Mtv?? X Taisichi Dom Wip part 3!!


Continuing from where I left off for my SD Taischi Dom, more mods and the MTV vid that made it possible..

taisichi301In my previous post I mentioned that i’ll be sacrificing some of its henshin abilities. After watching a certain MTV on my cable TV I got that mood to start cutting ^^. This is a view of the back pack where I plan to insert this new mod I am trying out.

taisichi302Recognize this part anyone?

taisichi303This will help me to swerve the back armor to the shoulders.

taisichi300To find parts to connect, I look through my collection of unused rubber parts….

taisichi304Okay it fits!

taisichi305Did some test fitting on the back pack to decide where to place the mod


taisichi307This is how it will look like when the back armor swerves forwards.

Now to scratch build the back connector.

taisichi308I taped together 2 flat plastic bars. And marked out the points to drill. In this way, I can get four identical pla plates at one go.

taisichi309After drilling ^^…but a certain mishap happened…

taisichi310Looks like I got to carried away with the drilling…

taisichi311To prevent that again I put a piece of icecream stick as a base for the drilling.

taisichi312Now test fit with the rubber parts that I picked out. Fits snuggly ^^

taisichi313Cut each side to get this.

taisichi314Added a pla plate to the bottom. Will add one more to the top to secure the rubber joint.

taisichi315For the other side, just glue to a pla plate. Once dry cut out the shape.

taisichi317Test fit on the back pack. Fits just nice. Now to glue em up!


taisichi321I added another additional pla plate to secure the joints together.


Now for the test fit!

taisichi319The back shot

taisichi322Well thats all for today. And before I go the Mtv video that got me modding for the day lol ^^

Till the next post!

8 thoughts on “Mtv?? X Taisichi Dom Wip part 3!!

    • Haha thanks ^^. Maybe I should change to taylor swift or some other singer next time. Babes are wonderful inspiration lol ^^

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