SD V2 Gundam

V2While trying to look for inspirations for my SD Sangokuden mods surfing japanese sites, I came upon this very awesome series of SD Gundams done by 5thLuna! While most of us are used to modding MGs and HGs, I never ever seen anyone mod SDs like this guy does ^^

v2(2)I love how he uses parts for larger scale kits and put em together to create his SDs. I also like how he details his mods in his work in progress!

3055418598_ffd61259b1Another one of my favourite works from him ^^ SD Death scythe Gundam!

Do check out his other works at his blog ^^. Even though it is in Japanese his pictures will explain everything. Very inspiring works and interestingly he is currently doing an SD Epyon. I like how he improves on the proportions and articulation of his SD gundams. Do check out his SD Wing Gundam Version Ka. Coupled with an awesome paint job his works really bring on a whole new level to SDs. Man don’t know when I’ll reach his level!

I’ll file this under my research page ^^. Cheers!

Till the next post 😀


10 thoughts on “SD V2 Gundam

  1. wow.. nice.. i think this would be the kinda SD i would like to build… haha. =) dun worry.. with your amount of random mods.. i believe you can improve very fast chubbs.. haha..

  2. very cool find! theres a lot of talented and creative builders out there, really great source of motivation to see their works. i think putting details on MG are hard and hes working with tiny SD lol and your leveling up pretty fast yourself ^^

    • Thanks ^^. Just got to keep building and painting lol! SDs are so tiny to begin with and very difficult to mod.

      Anyway my aim is to showcase so of these really interesting builds and we definitely can draw out some lessons from em ^^. Cheers

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