Astray Red Frame WIP 5 – mini updates ^^


Found a bit of time to work on my red frame after coming back from work….

astray501I extended the thigh armors to replicate what we have in the PG astray red frame ^^. Also helps to hide the big gap due to my modded knee armor :D. This is my second try for the leg…had plenty of mishaps while doing this leg!! Now I left the sanding and cleaning up to do!

astray503Also I added 2 gun funnel to each of my arm tonfas ^^. Not only do I have a blade at the other end, now I can switch around and have another set of guns 😀  Also I decided to have one of the gebera straight attached to the back pack instead. Not only I’ll save some waist space but also it looks cooler haha!

astray504Also with this configuration, the hands are free to handle the gebera straight.

astray506Eat tonfa blade!!!

Well thats all for my short mini update ^^. Glad I am able to add some stuff to my project today, even if its a bit of stuff ^^. Will update in a big way this weekend!

Till the next post!

13 thoughts on “Astray Red Frame WIP 5 – mini updates ^^

  1. awesome! like the knee update + sword on back for added mobility and it does make him look cooler ^^ plus the gun funnels?! very creative, now he has range combat ability too ^_^b

    what do you use to glue the pla plates? seeing your WIP is inspiring me to put more effort in trying these mods, though im still having trouble just cutting out basic accurate shapes lol ^^;;

    • Heh thanks 😀 I use tamiya plastic cement ^^. I am currently coming up with a prototype for the seventh sword haha. Those guns I added are more like short range, something similiar to Exia :P. Maybe you can use a thinner plate easier to cut (abt 0.5mm which are the ones I am using) If its too thin just cut another one out and glue em together to get the desired thickness ^^. Good luck on your mods!

  2. thanks, the ones im testing on are thinner than 0.5mm but i have those too. these mods sure require a lot of patience and accuracy.

    he really is going to be Exia’s nemisis lol cant wait to see what your prototype 7th sword looks like! keep up the good work ^_^

    • Thanks! Actually its more of trial and error ^^ The first time I did the thigh armor I had to rip out the pla plates…only second time I managed to get it right!

      As for the seventh sword hee its another work in prog but I’ll try to get that done together with my main mech! An my inspiration comes from then newly launched mg blue frame 😀

    • haha sorry about that update. Currently focusing on a bit more on the photography work part ^^Definitely will get back to it when the modding mood strikes again! 😀

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