I’ll email you my banner once I get it done πŸ™‚

  4. Nice~ love the all the banner that uve done… mine a bit blurry tho haha XD.. Im in progress renovating my blog theme/templates, just a lil bit adjusting and making 3 column instead of 2 >_<, along with new banner and stuffs… not really complete changes, so yeah.. me keep getting bz lol

    • I based this on your header lol ^^. It has this dreamy look πŸ˜€ Looks like I am not the only one doing changes to our blogs. I’ll update your banner accordingly when you set up your new header. Can’t wait to see your new blog when you are done!

  5. I gotta learn to make some banner too…I feel like I’m getting left behind here T.T

    Could banner (for the links) be put in all kind of wordpress blog?

    So nice that you put tamama for my blog man! It makes my blog looks cheerful πŸ˜€

    • If its banners for advertisement don’t think you can put those in. But banners for blogs shouldn’t be a problem! I loved your tamama plus with your friends photography skill it is a big plus haha ^^ Definitely up the cheerful vibe for your blog!

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