Gundam 00 vs Mr Bushido! and a big thank you ^^

BVSG0042First of all a big thanks to all the visitors of my humble little blog ^^. I never expect it to hit 10,000 hits plus this soon! It might seem like a small number but it means a lot to me hehe.  A big thanks especially to those who frequently commented and visited my blog :D! Life will be pretty lonely without you people ^^. Also to those who even clicked here once, I really appreciate the visit!

As a big thank you to all my readers I have put together my first fight scene photoshoot! Hope you guys like it and thank you! Gundam 00 vs Mr Bushido ahead ikimasu!





































BVSG0066Hope you guys like it! and a preview on what I’ll be working on next ^^….


Till the next post!

22 thoughts on “Gundam 00 vs Mr Bushido! and a big thank you ^^

  1. woohoo comrades gathered! awesome battle scene and effects, very well done ^^ your blog is really good so im not surprised at the numbers. great content, keep doing what your doing!

    looking forward to seeing the new builds, im not sure what to get next myself >_<;;

    • Heh man thanks! Very encouraged by your comments ^^. Definitely will keep on building em hehe. Maybe get the 1/1 scale hoi hoi san? Will be a perfect fit with your figmas! 😀

  2. congratulations on the hits 😀
    I like the fight scene! I wish to have more gundam to create one myself, haha
    by the way, where’s Arios? It happens that Arios is one of my favorite, so i’m a little sad he’s not here 😀

    • Haha thanks ^^. Currently Arios is still in the celestial being’s hanger and its pilot is captured under the ‘Arrows’ group! Nah just kidding haha… I didn’t managed to finish my arios for this shoot ^^. But rest assured he will be around when the next fight begins!

    • Hehe, I have a certain few mods I’ll try out on the XN raiser, but as for painting I am afraid it will have to wait after all that mod I plan to do!!

  3. Great fight you put up here! Loving each shot of it. Have to say the close-ups of the Bushido Ahead and 00 gundam had me drooling at the paintjob and little details you put into them

    Double thumbs up!

    • Thanks mate ^^ Glad you love the fight scenes and the paint job. Really encouraging comments 😀 Wait till I assemble arche and masarao with the gaddess unit …that will be one big fight 😛

  4. CONGRATS on your 10,000 hits!! cool.. with such content, you’ll definitely reach your next 10,000 soon and more to follow..!! wish i had some many readers too.. ha. but den the stress builds. so im fine with the readers now. hahaha.

    nice scene you made there.. haha.. i’m oso thinking of a similar scene.. cos i got the AEG Enact demo version. the green fella on the very first episode.. so with Exia.. would recreate the feeling i had when i first saw Exia. Cool…

    • Heh thanks! Actually I have this passion for sharing this hobby and my ideas:D Always exploring different ways to play around haha ^_^. 20,000 is still a bit far though! I remember when I first started this blog I only got like 20 odd views a day, and no comments!! But as time goes by people started coming in and the thing snowballed to what it is today. Relax mate, with time you will get there.

      Oh about the fight scene at the beginning for gundam 00, that will be cool for a start…maybe a bit of diorama will be cool. Looking forward to that from you!

  5. Not a bad photo story. The HG 00 is excellent in terms of posability. Now… I’m eying for a 1/1 figure of Hoi Hoi-san. She’ll be a good partner for Yoko.

    Girls with firepower FTW. XD

  6. hahaha… not asleep yet? i’m stump at fixing my strike noir… =.=’ wrong spray paint, I should’ve stayed with tamiya spray paint… but it’s costly here..

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