Why do you collect?


Taking a break from another session of modding on my astray red frame, I found myself in a sort of introspective mood tonight. Recent I chance upon this interesting set of questions while reading through Hobby Chaos Blog which kind of got me to reflect upon my obsession with collecting Gundam & figures.

Why do you collect?


I started watching robot cartoons ever since I was a child. The first show that got me hooked was actually voltron :D. Then came transformers, getter robo, grendizer and lots more. I always wanted to recreate these figures and put them into my room. I remember I tried making spaceships and robots out of my lego bricks. I was happy back then, and even more happier when I could get my hands on gundam kits. Back then I did not know what gundam was but that it looked cool ^^. The show that really started me into this current craze over collecting gundam kits was the UC series Gundam 0083.  In fact I love the feeling of building my robots piece by piece and sticker by sticker ^^.  Kinda of like a zen like state of being!

Do you collect to play or decorate?


I collect these kits mostly for playing and taking photos ^^. Having recently started sharing my works on my blog, I developed a love of taking pictures of my kits in action. Really enhances the whole collecting experience! I constantly have other kids coming over in the house so decorations are currently a big no for me! I am afraid they might take my precious ‘decorations’ away!

Do you get a new one just for something to review?


I won’t get something just for a sake of a review. Instead I’ll get something I really like such as design or just a mech with a plain huge bad ass sword! Generally I think other people already have excellent review sites as such Z’s gunpla inochi or Dalong.

Are you collecting to complete your collection or will you always add on to it?

wc06With bandai’s ingenious strategy one can never collect the endless boxes of gunpla churning out from their factory!! I will still however still add on to it ^^ but selectively! I prefer getting stuff I really want versus having the whole collection and clogging up my really limited room! (this will change once I move to my own house next year hehe)

Do you collect something just since it is valuable and will sell for a lot of money one day?

wc13I never have any intention to sell my kits away, besides the true value in them is how much you decide to do and paint em^^. Its the process of creating better models each time I do that is the truly valuable thing I get from my kits. No amount of money can ever get that!

Do you ever think you will stop collecting?

This is a big NO!!!!! This thought has never crossed my mind as of now ^^

What is your favorite figure in your collection?

My favourite figure currently is the MG Exia ^^. However since V gundam is coming out with its MG series looks like it might change in the future!


So what will your answers be?

That I’ll leave it to you ^^

Goodnight and till the next post!

18 thoughts on “Why do you collect?

  1. great post ^^ i wont spam your comment box with an essay but ill say our answer are quite similar! im a kid at heart and still love to play with toys, i get weird looks from the “adults” but that okay cuz i am weird 😛 at an early age when i didnt have toys, i used to draw pictures on paper, cut them out and play with them XD

    i dont ever wanna stop stop collecting and always have trouble with questions like the last ^^; too hard to choose!

    • heh thanks! its good to pause for a while and think about what you are doing 😀 You are free to spam actually haha ^^ I still get that weird look even from my friends! I remember drawing stick figures with helmets and machine guns battling each other to a pool of red ink.. but I didn’t end up cutting them like you 😛 I think with your awesome collection of figmas and nendos I’ll have a hard time to choose too!

  2. I’ve done this questionnaire sometime back. If I’m linking it right, my name should lead directly to the page. 😀

    Advance warning for very badly taken photos. XD; I need to invest in a good digital camera. Right now, I’m relying on my laptop camera ahaha.

    • Oh man you have that blox zoids ^^ nice. Love your collection of setusna also. Your pictures are actually quite okay 😀 Looks like space is a limiting factor for both of us! My grandma is the one doing the nagging instead of my mom haha…

      On a side note looks like PG 00 is gonna be another big hit, almost everyone that I come across seem to be ready to open their purse for this kit! Thanks for sharing 😀

      • Thank you for your compliments. XD I’m always very impressed by good photography when people take pics of their kits. And it’s not very effective to carry the laptop to take pics if I decide to do a WIP report. |DD So, a camera is on my to-buy list.

        And that makes me happy to know that I’m not the only one who’s anticipating the PG. XD I thought the price tag [and designs – I know a lot of people weren’t very impressed by the PG design] will force people to reconsider, so I’m pretty surprised by how many people are looking forward to it.

        Also, I agree with AstrayP03 too; people don’t understand the collector’s heart! xD Every time I buy another kit, my Mom scolds me for wasting money and space. It’s hard to resist new releases, but space is always an issue…

        • No problem ^^. I think liking a kit or not is really up to the buyer. Probably I’ll wait till I see the actual PG review and kit then I’ll probably decide to get it or not^^ But currently I collect mostly HGs (Saves space and cash haha!) and a bit of MGs. Also HGs are a lot easier to mod for me 😛 ( must be my biology background….cutting things an is innate thing for me)

          Plus with constant updates from fellow bloggers like ngee khiong with his daily ‘poisoning’ its so hard to resist!

  3. I’m sure everyone of us collectors have almost the same reasons ^^
    unfortunately, those outside this circle always scorn us. they always associate them with ‘toys’ -.- gets on my nerves sometimes

    • Ah sad to say that is another common thing I always hear ‘buying another toy again…’. I agree with ya it really gets on my nerves too! But I am lucky my gf is supportive of my hobby ^^. And also posting our stuffs online and sharing with the community really helps too 😀

        • So far I haven’t had that question thrown at me yet. I am not too sure if ppl will be interested in reading how many laps I swam today at the swimming pool lol ^^ But they do find it amusing to see a grown up like me snapping pictures of his ‘toys’ on a table!

  4. Nice one!^^ Displaying our toys sure was..fun? lol but when kids saw and want them its gonna be a problem and BIG problem if they started to cry for it! == Anyway thanks for sharing your thoughts!^^

    • Haha I get that all the time when it comes to birthday parties and new year at my place! I make sure if they enter my room I’ll be on guard duty next to my kits ^^ And thanks for dropping by :D!

  5. *ehem*
    @Chubbybots – You’re not the only grown-up who’s doing this… v_v

    I collect these just because… They’re a unique item (a treasure, even).

    I think… I can start my own (small) army battalion from my Gunpla collection…. >_<;

    • Its good to find fellow collectors ^^ An army of gundams….but mine is a bit skewed towards to good guys mechs though! time to stock up on more zeon grunt units!

  6. My friends always think i am crazy wasting money on this “toys”. Oh well. Though i have a few other friends who like to collect gunpla like me 🙂

    I only started gunpla like 4 years ago? Don’t intend to stop soon though, haha.

    • Luckily I have a few friends who are also collecting other toy’s, hence they can understand. For those that don’t well they are entitled to their opinions haha ^^. But thanks for sharing your thoughts! 😀 and keep the collection flame going ^^

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