Master Grade Chicken the frying continues….


Continuing my work on the Master Grade Chicken, with a tight schedule and general lazy sunday syndrome (just wanna camp on my bed for the whole day lol) will I be able to finish…read on the find out more


I drew out the template for the main head. Using the same technique that I used on my pla plates^^ I made several templates on the other plastic cards.


sbchicken202To my left MG Exia Roll out color, to my right MG Astray Blue frame 2L

sbchicken203Added some glue for the head frame.

sbchicken205My niece testing out the frame ^^. Looks like one happy customer

sbchicken206Added some meat to the frame ^^. Now the shape is taking up.

sbchicken207Wrapped the bones with white paper ^^

sbchicken208Now for some skin ^^, extra crispy!

sbchicken209A closer up shot

sbchicken210For the skin color, I’ll be using red oxide, courtesy of nippon paint ^^

sbchicken211Yeah MG Chicken almost done!

Well man glad I managed to get all three nearly done ^^, will do the gloss coat after a nice afternoon nap..hehe.

Till the next post!


18 thoughts on “Master Grade Chicken the frying continues….

  1. genius work on these MG’s ^^ they are cooking up good, just a little more time on the rack lol.

    by any chance is the play about Monster Hunter? thats what looking at these shots reminded me of 😛

    • Ah the nice smell of acrylic paint in the afternoon lol ^^. Nope I heard it is more like a dance and music thing haha, definitely not monster hunter 😀

    • @ tsukinari thanks! Not too sure of the size though…maybe 20/1 scale lol ^^

      @ astrayP03 lol artifical coloring ^^ They will on be used for dancing anyway 😀 Maybe I should label ‘not to be consumed’ ^^

      @ jojosochi breast meat?? haha sorry mate only drum sticks here!

      @ Marzz Kinda like MG strike Freedom ^^, should have given them gold internals! Not really red though, it red oxide color ^^

  2. Darn… If a real chicken drumstick that big, I’d me a happy man… v_v

    Well, your niece is one happy kid now. 😀

    ps. I confer upon you, the MacGyver seal of ingenuity.

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