Sd Sangokuden Taisichi Dom WIP 4!

tasichi400Continued with the last major mod to this kit ^^ and also bought a little something to add to my stash hehe…

tasichi401Took and found some spare rubber joints that fitted nicely ^^

tasichi402Found a leftover sprue that fitted nicely ^^ Well time for some Gurren Lagaan!

tasichi403Marked out the spots for the 3mm drill

tasichi404After drilling with my Giga drill^^. And don’t worry, I did drill with a wooden plank below this time haha..


tasichi406Glued and fitted with the sprue. All fits nicely ^^


tasichi408Yea! Finally got the look that I wanted 😀

tasichi409Now the cannons can move up and down nicely.

tasichi410Well thats all for the mods and now for that little something that I got today hehe..

tasichi412Well this guy needs no introduction!

tasichi413MG Astray Blue Frame 2L from HAG hehe! Well might jump start on this guy haha! Can’t wait to build him after seeing Dalong’s review.

Till the next post!


31 thoughts on “Sd Sangokuden Taisichi Dom WIP 4!

  1. O_O!!! i was excited to see such an effective mod and then… BAM big surprise to see you got the Astray blue frame 2L!! nice get! ^_^

    great work with the pla plates and extra rubber joints, is that new attachment sturdy the way it is? and the project list grows even longer, still cant wait to see your current projects develop as well as the start of your new Astray ^^

    • Haha thanks ^^. Nah I’ll finish up at least my SD and painting up my Gouf before I jump in on any new kits! As for the new joints that I made I already glued one side. Currently it is actually quite sturdy 😀 I’ll be adding another pla plate at the top and bottom to cover up the hollow else looks weird.

      Ideally I want to finish both of my astrays for a photoshoot ^^! Btw have you decided on which HGUC kit to get?

    • Actually I went down HAG to get my HG Kastriya…but the moment I saw the MG blue frame I just change my mind! lol. Yep tomorrow is actually the launch day. So quite happy that I got it ^^ Btw you getting this kit too? or saving up for something else?

      • I’m aiming for the Kshatriya actually but I turning my head over how to do the white trim. Pity there’s no more chrome silver gundam marker, because white and I never got along very well when it comes to painting. ^^;;

        That, and i’m running out of display space.

        *looks at undone MG Strike Noir and Char’s Gelgoog*

        • You are right about White! It is the hardest color to paint, especially over a black surface! Too bad the chrome silver is no longer available. Maybe substitute with gold and do it like Sinanju instead 😀 As for the undone kits haha… I don’t dare to look at my pile!

          • Exactly! For some reason white is simply not a good painting color.. ^^;;

            I do have a silver pilot pen that could work but it’s extremely risky. One shot do or die. Since it’s oil-based, it’s hard to clean off and only allows for one layer. Done right it’s beautiful. Done wrong and it’s a awful mess. Gold doesn’t go all that well with Kshatriya’s two-tone green imo. has a nice wip of the Kshatriya going on and the silver/white route is definitely what I want to do.

            But we’ll see after I get the Kshatriya. It’s fallen from the top of my to-get list since my backlog is growing after shuffling my feet on applying the decals for my Unicorn. ^_^;;

            • Woah thx for the link ^^. After seeing his wip….better start saving for next month to get this kit! If not alternatively I might try using sliver enamel paint. And good luck with the decals!

              Unicorn and Sinanju decals….look at the whole sheet faint…lol !! ^_^

  2. woah! you got the Astray BF 2L !! so fast!! btw nice mod you got there.. i wan a drill too.. hahaha. hmmm.. why cant they make a MG Astray Red Frame?!?!?!? haha.. hope to see your blue frame soon! of cos looking forward to your gouf and SD mods too.. my my.. arent you gonna be busy… haha.. cheers..


    • The drill is very useful!! Highly recommend if you are gonna custom some stuff ^^. Ya man, I wished they had that red frame MG out first!! But being bandai I am sure they won’t pass out on that release hehe. Just a simple reuse of the current blue frames runners and with some PG details won’t hurt ^^ I love being busy and jumping between projects haha 😀 Btw your RX78 very nicely done ^^

  3. really cool and that sounds like a great plan ^^

    i havent decided yet ^^; its down to Sazabi,Kshatriya(looks awesome but expensive) or Gouf Custom(personally like the design and watched the anime) still looking and finding models i never heard of lol

    i like building kits of models im familiar with, so maybe i might put some time into watching the old series before choosing XD

    • Haha will be looking forward to that ^^. Sazabi and the gouf are good choices! Kshatriya is a huge kit! The box is even bigger than the MG blue frame 😀 I do plan to get the Kshatriya but will leave that till next month. The lady boss told me it will be slightly cheaper for the next shipment. Plus I only have the budget for either of these kits ^^

  4. O.M.G!! BLUE FRAMEEE!!! I envy you =[ LOL
    I’m so bloody broke right now I can’t even buy myself any normal high grades even if I wanted to @_@ Gahh I really want that Blue frame and Dalong’s review doesn’t help xD Ah well..hopefully I get some extra money on my birthday next month wuahahahhaha

    Can’t wait to see you build Mg blue frame for sure! 😉

    • hehe! But come to think of it you still have your PG Astray!!! Thats even more uber than mine! With my current status PGs are definately a no no for me…as much as I want the PG Strike and Astray…I am happy settling with the MG blue frame! Definately will want to start on him asap ^^ hopefully I can finish my other stuff first!!! (The backlog grows…)

      • Somehow I love having a huge backlog o.O cause I’ll have that feeling that I still have alot more to do whenever I’m bored or something xD I dunno if its just me ahhahahaha
        Don’t worry I’m sure you can get a PG sooner or later 🙂 I never thought I’d get a PG within this year or even next year but with some saving and patience I finally got one! Almost picked PG 00 instead of Red frame but decided not to LOL

        Anyway how much did you get the blue frame for?

        • Somehow I feel over PG Red frame much better than Gundam 00…I can’t say no to 2 huge bad ass swords!! Not really a big fan of all those leds…just switch them on once and thats it lol. Currently I don’t have the space to house any PGs unless I have my own place haha.

          I got the blue frame for SGD $77 ^^. Quite a decent price for such a nice kit 😀

  5. Yeah I know what you mean. Those LED gimmicks are only cool the first time you switch them on. After that they’re just..there. ahahhaha

    And $77?? Wow that really IS a decent price for that kit. HAG’s prices are awesome I wish we had our own HAG here T.T” LOL It’s not easy finding hobby shops here.

    Oh and sorry for flooding your comment box 😛 I just woke up and realised I overslept for school LOL so I’ve got nothing much to do heheh xD

    • $77 is the pre order price ^^. This one also came with that backpack swapping premium. Yep they do have stock for hg 00 raiser with gnsword III. But i didn’t check with them on the price for that one. Which ones you plan to get ?

    • I actually put off a few of those SD sangokuden and the gaiden ones just to get this guy…can’t have everything in the world ^_^ haha.

    • haha thanks! Your SD works are really fantastic ^^. And thats a really nice hidden character haha! 😀 Look forward to your Epyon.

    • Haha secret…nah just kidding, think end of the year the should have open spot for application. You can check with the lady boss there ^^

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