XN 00 Gundam – A snap fit preview

xn0000Snapped fitted my XN 00 Gundam after a nice little exercise ^^. I am loving every bit of this little upgrade from hobby japan 😀 and just to share some interesting bits about this upgraded kit before I do any mods.


This is the XN Unit when assembled. To clarify though I prefer this unit without the raiser unit. Too bulky and back heavy in my opinion…also not good for the backs of gundams if you want them to have a healthy life span (cough cough MG Strike Freedom..cough)


This is the peg which will combine with the back of Gundam 00. A very simple add on ^^. No need for fanciful drills or whatsoever

xn0003The back where the peg will be inserted

xn0004After docking with the XN unit, the GN Swords are attached to the back pack ^^. Overall makes the kit look much nicer in this configuration! 😀 However one minus point is that the GN drives can no longer swing backwards.

xn0005A back shot of the kit. The 2 buster swords (Sorry I don’t quite know the official names! Do enlighten me if you know ^^) held conveniently by the pack.

xn0006The sword is huge! It is as tall as the Gundam 00 itself! ( I am a sucker for huge swords..)

xn0007A closer shot.

xn0008Though the swords may look heavy, I didn’t find any problems with them. Both arms were able to hold the buster swords without any signs of sagging.

xn0009The combined buster sword ^^….uber…and also it can be held by one hand. Compared to my previous post where I used the buster sword with the O gundam, Gundam 00 holds up way sturdier and better.

xn0010Due to the swords size however, I couldn’t bring out much double hand held poses…

xn0011However the sword only allows one hand to be inserted and held. To hold it up I had to switch the left and to the open grasp type.

xn0012And something interesting about the pack. Where the GN sword II are held, an arm can be extended to bring the sword out.

xn0013And this creates some very Seravee like poses ^^

xn0014You wouldn’t want to get close…the only guy who can actually out match him is the 3G version of Seravee which Z posted earlier^^.


Concluding thoughts…

After fixing this kit, I would say its really worth every penny! Though one will have to watch out for the buster swords, the white hand cover can come off quite easily if you put the swords at a certain angle. Other than that, I’ll be planning out the mods to the deal with the hand issue and others which I will start with after finishing my current back log of kits! (Four currently!) But if the mood and inspiration comes in I might just jump start on this ^^ If you are a lover of big ass swords like me this is a must have 😀 (plus that upcoming MG blue frame 2L!!!)

xn0015Till the next post!


19 thoughts on “XN 00 Gundam – A snap fit preview

    • Heh thanks ^^ I like to switch around between kits. If my interest one of them wanes or I get stuck, I’ll just do another and come back to them another time. But on the other hand your modifications are pretty detailed and very precise, that takes a lot of time and planning! Take your time mate, good things are worth waiting 😀

  1. imagine if there was a MG version of this to pin with the MG blue frame 2L o.O the huge swords are awesome! and my first time seeing those 2 extending arms, very cool.

    i always felt OO was bulky, yet he gets these huge attachments lol you got a lot of projects going but all of them are getting top notch treatment ^^

    • My same sentiments exactly ^^ Always felt double 0 was too bulky with the raiser attachments! But I think its just nice with the XN attachments! I didn’t realize it had those extending arms till I fixed the kit haha. Just nice in time for this preview! The MG blue frame already has quite a huge sword 😀 to begin with, if you add another Xn major overkill!

  2. Whoooooo… same like me going to use XN on 00 Gundam without 0 Raiser XD… going to use 0 Raiser on other kits instead >_<.. Look badass there.. cant wait for ur mods on this.. Mine tried to tiny mod on my HG 00 Gundam.. just minor adding pla plate since its my first time modding gunpla… also dont have the correct tool to do modes (saw or something like urs ^^;;)

    Good luck to you and me!! 😛

    • Hi five :D. Say no to heavy back packs haha. I am still planning out how to mod though ^^, but from the looks of things I might scratch build some of the parts to make it a seven swords version! Maybe just some aspects of it. I saw your mods and paint job, really coming nicely. All the best to your kits and mine ^^!

    • Ohz theres a chinese version?? I haven’t seen those here in SG yet. Hmm maybe I’ll keep a look out next time! But don’t think I can find anymore XN units here in SG already! Currently I have another set hehe ^^

      • I’d becareful with the “Komrade” version of Gunpla. If you’re lucky, the quality is “nearly” on par with the original; if not… its made out of QUALITY.

        My Astray DSSD Custom was a “Kopy” and is an average QUALITY but passable.

        Quality = good
        quality = ok and passable
        QUALITY = WTH were they thinking / WTH did I buy this?

  3. I did saw those fake gunplas before, but I never considered buying them! read too many horror stories about em. I prefer spending my time on modding rather than fixing the kits 🙂 Unless I need spare parts for a battle damage diorama I might consider hehe ^^

    • LoL. At least my DSSD can pose and stand.

      I did see a K-MG (Komrade-Master Grade) 1/100 Unicorn, cost 30% less than the original in my area. But then again… It’s… a komrade grade… lol

      • Haha you are one lucky dude! 😀 I know some their parts need to be super glued just to stay on! Over here we call it GHD, TT hongli brands.

  4. Ehh any ideas where to get this hobby japan issue of magazine in Singapore hobby shop that is near jurong??? Pls tell if u noe n wads the price for this magazine??

    • Sorry dude, the only place I know is at kinokuniya. I got mine at the bugis branch. Don’t think you can find anymore copies in Singapore already. I got it at
      $28 SGD due to the 20% as a kinokuniya member. The normal price is about $36

    • But u do have your XN raisers already haha ^^ Just wait for the new gundam 00 with GN sword 3 to be released! I just saw it at my local hobby shop already along with MG blue frame and Kastriya.

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