Sd Sangokuden Tashichi Dom Wip Part 2!!

taisichi200Resumed work on my SD Sangokuden Taisichi Dom, nothing like a good evening of gunpla 😀 Time to start on that waist mod!






taisichi206The reason for doing this is to balance the overall look due to the increase in length of the arms.



And last but not least ^^, I have decided to remove the henshin ability in exchange for this hee..


Well thats all for the night!

Till the next post!

8 thoughts on “Sd Sangokuden Tashichi Dom Wip Part 2!!

  1. nice modding! not only does he look better with these proportions but he can also has more mobility, really like how this is turning out ^^

    i didnt know what he was suppose to look like with the henshin but i checked some pics and your idea is great! less bulky feel to it and i like that face armor better than the other side.

    • Thanks ^^! The henshin mode is really that nice so thats why I came up with this instead ^^. Yep the other face armor isn’t really my cup of tea haha! Well wait till I go thru my graveyard stash for some parts hehe…

  2. I noticed in the picture where you created a new waist using pla-plates, you glue the pieces together before cutting down to size. Is it simply done using a craft knife? Cause it gives me the impression that it’s better compared to cutting pieces to shape first then gluing them together.

    • The cutting was actually done with a tamiya cutter ^^. Because I am using 0.5 mm plate its quite easy to cut 😀 I tried before using other methods but this is by far the easiest for me. But I used thick cement to get a good bond before attempting this. 😀

    • Thanks:D I used a combination of tamiya saw and cutter ^^. As for hollowing the insides I use a hobby rotor with a drill bit. I only like certain SDs though, not all I collect.

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